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Weimaraner Mastiff Mix: Could Be a Good Choice for Your Home?

Weimaraner Mastiff Mix

The Weimaraner Mastiff Mix is not a designer breed that you’re likely to come across that easily.

Although a mixture of two popular breeds with a lot going for them, they serve different purposes that make crosses between the two rare.

Could a Weimaraner Mastiff Mix be a good choice for your home?

If you’re prepared to deal with the consequences of a large to a giant dog that may have a stubborn streak, these dogs may be perfect for you. Read on to learn more about this crossbreed.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a Weimaraner Mastiff Mix

People who own Weimaraners or Mastiffs are usually loyal to these breeds. The dogs are old breeds with unique backgrounds.

However, there are some reasons that these dogs may not be ideal for everyone owner. Here are some of these reasons:

  • These dogs can get very big, potentially weighing over 100 lbs. and having big appetites to go with their size
  • The parent breeds have reputations for being somewhat stubborn, making training trying at times
  • Being crossbreeds, it is difficult to tell which of the breeds will be dominant
  • Daily exercise is a necessity, not an option, and these dogs are not well-suited to apartment or condo living
  • These dogs can be destructive if unexercised and are large enough to destroy furniture
  • Separation anxiety might be a problem with these mixes, including reacting with destructive behavior like chewing or excessive barking and howling

Reasons Why You Should Get a Weimaraner Mastiff Mix

Although these dogs can be challenging to train in some cases, Weimaraner Mastiff Mixes have a lot of excellent traits that make them worthy family companions.

A household that is willing to meet the dog’s needs will ensure this canine’s happiness.

  • Many have the signature “Gray Ghost” coat popular on Weimaraners, often considered one of the most beautiful colors in the canine world
  • Most are excellent watchdogs very protective of their families who will not let intruders by unnoticed
  • A high intelligence level that makes dogs responsive to training and adaptable to many tasks
  • The crossbreed usually gets along well with everyone that it knows is a safe person
  • Grooming care is usually minimal because of their short coats
  • These dogs are active and always ready for an adventure, making them perfect for running or hiking buddies

Appearance, Personality, Coat and Colors, Lifespan, and Traits of Weimaraner Mastiff Mix

The Weimaraner Mastiff Mix will usually lean more towards being giant-sized, although a size somewhere between the Weimaraner and Mastiff is more typical. One of the things that will stand out about the overall appearance is physical strength.

These dogs are usually very gentle. For the most part, these dogs will readily accept other people while remaining alert to possible threats to the family. Children are among the family members that these dogs are the most protective of.

This designer mix has a short coat that has a somewhat hard feel. One of the coat colors that is possible is the stunning gray or bluish color of a Weimaraner and brown or tan. These dogs may have black muzzles, regardless of the coat color.

The lifespan of one of these dogs may vary. Here are some important things to remember about the lifespan:

  • Mastiff ancestry may result in lifespans as short as 7-9 years
  • Weimaraner ancestry could mean lifespans of 12 to 14
  • A reasonable lifespan for this designer mix might be 10-12 years

These mixes have unique traits that you will enjoy. These include floppy ears and brown, hazelnut, amber, or blue eyes. When these dogs take after the Weimaraner side of their family, they are likely to be highly energetic.

Weimaraner Mastiff Mix Puppies for Sale

Weimaraner Mastiff Mix puppies are not very common when compared with some crosses. However, you may find breeders that have such puppies available. Such puppies may come about as a result of accidental breedings as well.

When you get one of these puppies from a breeder, you will want to look for one conscientious about the homes they let their puppies go to after the sale. Such breeders will often have an application process as thorough as a rescue’s.

One of the things that you will want to watch is whether you can see the parents and the facilities where the dogs live. If the dogs seem healthy and taken care of well, you can probably feel confident buying a puppy.

Because these dogs are designer crosses, you will not have access to the same detailed pedigree information that is available for purebred dogs. However, breeders should have information available about any health checks that they have performed.

Sometimes, these dogs end up in shelters or rescues. The dog might be designated as a Weimaraner mix, a Mastiff mix, or something else, depending on the appearance. Although most will lack background information, these dogs are often vetted before adoption.

Grooming Your Weimaraner Mastiff Mix

Because the Weimaraner Mastiff Mix has a short coat, the grooming needs are minimal. Shedding is only heavy during the early spring months. Although some of these mixes may have slightly thicker winter coats in cold climates, their needs are minimal.

Weekly brushing is sufficient for these dogs, using a brush designed for dogs rather than a human brush.

Most brushes that people use are poorly suited to dogs’ grooming needs. Extra weekly brushing is sufficient during shedding season.

Bathing needs only to take place about every six weeks. When you bathe one of these designer mixes, a quality dog shampoo will help keep its coat in optimal condition. Additional bathing is usually only necessary after a romp through the mud.

Two areas of these dogs’ bodies that require extra attention are their ears and muzzles. Dogs with floppy ears are more likely to get ear infections, which makes excellent hygiene essential. Head-shaking from infections may lead to hematomas.

The muzzle also requires extra care because of extra skin folds that might be present. Although not as common as in some other breeds, skin folds, however small, allow excess moisture to accumulate. Such conditions can lead to infections.

Weimaraner Mastiff Mix Health Problems

Although Weimaraner Mastiff Mixes from responsible breeding are healthy, there are some potential health issues to be aware of with one of these dogs. These conditions include bloat, hip dysplasia, and bone cancer.

Bloat, also known as gastric torsion, is one of the most distressing health conditions large dogs may develop. Bloat is a life-threatening emergency involving stomach twisting. Emergency surgery often ends up becoming necessary.

Hip dysplasia, also a condition common in large breeds, involves hip joint deterioration. Although correctable with surgery when young, the condition does not show symptoms until the dog is much older. Hind-end paralysis may happen.

Bone cancer is another condition that may affect these dogs. Although canine cancer treatments have improved over the years, this type of cancer is often aggressive. Dogs with bone cancer often have poor prognoses and diminished quality of life.

Owners cannot prevent all potential health problems as their dog’s age. However, purchasing puppies from responsible breeders and following up with regular veterinary care always help. Your dog’s diet will also play a role in its health.

Weimaraner Mastiff Mix Food Requirements

Weimaraner Mastiff Mixes thrive when given foods with high protein content. Such foods help these dogs maintain a healthy weight and energy level. The food that these dogs eat should have quality ingredients, particularly without fillers.

The amount of protein in food for these dogs should average around 25% for adult dogs. Puppies will do best with a formula for large-breed puppies that has more carbohydrate content than adult food. The puppies will transition to adult food at 18 to 36 months.

Although primarily dry food is easiest to feed to bigger dogs, you have many excellent options. Some owners prefer high-performance food that contains healthy grains, while others prefer to provide grain-free food. Either option is worthwhile.

If you need to switch food, this is a change that you should do gradually to prevent digestive upsets.

Start by feeding 25% new food and 75% old food, then increase the amount every few days. By the time you’re feeding all new food, all should be fine.

Your dog will go through life phases where it eats more or less food. During the time your dog is growing, it will have a heartier appetite. However, when these dogs get older, they may eat less to account for a decreased activity level.

Weimaraner Mastiff Mix Exercise Requirements

When you have a Weimaraner Mastiff Mix, you’ll need to prepare to give your dog a lot of exercises.

Dogs who get plenty of exercises are less likely to become destructive. Another advantage of physical activities for your dog is better bonding.

If your dog has an activity level similar to a Weimaraner, an hour a day of exercise is recommended.

Dogs that take after Weimaraners are more active than their counterparts of a similar size. Without enough exercise, these dogs may become destructive.

Because these dogs may reach such a large size, over-exercising during the puppy phase is something you will want to avoid. Excessive exercise during growth periods could harm a young dog’s bones. Growth is usually complete at around three years.

There are several kinds of activities that suit these dogs very well. Although the Weimaraner is a pointer rather than a retriever, mixes that include crosses like the Weimaraner Mastiff excel at activities that involve retrieving.

The Mastiff heritage also makes these dogs well-suited to tracking activities. If you live in an area with nature trails, this can provide a perfect setting. When you take your dog out for such activities, good leash control is essential.

Weimaraner Mastiff Mix Training

Positive reinforcement-based training is the most effective way to teach your dog what you expect.

These big dogs need a healthy awareness of what they may or may not do. All training needs to be consistent, firm, and gentle.

Obedience classes are a good idea starting from when these dogs are still puppies. The earlier they learn commands, the more likely they are to behave well. Your dog will be a happier, better-adjusted member of your family with good training.

Once your dog is trained, be consistent about reinforcing the commands learned. Using one command at some times and a different one at others may confuse your dog. If your dog doesn’t understand what you want, it will be confused and upset.

Weimaraner Mastiff Mix and Families

Weimaraner Mastiff Mixes are perfect for families, especially those who enjoy active lifestyles. Because the Weimaraner ancestry may contribute to separation anxiety, these dogs do not do well being left alone for long periods.

One thing that many notes about these dogs are how playful they are by nature. Once they have discovered that someone new is a friend, they are often ready to play. The majority of the affection that these dogs give is to their families.

These dogs are usually great with children, provided that you keep the large size in mind. Very young children, such as toddlers, will require more supervision around these dogs. One of these crossbreeds can knock over a child by accident.

This designer crossbreed is likely to treat unfamiliar people with caution until they have seen that the person poses no threat. Both breeds have strong protective urges, with the Mastiff blood contributing the most to the dog’s protectiveness.

Weimaraner Mastiff Mix and Other Pets

Weimaraner Mastiff Mixes need careful introductions to other pets. Although most get along with other dogs, hostility between males might be typical. If your mix is a male, you may want to consider a large-breed female as a companion instead of a male.

You might need to use caution if introducing cats. Although these dogs can be friendly with cats, some may see them as prey. Always allow the pets to have proper space from each other if necessary.