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Rottweiler vs Coyote

Rottweiler vs Coyote: Is It Best to Be Strong or Fast?

Do you ever try to imagine how your dog would compare to another of a different breed? You know you are not alone because everywhere you look you probably see headlines of different match-ups. There are the toughies like Cane Corso vs. Pit Bull. Guard dog challenges include German Shepherd […]

Rottweiler Chow Mix: How It Is Not Much of an Enigma

Rottweiler Chow Mix: How It Is Not Much of an Enigma

What do you think about mixed breed dogs? They have enjoyed a roller coaster ride vacillating between popularity and disdain. The Victorian Age saw a coming of age of the purebred along with its elevated status. Subsequent generations would exhibit snobbery against so-called mongrels and mutts in prosperous times and […]

best companion dog for rottweiler

7 Best Companion Dog for Your Rottweiler

Have you finally decided that it is time for your Rottweiler to get another dog? Is there any dog breed that is even suitable to be a friend to a Rottweiler? After all, your dog seems pretty attached to you and a little protective. Won’t he fight with anything you […]