Meet The Brindle Great Dane

Brindle Great Dane

Many people think of the coat color on brindle dogs as being tiger stripes to put it simply. Brindle is one of the 7 coat colors of the Great Dane that is accepted by the AKC as show dogs. There are many variations of brindle coats in the Great Danes as well. AKC Standards for … Read more

How Tall is a Great Dane?

How Tall is a Great Dane

Great Danes are a giant breed of dog so that in itself tells you that they get very large and very quickly too. They go through explosive growth spurts very early in their life and it continues until they are full-grown at the age of 2 years. Read on to find out all the information … Read more

Great Dane Dalmatian Mix: Meet the Friendly Outgoing Dog

Great Dane Dalmation Mix

Purebred dogs that are intentionally crossbred, with one dog being one breed and the other dog being a different breed, are very common in the dog world today. The mix of two purebred dogs produces a litter of puppies with some of the attributes of each parent dog. These crossbreeds are often made to achieve … Read more