Is My Rottweiler Lonely Without Me?

can rottweilers be left alone

We’d all love to sit at home and be with our dogs all day long, but life is sadly not set up for that! We must go to work, to the store, to see family and friends, and do everything else that needs doing. So, can we leave our Rottweiler alone, and how long for? … Read more

What Age do Rottweilers Get Aggressive?

What Age do Rottweilers Get Aggressive

It’s wrong to think that Rottweilers are naturally aggressive dogs, but they’ve gained a reputation for aggression because they’re large, powerful, confident animals who will go to any length to protect their owners and possessions. However, when they enter puberty, at around 6 to 9 months of age, Rottweilers begin to exert their dominance and … Read more

Why Does My Rottweiler Stand Between My Legs: A Strange Canine Behavior

Why Does My Rottweiler Stand Between My Legs

Out of nearly 200 registered purebred breeds, the Rottweiler is the AKC’s eighth most popular breed. So clearly, people are choosing the Rottweiler as their companion canine of choice for a reason. The Rottweiler is a very distinctive and powerfully-built dog breed. This is a big part of Rottweiler’s appeal, according to the American Kennel … Read more

Do Rottweilers Get Along With Small Dogs: Why This May Not Be the Best Combination

Do Rottweilers Get Along With Small Dogs

Rottweilers are popular because they have so many great qualities. Rotties are loyal, loving, affectionate, and incredibly protective of “their” people. Rottweilers that are closely bonded with people are willing to do anything to guard and protect – even to the point of laying down their lives. This is one of the qualities that make … Read more