Doberman Pinscher Husky Mix: Everything to Know About This Hybrid

Doberman Pinscher Husky Mix

Adopting a dog is a big decision. Whether you are getting a new puppy or a rescue, doing adequate research beforehand is essential. This is especially true with the Doberman Pinscher Husky Mix! Husky Doberman mixes are beautiful dogs with boundless energy. This hybrid combines many of the most impressive characteristics of both the Doberman … Read more

Doberman Great Dane Mix: Here’s What You Need to Know

Doberman Great Dane Mix

Have you been thinking about getting a Doberman Great Dane mix? These dogs can be extremely loyal and loving. Plus, this hybrid is agile, protective, and intelligent. What’s not to love? However, before you adopt a Doberman Great Dane Cross, there are some things to know. How large will this mix get? Do they have … Read more

Doberman Lab Mix: Your Complete Guide


Dobermans and Labs both have many distinctive traits. When combined, these two breeds create the Doberman Lab mix. So what are these dogs like and do they make good pets? That is exactly what we are here to look into. Below, is a complete Doberman and Labrador Retriever mix breed guide. What is a Doberman … Read more

Should I Choose a Doberman or a Boxer for My Family?

boxer vs doberman

Boxers and Dobermans are quite similar in many manners, but also quite different in others. Each of the breeds is considered a medium-sized dog with short hair and they are both working dogs that originated in Germany. You may be wondering which of these breeds would be best for your particular family situation. Education on both … Read more

Doberman Colors: What Will Your Dobe Look Like?

Doberman Colors

When you think of the Doberman dog, you probably think of a tall, strong, powerful, and proud dog. You visualize those upward-pointing ears, the erect posture, and the distinctive black and rust coat color. But the truth is, there are many more coat colors present to some degree in the Doberman genome, or genetic pool. While … Read more