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Are Rottweilers Good Dogs?

Are Rottweilers Good Dogs

It’s difficult to answer the question of whether Rottweilers are good dogs because in our opinion all dogs are good dogs, but there’s something particularly unique about a Rottweiler that makes it extra-special.

Rottweilers can blend strong, protective loyalty with being big softies who love to be loved by the whole family. A Rottweiler is a perfect dog to keep your home and belongings safe, and yet will love to sit on the sofa with you or bound by your side on long walks.

Why Do Rottweilers Get a Bad Rap?

Unfortunately, we’re very impressionable as human beings, and we tend to absorb attitudes and thoughts that are portrayed to us on television and in the cinema. And on TV shows and in movies, Rottweilers are usually the big, dangerous guard dogs who tear bad guys apart.

A Rottweiler indeed makes a great guard dog because of its protective instinct and large, the imposing build will make any intruder think twice. Just one look at that massive head would be enough to deter anyone with bad intentions.

But Rottweilers are so much more than guard dogs. They’re intelligent, loyal, and they love to make their owners happy. And sometimes, that could be part of the problem.

A Dog Reflects its Owner

If you want a Rottweiler to be a vicious, aggressive guard dog who has no interaction with human beings other than in its job to keep them away from the house, then there’s a good chance you can make that happen.

The way a dog is socialized and looked after is the longest way to determine its personality. The way a dog behaves is a real reflection of the attitude of its owner, at least most of the time.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, and there’s always a need to consider the genetic temperament of the breed when thinking about buying any dog, but so much depends on how a dog is raised as a puppy as to its temperament later.

Socialization is No Joke

Vets, dog experts, and regular old canine lovers aren’t joking when they talk about the need to socialize your dog as early as possible.

Once they’ve had their jabs and can go outside and meet other humans and fellow pups, then they should be introduced to others.

Socialization is the way a dog learns its place in the world. When combined with proper training and positive reinforcement, early socialization lets your dog know how to behave. This means being with humans, dogs, and other animals.

It can help to take your Rottweiler to a Rottweiler group if there’s one in your area. This way, your dog will get to know others of its own kind.

Rottweilers are known to respond very well to hanging out with fellow Rotties and it helps with their understanding of pack mentality.

Is it Your First Time?

Rottweilers do make wonderful dogs but they’re not for everyone. It’s not recommended that you take on a Rottweiler if you’ve never owned one before, or at least have owned a similar breed of dog.

Of course, everyone has to start somewhere, but Rottweilers are not for the inexperienced dog owner. These dogs have a stubborn streak that must be managed with experienced training, a firm hand, and the physical ability to handle a dog of Rottweiler’s size.

What must be stressed time and again isn’t that a Rottweiler is a ‘bad dog, but that in the wrong hands, and the wrong situation, they can cause such life-changing injuries that the risk is too great for some families, and that makes perfect sense? Safety should always come first.

But you might be surprised by some of this breed’s temperament, and all we’d suggest is getting to know Rottweilers first, before dismissing them as being too dangerous for your family.

Once you have your Rottweiler home, be sure to take it to obedience classes and keep up with training. It’ll keep your Rottweiler in line and will also provide the mental stimulation it needs.

Dogtime gives the Rottweiler a 5-star rating for playfulness!

Once your Rottweiler has settled into the family, you’ll find that their focus will be guarding your children and keeping them safe but if you’re in any doubt.

The most important thing to remember is that no child should ever be left alone with any dog, no matter how big or small.

A good dog owner is one who always keeps a watchful eye over their dog, especially when the dog’s playing with smaller members of the family.

You’ll Never Lose Your Rottweiler!

We might stress the need for you to always keep your Rottweiler in your sight when it’s around others, especially kids, but you’ll find that’s much easier than you might think. This is because Rottweilers hate to be away from your side!

It’s something that baffles many breeders but it’s also one of this breed’s most loving and adorable attributes. Rottweilers hate to be on their own.

This might sound odd seeing as they make for such good guard dogs, but most owners will tell you that they can barely move from one room to another without their Rottweiler walking with them, as though they’re stuck to their side.

Are Rottweilers High Maintenance?

Rottweilers aren’t your average lap dog, so you won’t feel the need to buy them plenty of pamper products, toys, and luxury food to keep them happy, but while they’re not an expensive dog to own, they can be time-consuming.

Rottweilers don’t like to be left alone for long periods of time, as we’ve discussed, but they also don’t like to be indoors too much, either. They love exercise, and they crave long walks and physical activity.

They have short hair, but they do shed quite a lot, so they need regular brushing. We’ll look at grooming your Rottweiler in another article, so you know what to expect from shedding time.

It means that if you live alone, you might find that you can’t meet all your Rottie’s needs as well as taking care of the other important things in life, such as working and relaxing. But, if you’re in a home with others in the household, your Rottweiler will have the time of its life.

Regular walks are important because a Rottweiler tends to gain a lot of weight which can be bad on its joints, but it’s not just about the long rambles. It’s about playing with your dog, interacting with them, and keeping them mentally occupied.

Not the Easiest Dog, but a Very Good One!

Their strength, size, and needs make a Rottweiler the kind of dog some people choose to pass up, but these are truly wonderful dogs who bring a lot of love, loyalty, and steadfast protection to a family.

By doing your research, getting plenty of experience, and knowing how to handle and train a Rottweiler, you could make an excellent addition to the family by bringing this dog into your home.

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