Great Dane vs Wolf: A Complete Guide

Great Dane vs Wolf

Do you want a pet that is special and unique? Are you someone who will not settle for an average dog? If you love large, striking, exceptional canines, Great Danes or wolf hybrids are exclusive choices. However, before bringing home a gigantic Great Dane or a wolf hybrid, there are some things to know. The … Read more

Great Dane Blue Eyes: What Do They Mean?

Great Dane Blue Eyes

Everyone finds their attention drawn to a dog with blue eyes. In some breeds, like the Siberian Husky, we expect the eyes to be blue. In others, like the German Shepherd, such a sight would be quite rare. If you are exceptionally perceptive, you might notice that some dog breeds, like the Great Dane, typically … Read more

Are Great Danes Good Service Dogs: Mobility Challenges

Are Great Danes Good Service Dogs

If you ever needed a good service dog, which breed would you turn to? No doubt you would consider the size, strength, and cooperative spirit of any service animal. Do Great Danes make your shortlist? Are Great Danes good service dogs? Great Danes are excellent service dogs. A relatively recent addition to the lineup of … Read more