Mastiff Australian Shepherd Mix

Mastiff Australian Shepherd Mix: Meet the Smart Courageous Dog

The Mastiff Australian Shepherd Mix is a dog best described as a “gentle giant.” The exceptional family dogs. The dogs’ ancestry makes them excellent pets.

However, all-breed mixes, sometimes known as designer breeds, have traits that make them excellent choices for some homes and poor choices for others. Read on to learn more about these dogs and whether they are a fit for your situation.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a Mastiff Australian Shepherd Mix

The Mastiff Australian Shepherd Mix has a lot of excellent traits that make it an excellent companion and loving pet.

However, there are some traits that present problems for owners sometimes, including:

  • May weigh close to 200 lbs. which makes life in some apartment settings challenging
  • Requires regular daily exercise, making coach potato owners a poor fit for these dogs
  • Allergies are sometimes more common in these dogs
  • Be prepared for moderate shedding most of the year
  • Sometimes a bit stubborn when it comes to training

Reasons Why You Should Get a Mastiff Australian Shepherd Mix

A Mastiff Australian Shepherd Mix is a great dog, but many people are unaware of how many great traits these dogs possess.

Some of the traits that make these dogs, particularly popular include:

  • A very intelligent breed mixture
  • Devoted and loyal to its family
  • Friendly with people after proper introductions
  • Alert and makes an effective watchdog
  • An excellent choice for hikers and joggers

Appearance, Personality, Coat and Colors, Lifespan, and Traits of a Mastiff Australian Shepherd Mix
The Mastiff Australian Shepherd Mix is a unique dog with a lot of traits that make it an excellent family companion.

Here are some of the things that make these dogs stand out among similar mixes:

  • An athletic-looking dog
  • Fun-loving but can be quiet inside
  • A variety of coat colors and lengths
  • The average lifespan for larger breeds
  • May have blue or particolored eyes or face wrinkles

Dogs that have a mix of Mastiff and other breeds like the Australian Shepherd have a lot of unique features. In short, here is some of what to expect:

These dogs have a naturally athletic appearance, regardless of whether they gravitate toward the Mastiff or Aussie in size. When you have one of these dogs, you know that it’s ready for fun and able to keep up with your needs.

One of the things that makes these dogs so endearing to their families is their willingness to be in the middle of all the family fun. However, despite their fun-loving nature, these dogs are usually quiet indoors if exercised daily.

These dogs have a variety of coat colors. Some of the possible coat colors include:

  • Brown or tan
  • Brindle
  • Black and white
  • Brown and white
  • Dapple
  • Gray

These dogs may have short or long coats. Regardless of the length, many of these dogs feature double coats. The coat may have either a smooth or fluffy appearance.

An average lifespan for these dogs may vary between the 6-12 year average for a Mastiff or the 13-15 years for an Australian Shepherd. Some of the factors that might influence your dog’s lifespan include overall health and activity level.

A unique feature that these dogs may inherit from Aussie ancestors is blue or particolored eyes.

The Mastiff ancestry may also contribute to facial wrinkles. These dogs may sometimes show more traits from one breed than the other as a crossbreed.

Mastiff Australian Shepherd Mix Puppies for Sale

Because the Mastiff Australian Shepherd Mix is a designer breed, not as many breeders produce these dogs.

However, there are a few helpful things to keep in mind:

  • Breeders may offer dogs of many different mixes
  • Many breeders list available puppies on their websites
  • Sometimes you can see the parents before buying

Many breeders who produce designer breeds offer several different mixes. If they regularly have Mastiff Aussie puppies, they are probably knowledgeable of the mix.

Breeders often have websites where prospective buyers can see available puppies. You might be able to reserve a puppy ahead of time. If the breeder has a website, you can also contact them with questions easily.

Being able to see the parents before you buy a puppy is always beneficial. When your puppy comes from a more reliable breeder, the breeder will encourage you to visit. It is best to avoid breeders who aren’t upfront about how their dogs are housed.

Grooming Your Mastiff Australian Shepherd Mix

The Mastiff Australian Shepherd Mix is more likely to have intensive grooming needs if longhaired.

However, all mixes require regular coat care. Here are some pointers:

  • Dogs with shorter coats require weekly brushing
  • Shedding season requires extra brushing, especially for longhaired dogs
  • Sometimes these dogs slobber a lot

A stiff-bristled brush designed for dogs will help get out the worst of the loose hair when you brush your dog. Broad, gentle strokes provide the best action. Brushes designed for human hair aren’t as suitable as dog brushes.

Most dogs shed heavily in early spring. If your dog has the longer coat of an Aussie, additional grooming might be necessary. Depending on your dog’s coat’s length and thickness, you may want to consider using a groomer.

Drooling and slobbering are sometimes an issue with these dogs. The drool can get into the dog’s coat, contributing to matting. Using a washcloth to clean up the drool makes everything easier.

If your dog has more of an Aussie-like coat, using one of the Aussie cuts will help keep the coat looking great. You may also opt for a shorter Mastiff cut.

Mastiff Australian Shepherd Mix Health Problems

The Mastiff Australian Shepherd Mix may have health problems shared in common by both breeds, or conditions that are common to one breed.

Some of the known health issues possible in this mix include:

  • Elbow or hip dysplasia
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy
  • Allergies or food sensitivities
  • Collie Eye Anomaly
  • Ligament rupture

Elbow and hip dysplasia are two reasonably common conditions in larger dogs, although hip dysplasia is the more serious of the two. The good news is that vets can diagnose and correct these conditions if detected at an early age.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy, or PRA, is a leading cause of blindness in dogs. This condition is not curable. However, your vet can work with you to help make life easier for your dog as her vision decreases.

Some dogs of this mix are likely to have allergies or sensitivities. Allergies usually involve reactions to grass, pollen, and other allergens. Sensitivities to foods like corn, wheat, or soy are possible.

Collie Eye Anomaly, or CEA, is a class of vision problems possibly affecting Aussie mixes. These conditions are treatable.

Ligament rupture involving the cruciate ligaments may be either acute or chronic. Surgery can help correct damage and restore mobility.

Mastiff Australian Shepherd Mix Food Requirements

Like a dog that ranges from large to giant-size, the Mastiff Australian Shepherd Mix requires a diet that promotes healthy growth snd optimizes her health.

Here are some important considerations for food:

  • Puppies require age-specific food for healthy growth
  • Grain-free or limited-ingredient food may be beneficial
  • Ingredients like chondroitin and glucosamine help protect joint health

Puppy food is essential until these dogs are fully-grown, which could take two years. Feeding your puppy adult food at too young an age could contribute to hip dysplasia. If your dog eats puppy food until she’s reached adulthood, she will do better.

Grain-free or limited-ingredient foods may help prevent sensitivities. Although most dogs have no sensitivities, foods that minimize harmful ingredients are always worth considering.

Good joint health is especially important for dogs as large as this breed might become. Chondroitin and glucosamine are some of the essential ingredients for dogs’ joint health. These ingredients may also be in supplements given as treats.

Mastiff Australian Shepherd Mix Exercise Requirements

Mastiff Australian Shepherd Mixes are a mixture of two breeds with different exercise requirements. At a minimum, these dogs should have a 20-30 minute walk twice a day.

  • If more sedentary like a Mastiff, these dogs will benefit from walks or hikes with weights
  • A mix with an Australian Shepherd’s activity level will benefit from Frisbee or other high-energy activities
  • Interactive food puzzles and toys help stimulate these dogs when you’re not home

Dogs that take after their Mastiff ancestors are likely to be quiet. Walking is usually sufficient when your dog is more like a Mastiff in physical activity levels.

High-energy exercise is recommended every day when your mix has an activity level closer to an Aussie’s. Playing Frisbee or fetch is an ideal activity for these dogs. Agility activities are also perfect for this dog’s activity level.

These dogs require some type of stimulation when left alone to help prevent destructive behavior.

Interactive puzzles that dispense food rewards are ideal. Sturdy interactive toys suitable for large dogs are always a great choice.

Mastiff Australian Shepherd Mix Training

Training a Mastiff Australian Shepherd Mix is a little challenging because these dogs are a mixture of two breeds with different personality types.

However, there are a few helpful pointers to keep in mind:

  • Positive reinforcement works for all dogs
  • Having realistic expectations about what to expect from your dog
  • Keep your sessions relatively short to help maintain proper attention

All dogs, regardless of the breed, benefit from positive training methods. When you use positive methods that include praise or treat rewards, your dog will see a benefit in following your commands.

Making sure you have realistic expectations about training your dog will help you and your furry friend. Some dogs will master training faster than others.

Keeping your training sessions short will avoid boredom on your dog’s part and frustration on yours. A maximum of 15 minutes at a time works for most dogs.

Mastiff Australian Shepherd Mix and Families

The Mastiff Australian Shepherd Mix is an excellent family dog. These dogs are gentle, and usually have the energy level to keep up with kids.

  • These dogs love kids and accept and give plenty of affection
  • Their activity level blends with kids’ needs
  • Caution is necessary around younger children

One of the things that makes these dogs excellent for families is their affectionate nature. These gentle giants will readily accept hugs and other affectionate behavior from children without complaint.

With a medium to high energy level, these dogs can easily keep up with the demands of energetic kids.

One word of caution that applies to these dogs is in the case of younger children. Because of the large size and the excitement level during play, it’s easy for these dogs to knock smaller children over, making supervision ideal.

Mastiff Australian Shepherd Mix and Other Pets

The Mastiff Australian Shepherd Mix, like Mastiff mixes in general, is usually great with other pets.

Here are some helpful considerations:

  • These dogs are protective of their entire pack, including pets
  • Usually mellow with other dogs, but proper introductions help
  • Might try to chase unfamiliar cats

These dogs consider other pets to be part of their pack, encouraging protectiveness. A threat to one of the other pets is the same to them as a threat to you or the other people in your house.

Most dogs of this mix are mellow with other dogs. However, proper introductions go a long way towards preventing problems.

The one exception to acceptance of other pets includes unfamiliar cats. A neighbor’s cat wandering through your yard might be fair game for a chase.

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