Author: Stacy Reed

do rottweilers turn on their owners

Are Rottweilers More Likely to Turn on Their Owners or Not?

Rottweilers often have a reputation for being tough dogs. They are large, strong, and have a long history of being used for guarding. However, these traits have also helped give Rottweilers a reputation that is not always positive. Do Rottweilers turn on their owners? No, unless their owners abuse them, […]

When to neuter a Rottsweiler

What is the Best Age to Have a Rottweiler Neutered and Why?

The Rottweiler is a great breed, and, understandably, many people decide to breed these dogs. However, there are good reasons to consider keeping your male Rottie from breeding by neutering. Neutered dogs are less likely to have sexual aggression and related behavioral issues. There are also health benefits that include […]

Long Haired Rottweiler

Long Haired Rottweiler: Is There Really Any Such Thing

You may have heard about long-haired Rottweilers and wonder if they’re real. How can there be a long-haired version of a breed prized for its shorter, sleeker coat? What Are Rottweiler Coats Like? According to a Love of Rottweilers, long-haired Rottweilers are rare and not typically in line with the […]