Author: Stephanie K

Are Rottweilers Good Family Dogs

Are Rottweilers Good Family Dogs?

Rottweilers. Vicious, aggressive dogs that nobody in their right mind should ever own unless they’re raised to sit outside the house for use as a guard dog. Right? Wrong! Rottweilers make for wonderful family pets, as they’re loyal, protective and thrive on an active family lifestyle. Because of their strength, […]

When Do Rottweilers Stop Growing

When Do Rottweilers Stop Growing?

Your chunky little puppy is now putting on weight so rapidly that you’re struggling to pick them up, and they’re eating you out of house and home! So, when will your Rottweiler finally stop growing? While you’ll notice the most growth between 0 to 8 months, your Rottweiler will continue […]

Can Rottweilers Swim

Can Rottweilers Swim? What You Should Know

We tend to think of Rottweilers as large, powerful guard dogs, better suited to life on land than in the water. But does this mean that Rottweilers can’t swim at all and if they were to fall into the water, would they drown? Rottweilers are in fact capable of swimming […]

What Age do Rottweilers Get Aggressive

What Age do Rottweilers Get Aggressive?

It’s wrong to think that Rottweilers are naturally aggressive dogs, but they’ve gained a reputation for aggression because they’re large, powerful, confident animals who will go to any length to protect their owners and possessions. However, when they enter puberty, at around 6 to 9 months of age, Rottweilers begin […]

How Cold is Too Cold for a Rottweiler

How Cold is Too Cold for a Rottweiler?

Rottweilers are hard-working, independent dogs who love to be outdoors, whether that’s going for long walks or being in the yard, protecting their home and family. Given the choice, they’re always more likely to prefer being outside than inside! Rottweilers’ coats do a great job of keeping them warm against […]