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Irish Setter Rottweiler Mix: Total Dog Guide

Irish Setter Rottweiler Mix

If you have been seeking a dog that will be athletic, well-balanced, adorable, and energetic, the Irish Setter Rottweiler mix might be for you!

So what are these mixes like, and do they do well in most families? In this helpful guide about the Irish Setter Rottweiler mix, we will go over it all!

The Irish Setter Rottweiler mix is a friendly, devoted dog with a strong work ethic. This hybrid will have moderate to high energy levels and impressive athletic abilities.

In size, an Irish Setter Rottweiler mix is medium to medium-large. This is usually a healthy dog with a glossy coat that comes in varying lengths and colors.

A quick learner, this is a great canine companion for the right family! Just be ready to provide lots of physical activity and training.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get an Irish Setter Rottweiler Mix

If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, the Irish Setter Rottweiler mix might not be the best option for you. This is a dog with a strong work ethic. Its parents come from both the Working Group and the Sporting Group.

As such, this tenacious canine will want to do a job for you and will likely require lots of daily physical activity.

Additionally, Irish Setter Rottweiler mixes can be somewhat intense to train. This is especially true if owners are not consistent and confident. Rottweilers can be strong-willed and may become stubborn. Irish Setters are energetic and easily distracted. As such, you should begin training this dog from an early age.

Why Avoid These Mixes

  • Might be hard to train
  • It will require lots of exercises
  • Moderate to high energy
  • Can be stubborn
  • Potentially high prey drive

Reasons Why You Should Get an Irish Setter Rottweiler Mix

There are many reasons to adore this cute hybrid! Not only are Rottweiler Irish Setters athletic and attractive, but they have a lovely coat that will usually be glossy and soft. These dogs are also exceptionally intelligent. They can make devoted pets in the right family!

If you know what you are doing, training will not be too difficult. However, owners will need to understand how to harness this dog’s energy to avoid distractions and the development of stubborn personality traits.

Moreover, this dog will love accompanying you as you adventure outdoors. So, if you like to hike, hunt, fish, or camp, this is a wonderful pup to consider getting.

Why Adore These Mixes

  • Loves the outdoors
  • Very intelligent
  • Devoted and loyal
  • Adorable with a cute face
  • Soft glossy coat
  • Generally healthy and athletic

Quick Overview of Rottie Irish Setter Mixes

In a nutshell, the Rottweiler Irish Setter is a mixed breed dog that results from one Irish Setter parent and one Rottweiler parent. Usually, the Irish Setter parent will be male, and the Rottweiler parent will be female due to size differences. Combined, you can expect to get a mix of the parent’s traits.

Irish Setters are Sporting dogs known for being energetic, affectionate, and athletic. Rottweilers are famous for being devoted, loyal, and tenacious. Large and handsome, many Rottweiler mixes can be wonderful dogs for the right owners. However, this particular mix isn’t for everyone.

These dogs will require lots of training, proper socialization, and confident handling. On the bright side, these dogs only require moderate grooming and are quite athletic.

The Traits and History of Both the Setter and Rottie Dog Breeds

It can be helpful to understand the history of the dogs that make up your hybrid mix. Dog breed histories help you determine things like traits, temperament, and aptitude for socialization.

A Brief History of Irish Setters

As you likely have guessed, Irish Setters are from Ireland. Originally, these beautiful dogs were known as Red Setters because of their pretty red coats.

These dogs were likely bred in the 1700s by mixing English Setters, Pointers, and Spaniels. The American Kennel Club recognized the Irish Setter in 1878. This makes it one of the oldest AKC-recognized dog breeds.

Irish Setters are gun dogs. As such, They were developed to assist hunters when finding and retrieving game animals.

In most cases, this wild game included quail, pheasant, or duck. Setters can be directed in a large circle to flush out birds that are hiding in the bulrushes. This makes them intelligent and able to receive directions from their owners.

A Brief History of Rottweilers

The Rottweiler is a working dog that has roots stretching all the way to ancient Roman times. These dogs were used to protect cattle, guard property, hunt big game, and even accompany Roman soldiers into battle. This powerful and muscular breed is adept at guarding and protecting property!

Although this breed was once rare, they have grown in popularity over the years. In the 1980s, the breed was resurrected from near obscurity and became increasingly popular in America.

Today, Rottweilers, also sometimes called Rotties, are one of the most popular dogs out there.

Appearance of the Irish Setter Rottweiler Mix

Irish Setter Rottweiler hybrids are endearing and adorable. These dogs are unique in appearance and may resemble either the Rottweiler or the Irish Setter parent more.

This dog will have round or almond-shaped eyes that are likely to be golden, amber, copper, brown, dark brown, or black. They will be nicely built and usually have a distinctive muscular look.

Expect this to be an athletic, agile mix with a charming, sweet face and a large, symmetrical head. The Rottweiler is around 26 inches tall at the withers, while an Irish Setter is 24 inches high.

Rottweilers weigh on average about 100 pounds. Alternatively, Irish Setters are only around 40 pounds when fully grown.

As such, an Irish Setter Rottweiler mix will weigh anywhere from 50 to 95 pounds. They will measure around 25 inches tall at the withers.

Irish Setter Rottweiler Mix Coat and Colors

The coat of the Irish Setter Rottweiler mix is likely to be black, chocolate, reddish-brown, or tan. In many cases, Irish Setter Rottweiler mixes are black with reddish-brown or tan markings on the face and legs.

In other cases, Irish Setter Rottweiler mixes are the usual chocolate or red color with faded black markings on the facial region.

The coat of an Irish Setter Rottweiler mix will be short to medium in length and may also feature a thick undercoat. The fur should be silky and soft with a lustrous shine.

These dogs are likely to shed regularly year-round. Extra shedding can be expected in the spring and fall seasons.

However, hybrids like this can obtain genetic traits from either parent. As such, coat lengths, shedding amounts, and fur colors can vary.

Grooming Your Irish Setter Rottweiler Mix

An Irish Setter Rottweiler mix requires some effort to groom but is not overly strenuous to care for. These dogs will require daily brushing if they have medium-length coats.

Brushing helps to remove debris and grit from the coat for comfort and the prevention of clumps.

Moreover, much of this fur coat will be shed regularly year-round. You can expect an increase in shed hair in the fall and spring.

Other grooming tasks include nail clipping, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, and the like. Other than that, you should only need to give these dogs baths about once a month.

If your dog is particularly active outdoors, you may need to bathe it bi-weekly. Irish Setters are strong swimmers, so bath time should not be much of a struggle.

Irish Setter Rottweiler Mix Lifespan

Irish Setters are very healthy dogs that can usually live up to 16 years! Rottweilers, on the other hand, are usually expected to live about 13 years. So, if you are adopting this mix, expect to make a lengthy commitment!

Possible Health Problems for This Mix

The Irish Setter Rottweiler mix is a fairly healthy dog. In fact, this mix is healthier than either the purebred Rottweiler or the purebred Irish Setter.

Still, both of these breeds have issues with hip dysplasia, bone loss, and orthopedic problems.

Both dog breeds are also susceptible to allergies. To help you avoid these issues, feed your dog a well-balanced diet and provide them with plenty of exercise.

Personality and Temperament of the Irish Setter Rottweiler

This is an intelligent and tenacious dog that can easily take leadership from you as an owner.

However, this dog will require plenty of guidance from a young age. With so much intelligence and energy, this dog will need to take you seriously.

Teach it to understand your commands thoroughly and be consistent. Other than that, the Irish Setter Rottweiler mix is a loving and affectionate dog who can make a wonderful companion!

Irish Setter Rottweiler Mix Training Tips

When training an Irish Setter Rottweiler mix, you will want to start early. Once again, consistency is key with this pup.

However, the Irish Setter Rottweiler mix is easier to train than many other dog breeds. As long as you start early and stay consistent, training this dog should not be overly difficult.

The Irish Setter Rottweiler Mix and Families

This dog can get along very well in families. If they are socialized early, they can get along well with young children too. In fact, the Irish Setter Rottweiler mix is one of the best hybrids for families with kids!

Just remember to begin socializing these dogs at an early age and always provide positive interactions. Also, do not leave a small puppy unsupervised with children.

The Irish Setter Rottweiler Mix and Other Pets

Irish Setter Rottweiler mixes can get along fine with other pets, provided that they receive socialization from the correct age.

Since this dog contains the Irish Setter breed, it may be prone to chasing small animals like cats. To avoid this, start training and socializing with small animals right away.

Food Requirements of the Irish Setter Rottweiler

The Irish Setter Rottweiler mix may have certain food allergies. As such, consult your veterinarian if you notice that your dog is having issues with the food that you are offering them.

Feed this dog a healthy well-balanced diet that correlates with the amount of exercise they get every day.

Exercise Requirements of Irish Setter Rottweilers

The Irish Setter Rottweiler mix is likely to be an energetic dog that will need plenty of physical activity. Expect to walk this dog daily and take them to the park often.

Additionally, this dog may enjoy the water. This is especially true if your mix favors the Irish Setter parent.

After all, Irish Setters are some of the best swimmers around! So, if you like camping by the lake and fishing or swimming, this dog will make a wonderful companion.

Irish Setter Rottweiler Mixed Puppies for Sale: What to Know

Have you decided that the Irish Setter Rottweiler mix is the perfect breed for your family? If so, there are a few things that you will want to know before adopting a puppy.

The same is true if you are searching for an Irish Setter Rottweiler mix at an animal shelter or rescue.

First off, make sure that you only purchase a healthy puppy from a reputable breeder. Also, you will want to make sure that a pup’s personality fits with your family.

Check the Health and Conditions of All Puppies

Additionally, it is a good idea to look at the home where the puppies come from. A reputable breeder will raise puppies in a sanitary environment and conduct genetic testing to ensure the health of their puppies.

Good breeders and pet stores will also vaccinate puppies at six to eight weeks of age to help prevent a range of puppyhood diseases.

Be sure that the puppy you are interested in is healthy before you take it home. Never adopt a puppy before eight weeks of age. Between birth and eight weeks old, puppies learn critical social skills.

Also, their littermates teach them how to behave and function. These puppy skills will have a big impact on a dog’s behavior throughout its entire life.

Choosing the Right Puppy from a Litter

Finally, try to observe all of the puppies playing together in a familiar environment. This will help you choose the right puppy. Look for a healthy pup with a balanced temperament.

It can be tempting to choose the puppy with the prettiest coat colors, the shyest nature, or the boldest personality.

However, this can often be a mistake. Instead, look for a puppy that is neither overly energetic nor lethargic. A friendly middle-range puppy will usually be well-balanced, highly trainable, and intelligent as an adult.

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