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Do Rottweilers Have Webbed Feet?

Why Rottweilers Don’t Have Webbed Feet – Blame the Romans

Rottweilers are a well-known and popular breed with striking features and a long, noble history of service and friendship with mankind. Despite this, there is still a lot of misconception out there surrounding this beautiful breed. Are they the vicious animals’ people say they are? What were they first bred […]

dalmatian rottweiler mix

Dalmatian Rottweiler Mix: What You Need To Know

Mixed-breed dogs may not be worth as much money as their purebred counterparts, but they can be just as lovable, intelligent, and useful as any other dog. While some people might turn up their noses at a mutt dog, the more intelligent people know that it’s all about the ingredients […]

Shiba Inu Rottweiler Mix

Shiba Inu Rottweiler Mix: Everything You Need To Know

Although most people prefer a purebred dog, there are all kinds of good mixed-breed dogs. Like the ingredients in a stew, their qualities mix to create something new. In many cases, mutts can be some of the best dogs around, but it’s not always easy to do your research on […]