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Boxer Black Mouth Cur Mix

Boxer Black Mouth Cur Mix: What to Offer for Your Family?

Boxer Black Mouth Cur Mixes, also known as Boxsets, is an exciting blend of American and European breeding. Why may you want to consider a Boxer Black Mouth Cur Mix? These dogs have an excellent personality for family pets and are also ideal for owners with active lifestyles. You’ll benefit […]

Why Do Great Danes Sit on You

Why Do Great Danes Sit on You?

Anyone who’s ever shared their life with a Great Dane knows they think they’re lapdogs, despite their vast size. You’re sitting on the couch, minding your own business, and your dog is on your lap the next thing you know! Why Do Great Danes Sit on You? Although it may […]

how to stop my doberman from barking

How to Stop My Doberman from Barking: Is it Necessary?

Why do Dobermans bark? What is excessive barking, and what causes it in Dobermans? Dobermans are meant to bark, so determining excessive levels depends on the individual and their purpose. How to stop a Doberman from barking usually involves a multifaceted approach that walks a fine line between suppressing unwanted […]