Author: Camille Bataille

Doberman Pitbull Mix

Doberman Pitbull Mix: The Double Danger

For many, the Doberman Pitbull mix embodies muscular strength with elegance and athleticism. For others, the mix is intimidating and conjures images of a mega dangerous super dog. What is the true nature of a Doberman Pitbull mix, and what does it look like? A Doberman Pitbull mix is a […]

how to stop my doberman from barking

How to Stop My Doberman from Barking: Is it Necessary?

Why do Dobermans bark? What is excessive barking, and what causes it in Dobermans? Dobermans are meant to bark, so determining excessive levels depends on the individual and their purpose. How to stop a Doberman from barking usually involves a multifaceted approach that walks a fine line between suppressing unwanted […]