How To Crate Train a Rottweiler?

How To Crate Train a Rottweiler

Dogs have natural instincts that they adopted many hundreds of years ago from their wild ancestors. Wolves seek out a den as an area for safety, having a litter and a place to call home. Dogs see a crate as their special den area as well. Crate training isn’t cruel and it isn’t a punishment … Read more

Rottweiler Breeding: Everything You Need to Know

Rottweiler Breeding

Rottweilers are a recognized breed for their attributes of being very muscular and beautiful dogs with distinct markings. They are lovingly called Rotties by their owners and family members. This breed is very popular and proper breeding practices can produce beautiful litters of puppies. You definitely need to keep in mind that you want a … Read more

What Dog Can Beat A Rottweiler?

What Dog Can Beat A Rottweiler

Rottweilers are quite large dogs that reach 22 to 27 inches tall at the shoulder and between 85 and 130 pounds when they are full-grown adults. They are considered a large breed of dog that originates in Germany. Are Rottweilers Agressive Dogs? Depending on how a dog of any breed is raised and trained, will … Read more

Rottweiler History: Its Interesting Ancestry

Rottweiler History

Many people research the history of a specific dog breed in order to know more about their current traits, appearance, and temperament. Many dog breeds have been used for different types of dog in history, depending on when they were first bred and where they were at that time before they became family members as … Read more

Brindle Rottweiler: Meet the Rare Tiger Stripe Coat

Brindle Rottweiler

Rottweilers are purebred dogs that make a loyal and loving, confident guardian as a family member. They are a large breed of dog with the most affection towards their family members that you can possibly imagine, making them a perfect addition to your home and family. The AKC and Brindle Rottweilers The American Kennel Club … Read more