Great Dane Pug Mix: Meet The Charming Patient Dog

Great Dane Pug Mix

Dog breeders have been breeding two different purebred breeds of dogs together to create a new breed of dog for quite a few years. These puppies are called designer dogs or hybrid dogs. The idea behind this cross-breeding is to have the very best qualities that people seek in two different dogs combined in one … Read more

Doberman Mastiff Mix: Will Make a Good Pet for Your Family?

Doberman Mastiff Mix

Doberman Mastiff Mix is also known as the Mastiffman. These dogs are excellent companions, as well as protectors. Will a Doberman Mastiff Mix make a good pet for your family? If you’re in the market for an excellent watchdog and have the experience to manage this powerful canine, the Mastiffman can be a perfect choice. … Read more

Meet The Blue Merle Great Dane

Blue Merle Great Dane

The Great Dane is a giant breed of dog with many coat colors and patterns. They originated in Germany, but are now highly sought-after companions for families in the United States. These dogs are very affectionate and friendly, earning them a nickname of the “Gentle Giant.” Blue Merle Great Danes and the AKC The American … Read more