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Great Dane Schnauzer Mix: Meet the Friendly, Spirited Dog

Great Dane Schnauzer Mix

Owner’s Guide to the Great Dane Schnauzer Mix

Have you been looking for a large and powerful dog with strong protective instincts and an intelligent, eager-to-please personality?

If so, the Great Dane Schnauzer mix might be the ideal canine companion for you! However, before you go out and adopt or buy a Great Dane Schnauzer puppy, there are some things to know.

The Great Dane Schnauzer mix is a large and stunning dog capable of providing wonderful companionship to the right owner. Combining the Giant Schnauzer and Great Dane, this mix has protective instincts and a muscular build.

The Great Dane Schnauzer mix will be large or even extra-large in size, weighing anywhere from 70 to 130 pounds when fully grown. Females are likely to be slightly smaller than males. This powerful dog is best for experienced owners.

Traits Overview of the Great Dane Schnauzer Mix

Though all dogs are individuals, there are a few traits that can be expected from a Great Dane Schnauzer mix. First of all, this mix contains two breeds from the Working Group. As such, this dog is likely to be motivated to work.

Additionally, this mix will be large. Schnauzers come in three sizes. The Schnauzer comes in Toy, Standard, and Giant variations. For a Schnauzer to breed with a large Great Dane, a Giant Schnauzer will likely be used as a stud or dam.

Giant Schnauzers can weigh from 65 to 85 pounds, and Great Danes can weigh 80 to 140 pounds. When combined, you get a big mixed-breed pooch!

This hybrid will probably be healthier than some purebred dogs. The fur of this mix can be short, medium, or long and comes in many colors. This dog will require moderate exercise.

Great Danes are known for being gentle giants who love to cuddle. Schnauzers are renowned for their intelligence and loyalty. When mixed, you may get some or all of these traits in a hybrid!

Traits of Great Dane Schnauzer Mix:

  • Easy to train
  • Can be stubborn
  • Medium energy levels
  • Stable temperament
  • Large size
  • Many coat lengths are possible
  • Keen working instincts
  • Loyal and devoted to a family

History of the Great Dane Schnauzer Mix

This hybrid contains two famous mixes, the Schnauzer and the Great Dane. Let’s take a look at these breeds to get a better idea of what to expect in a mix.

Great Dane History and Facts

Although thought to be a Danish dog, the Great Dane is in fact, from Germany. This breed may have been around for 400 years or more! The Great Dane is the largest dog in the Working Group. This breed is thought to have descended from Mastiffs.

In the old days, Great Danes were used by nobility for protection. As such, this is an ancient guard dog. Great Danes were also once used to hunt wild boars. This hardy canine will want to work hard for you!

These prestigious dogs are noble and loving, with devoted temperaments. They are considered gentle giants because they behave so calmly in the home.

The Great Dane can do well with children, provided they are raised with them. Still, this powerful breed needs a good bit of training to ensure it can thrive with a family. Great Danes come in many colors and have short coats.

Schnauzer History and Legacy

The Schnauzer is a breed born to work. Giant Schnauzers were first bred in Germany. In the Bavarian Alps, these large dogs originated in the 10th century.

All Schnauzers have origins that can be traced to Bavaria or Wurttemberg. Settlers in these agricultural regions kept Schnauzers to help around the farm.

Specifically, Schnauzers were used to guard livestock and assist with herding. As such, Schnauzers needed to be intelligent, independent, capable, and hardy.

These dogs possess naturally protective instincts and have a strong desire to work. This breed will keep an eye on everything going on in your home!

With independent personalities, the Schnauzer will require consistent training. However, once these dogs are trained, they make amazing companions. They can thrive in a home with or without children as long as they are well-socialized.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a Great Dane Schnauzer Mix

Although this mix should be fairly easy to train, its large size makes it best for experienced dog owners.

Additionally, Great Dane Schnauzer mixes can develop quirky behaviors. Sometimes, these behaviors are quite charming. In other cases, these habits can be frustrating for owners.

Since this large dog has deep-rooted guarding and working instincts, socialization will be very important from a young age.

Also, large dogs like this will need specialized diets and plenty of physical activity. Finally, since this dog has a broad, deep chest, it may be prone to a condition called Bloat or GDV.

Reasons to Avoid Great Dane Schnauzer Mix

  • Needs consistent training
  • Must be socialized due to guarding instincts
  • Will need daily exercise
  • Maybe prone to GDV
  • Possible strong prey drive
  • Needs large breed-specific diet

Reasons Why You Should Get a Great Dane Schnauzer Mix

There are many reasons to love this unique large mixed-breed dog. First of all, the Giant Schnauzer Great Dane mix will protect the family that adopts it with devoted tenacity. This is a bold and brave dog. It will do anything for the family it loves!

Also, this dog is pretty easy to groom, with a single-layer coat that is not likely to shed heavily. Apart from its massive size, grooming this pup should be relatively easy. Plus, this smart pooch will be easy to train. Schnauzers and Great Danes are both highly trainable dogs that are almost always eager to please and impress their owners.

If you want a dog that will join you in nature, this is also a good choice. The Great Dane Schnauzer hybrid is likely to enjoy the great outdoors! With a muscular frame and long legs, this mix will enjoy hiking, camping, and other similar activities.

Reasons to Love Great Dane Schnauzer Mix

  • Devoted and loving
  • Smart and trainable
  • Great outdoor companion
  • Unique looks and large size
  • Capable of learning many tricks
  • Strong desire to please and protect family

Appearance of the Great Dane Schnauzer Mix

This will be a large and stunning dog with a coat that can come in a few colors and lengths. This dog will have a deep, broad chest and long legs. The neck may be thick with muscular shoulders and tapered hindquarters.

The height of this dog may be up 30 inches at the withers. This will be a tall dog that can turn heads wherever you take it. When standing on its hind legs, the Great Dane Schnauzer may be as tall as an adult person! Suffice it to say; this is going to be one big puppy.

Great Dane Schnauzer Mix Coat and Colors

There are many possible coat color variations with this mix. Great Danes can be solid, speckled, brindle, and more. Schnauzers are usually black or gray, with shaggy coats.

Schnauzers are known for having wiry coats similar to the coat of a terrier. However, some Giant Schnauzers have smooth coats, which are softer to the touch.

The Great Dane has a short soft coat that is very short. As such, resulting mixes can have a range of coat types. Generally, the coat will be short, single-layered, and easy to care for.

Grooming a Great Dane Schnauzer Mix

Even though many coat lengths and types are possible, this dog will be fairly easy to groom. The size of the dog is the only thing that will be difficult to deal with in the grooming department. You will likely only need to bathe this dog once a month.

With that being said, larger dogs can be prone to odor. If your Great Dane Schnauzer mix is particularly smelly, consider using a doggie cologne instead of trying to enforce more baths. This hybrid may have skin sensitivity, so overbathing is a no-go.

If you brush this dog regularly, shedding won’t be a problem. In fact, Giant Schnauzers are popular for their low-maintenance coats.

Many schnauzers have a coat that is more like hair than fur. This means occasional trimming is all it takes to keep shedding and matting at bay.

Great Dane Schnauzer Mix Personality and Temperament

If you want a dog with a great personality, this mix is definitely worth considering! The Schnauzer is famous for its loyalty and intellect.

The Great Dane is a gentle giant with a loving disposition and a goofy side. Both breeds are protective and can be great with kids if they have been socialized and trained correctly.

Really, this dog has a winning personality all the way around. Expect a dog with a temperament that is stable and well-balanced.

This dog is not likely to be overly energetic or lazy. Owners of this hybrid often find that its personality combines the best aspects of both breeds.

Training a Great Dane Schnauzer Mix Tricks and Tips

This mix will be easy to train as long as you start early and keep things consistent. The Schnauzer is an intelligent dog that will most likely be eager to learn new things. The Great Dane loves to please its people and is always up for cuddling.

When training this mix, start early. From the day you take a Great Dane Schnauzer puppy home, it will be observing everything you do.

In fact, many owners find that these dogs start to train themselves! Therefore, it is wise to always be consistent and pay attention to detail in training.

For instance, if you don’t want this mix jumping on the furniture as an adult, do not let them get on the couch as a puppy. Try to avoid negative experiences, and foster a close bond.

Since this smart dog is always keeping an eye on the family, it will watch everything that you do. Be sure to use gentle training methods with this dog, as Great Danes can be surprisingly sensitive.

This dog will not need heavy-handed training in any way. Instead, use positive reinforcement and offer play or treats to keep your dog motivated.

The Great Dane Schnauzer Mix and Families

Is the Great Dane Schnauzer mix a good choice for a family with children? The answer is yes! As long as this dog is raised in a family setting, it can thrive.

Great Danes are particularly good with children. However, don’t leave this dog alone unsupervised with kids. With its large size, it may accidentally step on or knock over little ones.

Don’t let children climb on this large mix, as this can hurt its back. It may look like a horse, but the Great Dane Schnauzer is not a dog anyone should try to ride on.

Great Dane Schnauzer Mix and Other Pets

Does the Great Dane Schnauzer mix get along with other pets in a household? That will depend on how it is raised. For this reason, it is smart to get this dog as a puppy and raise it yourself.

If this dog is brought up around kids, cats, and small animals, it will do just fine with other pets and smaller beings.

Moreover, the Great Dane is naturally good with smaller animals. As a guarding breed, it will want to protect the small creatures around it.

The Schnauzer was bred to protect farm animals, so it can do equally well with other animals. Still, consistent training and socialization will impact whether this dog thrives with other animals.

The best way to make sure that your Great Dane Schnauzer mix gets along with others is to start training it from the age of eight weeks old. Be sure that experiences with other animals are positive.

After your puppy has gotten all of its vaccinations, you can begin socializing it with other dogs too. Once again, be sure that interactions are positive every time throughout puppyhood.

Great Dane Schnauzer Mix Lifespan

So how long will a Great Dane Schnauzer hybrid live? You can expect this dog to live from 7 to 11 years. Great Danes are prone to heart problems which can shorten their lifespans.

Giant Schnauzers tend to live longer than Great Danes, so this mix may be healthier than a purebred. A healthy lifestyle and balanced diet will improve the longevity of this mix.

Health Problems to Watch for in a Great Dane Schnauzer Mix

Is the Great Dane Schnauzer mix a healthy dog? It will depend on the dog. Great Danes have been bred poorly in the past leading to many health issues. Giant Schnauzers are one of the healthiest large breeds but may be prone to allergies and orthopedic.

Be that as it may, this mix will be healthier than some purebred dogs. After all, mixing the breeds offers greater genetic diversity. One issue to watch for is GDV. GDV is a problem that affects large dogs with barrel chests. It involves the stomach twisting after a meal.

To help prevent GDV (bloat), ensure your dog rests after eating. Let your dog digest most of its meal before running or playing vigorously.

Also, feeding this dog smaller portions will help to prevent GDV. GDV can be fatal in large breeds, so take it seriously.

It may be wise to crate train this dog to protect it from this condition. That way, after eating a big meal, your dog can have a nap in its kennel to help with digestion.

Food Requirements of Great Dane Schnauzer Mix Dogs

What should you feed a Great Dane Schnauzer Mix? Most veterinarians recommend feeding large breed dogs a special diet in puppyhood.

The goal is to help this dog grow slowly and steadily. Rapid growth spurts from a protein-rich diet in puppyhood may cause bone weakness.

Exercise Requirements of Great Dane Schnauzer Mixes

These dogs will usually match the activity levels of their owners. Daily walks or games of fetch should be enough to keep this dog in good shape. Expect low to medium energy levels.

Looking for Great Dane Schnauzer Mix Puppies for Sale

If this mix sounds like the best choice for your family, you will probably want to find Great Dane Schnauzer puppies for sale. Adopting this dog as a puppy is the best option.

Since it will be so big, adopting a puppy ensures that you can train it to fit in with your family easily.

When finding a puppy, meet both parents if you can. Always work with a responsible breeder that has a good reputation.