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How to Cut Your Rottweiler’s Nails

How to Cut Your Rottweiler's Nails

Does your Rottweiler have long nails that make the dog appear uneasy? Yes? Then you need to trim the dog’s nails immediately. A Rottweiler with long nails is as uncomfortable as a person walking around with oversized shoes.

If left untended, the long nails can reduce the traction of your dog’s paws, cause injury to the tendons, and deform the dog’s feet. Luckily, we have prepared a detailed guide on how to cut your Rottweiler’s nails and improve the well-being of your dog.

The best way to cut your Rottweiler’s nails is to begin cutting at the tip. Make certain that you do not cut higher than the nail’s curve to avoid nicking a blood vessel. Once you have cut all the nails, use the nail grinder to file the edge of the nails into a smooth finish.

Nail grinders are noisy and may take time, but the end result will be worth it.

Steps on how to cut your Rottweiler’s nails

Trim nails are a clear indication of a dog’s good hygiene and health. If you have never trimmed your Rottweiler’s nails before and you feel a bit squeamish about it, you can always hire a professional groomer to do it. However, if done correctly, trimming your Rottweiler’s nails is a simple procedure that you can perform on your own.

Step 1: Get your Rottweiler comfortable

For excellent results, we suggest getting your dog ready for nail trimming gradually a few days before you cut its nails. Here is a procedure to help you prepare your dog:

1st day – let your dog sniff the grinder or the nail clipper. After your Rottweiler does this, ensure that you give it praise e.g. rubbing its belly, followed by a delicious treat.

2nd day – let the dog touch the grinder or nail clipper gently with each paw. Once your Rottweiler does this, make certain you give it a treat and praise.

3rd day – once again, let the dog touch the nail clipper with each paw. Squeeze the clipper gently so that your dog can hear its sound. If you have the nail grinder, turn it on and let your dog feel its vibration. When done, praise your dog and give it a treat.

4th day- touch your dog’s feet to the nail grinder or nail clipper again. Make certain that you give your Rottweiler a treat and praise.

5th day- try to trim the tip of your dog’s paw nail and observe if your dog will let you. If your Rottweiler lets you trim its nail, give it a huge treat and offer it lots of praise. Make certain that you trim only one nail at this level.

6th day- this time, trim the tip of 2 paw nails to see how your dog will react. The trick is to keep going until your dog doesn’t seem to mind.

7th day – trim additional nails in this stage until you trim all the nails.

The above process is meant to get your dog used to the process of getting its nails trimmed. This procedure is highly useful if it’s the first time your dog is getting its nails trimmed. The treats and the praise are meant to help your Rottweiler think of nail trimming as a fun and enjoyable procedure.

If done well, you will have an easy time maintaining your dog’s personal hygiene.

Step 2: Cutting your Rottweiler’s nails

In step 1, you have learnt how to get your dog ready for nail cutting. Now, let’s have a deeper look at how to actually trim the nails like a pro once your dog is used to the process.

Pick up your dog’s paw and hold it firmly in your hand. Gently place your thumb on one of the toe’s pads and the forefinger on the skin near the nail on the toe’s top. Make certain that the dog’s fur is not in the way.

Gently push your thumb backward and up on your dog’s paw pad. Simultaneously, push your forefinger forward in order to extend the nail.

Once the nail is protruding outside, clip the tip straight across. Ensure that you also trim the dewclaws, which are located on the inner part of the paw.

Make certain that you do not clip past the nail’s curve to avoid hitting the quick. The quick is the pink area around your dog’s nail, which contains blood vessels. If you nick your dog in the quick, it will not only experience pain, but it will bleed profusely. In case you nick your Rottweiler at the beginning of the process, your dog may not be willing to let you trim any other nails.

Note: if your dog has dark nails, be careful not to cut the chalky white ring.

Tip: You can make the nail clipping process more fun for your Rottweiler by allowing it to lick peanut butter from a wall mat as you handle its nails. Your dog will be pleasantly distracted, which will allow you to get through the nail clipping process faster.

Step 3: Grinding your Rottweiler’s nails

Other than cutting your Rottweiler’s nails, you can grind them using a grinding tool for a perfect finish. Here are steps on how to grind your Rottweiler’s nails:

Use a safe tool to grind the nails of your dog. There are many types of nail grinders out there. Consider various factors when choosing a grinder e.g. if you prefer a cordless grinder, the amount of noise produced by the grinder, and the ease of use.

Ensure that you only grind a portion of the nail at a time. When grinding, hold your dog’s paw firmly.

While grinding, be sure to do so across the nail’s bottom and then move in gradually from the nail’s tip. This will allow you to smoothen any rough edges of the nail.

In order to have better control of the nail grinder, hold it near the top.

As you grind, observe any reactions of sensitivity in your dog. Make certain that your dog is comfortable as you grind the nails.

In case your dog has long fur, make sure that you get it out of the way so that the grinding tool does not catch it.

Benefits of trimming your dog’s nails

Here are a few reasons why you should keep your furry friend’s nails short and clean:

Less battle scars

Do you know how your dog likes to play around with you? Well, with well-trimmed short nails, you will have fewer scars from playing with your dog.

Pawfect posture

Short nails allow your dog to have better posture, unlike long nails which make the dog shift around uneasily.

Related Questions

What is the correct length of a dog’s nails?

It is easy to determine whether your Rottweiler’s nails are too long. Do you hear the nails clack whenever your dog walks on a hard surface? If you do, then the nails are too long and you should cut them immediately.

The nails of your dog should not protrude over the paw pad. Additionally, your dog’s nails shouldn’t touch the ground when your dog is standing.

How do I know where to cut my dog’s black nails?

Black nails make it impossible to spot the quick. If you’re not careful, you can easily nick your dog if it has dark nails. We recommend cutting small amounts of the nail at a time to avoid nicking the dog. Also, as you trim the nails, observe the freshly cut edges for dark spots appearing in the center.

If you see a dark spot, do not trim the nail further. Other helpful ways to help you cut your dog’s dark nails include:

  • Shine a bright light or a torch through the claw
  • While trimming the nails, keep observing the underside of your dog’s nail. The quick is usually visible on the underside.
  • Wash your dog’s nails before trimming. This will soften the nails and make them easier to spot the quickly.
  • Apply baby oil to the dog’s nails. The oil will soften the nails and make it possible to spot the quick.

Should I soak my dog’s nails before cutting?

You can soak your dog’s nails before cutting them. The water will soften your dog’s nails and make them easier to cut. Also, soaking the dog’s nails beforehand will prevent them from splintering.

If you intend to soak your dog’s nails, we recommend cutting the nails after your dog’s bath time.

Is it better to clip or grind a dog’s nails?

Clipping or grinding your dog’s nails will do the job. Although you can do both, we recommend testing your dog to see which one it likes most.

There are dogs that may be scared by the vibration of the grinder, which would make clipping better for them because it is quiet and faster.

On the other hand, if your dog has tough hard nails, a nail grinder will do a better job at trimming the nails.