Author: Stacy Reed

How to Crate Train a Great Dane Puppy

How to Crate Train a Great Dane Puppy?

Getting Your Great Dane Puppy Crate-Trained Crate training has long been treated as a solution for housebreaking puppies. However, crate training has other benefits besides your dog going potty outside. Training your puppy correctly is essential to this training technique offering the maximum benefit. How to crate train a Great […]

What Is Knuckling in Great Danes

What Is Knuckling in Great Danes?

What is Great Dane Knuckling, and How Do I Watch for It? If you’re unfamiliar with the term knuckling, you’re not alone. This is a term often used about Great Dane puppies, and you might wonder just what this term means if you’ve never had one of these dogs before. […]

how to train a great dane not to jump

How to Train a Great Dane Not to Jump?

How Do I Get my Great Dane to Quit Jumping? We all love our Great Danes, but when they jump, they jump! What’s truly cute, playful behavior when these dogs are puppies won’t be as cute when they’re big dogs that can knock you down. How to train a Great […]

how long do great danes stay in heat

How Long Do Great Danes Stay in Heat?

How Long Will, Your Female Great Dane, Be in Season? Part of having an intact, or unspayed female Great Dane, is dealing with a heat cycle about twice a year. Knowing how to tell when your female is in heat and how long it will last is something that you […]

How to Stop My Great Dane Puppy from Biting

How to Stop My Great Dane Puppy from Biting

Virtually everyone loves puppies because they’re so cute and fun-loving. As appealing as their behavior is when they’re little, owners will benefit from reining in nipping and biting. That super-cute puppy will become a big dog capable of inflicting injury as an adult. How do I stop my Great Dane […]

What Age Do Great Danes Get Bloat

What Age Do Great Danes Get Bloat?

How Old is a Great Dane When I Need to Worry About Bloat? Great Danes are a fantastic breed, but like any breed, they are susceptible to specific health problems, one of them being bloat. At what get do Great Danes get bloat? Although a Great Dane of almost any […]