Great Dane Pug Mix: Meet The Charming Patient Dog

Great Dane Pug Mix

Dog breeders have been breeding two different purebred breeds of dogs together to create a new breed of dog for quite a few years. These puppies are called designer dogs or hybrid dogs. The idea behind this cross-breeding is to have the very best qualities that people seek in two different dogs combined in one … Read more

Meet The Blue Merle Great Dane

Blue Merle Great Dane

The Great Dane is a giant breed of dog with many coat colors and patterns. They originated in Germany, but are now highly sought-after companions for families in the United States. These dogs are very affectionate and friendly, earning them a nickname of the “Gentle Giant.” Blue Merle Great Danes and the AKC The American … Read more

Are Great Danes Aggressive? Everything You Need To Know

Are Great Danes Aggressive

In history, many years ago, Great Danes were actually bred to be very large dogs that were aggressive enough to take down huge wild boars. They were also intelligent enough to stop an attack when their owners or handlers asked them to and when at home, they were the most protective dogs ever, with kind … Read more

Mini Great Dane: Everyting You Need To Know

Mini Great Dane

Professional dog breeders of all types of dogs stick to breeding dogs that fit the exact description of the AKC for the dog. They should be of the same height and weight, appearance, have the same temperament, and be in the accepted colors and patterns of the coat. What is a Mini Great Dane? Some … Read more