Can A Rottweiler Jump A Fence?

Can A Rottweiler Jump A Fence

What better companions to have than rottweilers? However, when left on their own, rottweilers tend to be slightly naughty. Therefore, having an enclosed yard can help keep them out of trouble. Many people imagine that because of rottweilers’ stocky build, they cannot jump over a fence. From this article, you will find that this assumption … Read more

How to Calm Down a Rottweiler [13 Ways]

How to Calm Down a Rottweiler

If you’ve ever found yourself close to a canine, you’ll know that rottweilers can be formidable and fearsome beasts, especially if there are kids around. But all is not lost! Look at this guide that tells you how to take down your beast when all else seems lost. There are many ways of calming a … Read more