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Akita Mastiff Mix: Meet the Faithful Dignified Dog

Akita Mastiff Mix

What Can an Akita Mastiff Mix Add to Your Life?

The Akita Mastiff Mix has a powerful look, but the imposing appearance tells only part of this unique dog’s story. Although offering a blend of protectiveness, these dogs also lean towards gentleness. These dogs provide a lot in one package.

However, all breeds and mixes offer advantages along with disadvantages. When you are thinking about adding one of these mixes to your home, you’ll do well to do your homework. Well-informed owners have happy dogs that adjust well to their homes.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get an Akita Mastiff Mix

  • Might be overprotective to the point of scaring visitors
  • A poor fit for first-time big dog owners or inexperienced dog owners in general
  • Often weigh well over 130 lbs., which is too big for some tastes
  • More active than most Mastiff mixes
  • Somewhat overenthusiastic at times

Reasons Why You Should Get an Akita Mastiff Mix

  • These dogs have a naturally “cute” look that many find appealing
  • Free of the costs involved with buying purebred dogs from champion lines
  • Excellent home and family protectors
  • Very loyal and devoted to their families
  • Usually well-behaved with other pets if well-socialized

Appearance, Personality, Coat and Colors, Lifespan, and Traits of an Akita Mastiff Mix

One of the things that stands out the most about these dogs is their unique appearance. The Akita Mastiff Mix has an alert appearance that lets you know they are always on the lookout.

In addition to looking alert, these dogs can also have an appearance described as cute and almost teddy-bear-like. However much these canines resemble cute and cuddly teddy bears, they are staunch defenders when necessary.

These dogs may have longer, thicker coats like Akitas or have shorter coats more typical of Mastiffs. Color varieties that you might see include:

  • Black
  • Brindle
  • Brown
  • Cream
  • Fawn
  • Pied
  • Red
  • Silver
  • White

The lifespan of one of these mixes is usually about 10-12 years, which is average for dogs this size. There are different factors possibly impacting how long these dogs live. The factors affecting dog lifespan include health, diet, and exercise.

These dogs may have unique traits inherited from the parent breeds. These dogs may have the erect ears of an Akita or the floppy ears of a Mastiff. Sometimes, these dogs have ears that prick upwards without fully standing up, creating an unusual look.

Because both parent breeds are large, these dogs usually have loud barks. The dogs have deep chests that sometimes make their barks “booming.” You can trust one of these mixes to alert you whenever there is trouble.

Akita Mastiff Mix Puppies for Sale

Akita Mastiff Mix puppies are a rare type of designer breed. Breeders who produce this mix are relatively few because of the mix’s newness.

Because there are no champion bloodlines associated with a specific parent or ancestor, breeders will not charge higher prices because of the pedigree. However, lower demand also serves to keep the price higher because there are fewer of these hybrids.

Most breeders will charge $1,000-$2,0000 for one of these puppies. Factors that may influence prices to include:

  • The overall demand for large breeds in the area
  • Whether the breeder offers training
  • Any initial shots or another vetting
  • Whether the breeder provides shipping to your location

Puppy mills are a potential problem for designer mixes and purebreds. References from previous buyers will help give you a better idea of how satisfied they are with their puppies. Researching breeders is an excellent idea.

One of the things to look for is whether you can visit with the puppies before buying. If you can see the puppies and their parents, you’ll have a better assessment of their overall health. Avoiding puppies bought sight unseen is always helpful.

Although not very common in shelters, you may sometimes find one of these dogs abandoned by an unprepared owner. Such dogs are healthy and adoptable but need the right owner for a permanent home in most cases.

Grooming Your Akita Mastiff Mix

An Akita Mastiff Mix may have a thicker coat but will not be as fluffy as some other breeds, like Huskies or Collies. Weekly brushing with a slicker-style brush is sufficient for keeping the coat tidy, especially when shedding the winter coat.

Some Mastiff mixes have skin folds that require regular cleaning with medicated shampoo. Cleaning these folds helps prevent skin conditions leading to infections.

If your dog has been out in rainy or snowy conditions, you’ll need to make sure you dry him to help prevent skin irritations that might become infected. Skin infections are painful and often lead to unpleasant odors.

Another area that may require attention is the ears, especially if they hang down. Weekly cleaning using an ear cleaner for dogs will optimize their ear health. When your dog gets wet, gently drying his ears will prevent problems.

Bathing is a task that you will usually need to perform every two or three months. An exception is if your dog loves to get muddy. In this case, you may need to bathe, as needed, using a quality dog shampoo and dry thoroughly.

Clipping your dog’s nails when they are long enough to click on the floor is helpful. Dog clippers that help you trim without hitting the quick will do the most efficient job. A nail grinder is also a helpful tool.

Brushing your dog’s teeth about once a week will help maintain his dental health. The toothpaste that you use should be for dogs rather than for people.

Akita Mastiff Mix Health Problems

The Akita Mastiff Mix may develop several health problems. Although some of these conditions are relatively minor, others might be pretty serious. The more severe conditions may have high veterinary costs.

There are several eye conditions these dogs can develop, including cataracts. Eyelid issues like entropion or ectropion may occur in these dogs. Cataracts and eyelid issues are surgically correctable, with a good prognosis.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) is an eye condition that may affect these dogs. However, this eye condition is incurable. Helping your dog live with its visual loss is the only thing that you can do for him.

These designer dogs are susceptible to skin conditions as well. Most of these issues come from the Mastiff side.

Some of these skin conditions include pemphigus, sebaceous adenitis, and skinfold dermatitis. Although these conditions might be uncomfortable for your dog, they are usually easy to treat.

Like many other larger breeds, these dogs may develop hip and elbow dysplasia, conditions that often make movement painful. Another serious large-breed issue these dogs may have is bloat or gastric torsion.

These dogs may get severe, potentially life-threatening conditions, including cancer and heart disease.

The prognosis for these conditions may vary depending on the severity. High-quality vet care will make the most significant difference in the outcome.

These dogs are also susceptible to autoimmune conditions like Von Willebrand’s disease and autoimmune thyroiditis. When dogs have autoimmune disorders, they require lifelong treatment to manage the conditions.

Regular trips to the vet will help prevent a lot of health conditions before they become problems.

Proactive care usually brings better results than a creative approach. Many expensive health conditions are more affordable to treat if caught early.

Akita Mastiff Mix Food Requirements

An Akita Mastiff Mix has the dietary requirements that you would expect of a large breed. At the very least, these dogs will consume a large bag of dry food every month, so a budget that allows plenty of money for food is recommended.

Because of the health issues, these dogs might have, the quality of the food matters. Lower-quality food that is cheap and full of additives will not give these dogs the nutrition they require.

When choosing a high-quality food, look for these features and benefits:

  • High protein to help supply these dogs with the energy that they need
  • Higher amounts of healthy fats help keep your dog full for longer in between meals
  • Fiber to help aid in healthy digestion for your dog

Corn, wheat, and soy are good ingredients to avoid because of empty calories. Many dogs have allergies or sensitivities that these foods can trigger. Quality dog foods never require any of those ingredients to provide adequate nutrition.

Artificial colors and flavors, as well as animal by-products, are also ingredients that are good to avoid.

These ingredients may contribute to stomach upsets and other health problems and also have no nutritional value.

Foods that contain chondroitin and glucosamine can help prevent joint problems as your dog ages.

However, if your preferred food doesn’t have these ingredients, there are supplements you can use that will provide these for your dog.

Akita Mastiff Mix Exercise Requirements

The Akita Mastiff Mix is an energetic dog that will require quite a lot of exercise. These dogs lack the laid-back tendencies representative of most Mastiff mixes.

About an hour of daily exercise is necessary for these dogs. If your dog does not get enough exercise and mental stimulation, you might have to contend with destructive behavior.

Although walks are always excellent exercise for these dogs, running or jogging are much better for these dogs’ needs, along with these activities:

  • Playing fetch or flyball
  • Tag, especially when played with kids
  • Hiking with a weighted backpack
  • Snowshoeing or sledding
  • Swimming and using retriever dummies

There are some precautions to consider during exercise. One is to avoid exercising your dog less than an hour after eating. This type of activity may trigger bloating in large dogs.

Another precaution that you should take is to limit how much your dog jumps. If your dog is on uneven ground, there is an increased risk of ligament or tendon damage.

Akita Mastiff Mix Training

The quality of Akita Mastiff Mix’s socialization and training make a difference in the dog’s behavior. Because training is vitally important, these mixes do best with experienced dog owners.

Appropriate leash control is necessary to keep these dogs well-controlled in public. Leash training should take place alongside obedience training.

This mix is intelligent and usually responsive to training. A combination of eagerness to please and speed of learning commands makes training easier.

Positive reinforcement methods work best for these dogs. However, if you have difficulties with training, you may do well to consider a private trainer or obedience classes.

Akita Mastiff Mix and Families

The Akita Mastiff Mix is a naturally protective dog because of its breed mixture. These dogs have a strong sense of owner loyalty. The longer your dog lives in your home, the more loyal he will be.

Your whole family’s needs should be given consideration. Very young children or family members with mobility issues may not be ideal for these dogs.

These dogs have a perfect energy level for older children. If your kids want a dog to accompany them on their wildest adventures, one of these gentle giants may be an ideal choice.

Akita Mastiff Mix and Other Pets

For the most part, the Akia Mastiff Mix gets along very well with other pets. Good introductions are always vital.

These dogs are often the perfect match for other large, high-energy dogs in the household. When dogs with high energy levels have companions with a similar temperament, they will usually stay calmer.

Owners who have cats won’t need to worry about these dogs as with other breeds or crosses. Because the parent breeds have a guarding background, they have a minimal prey drive. However, supervision is helpful initially to prevent problems.

If your home already has other large dogs, especially males, there may be some efforts to challenge your Akita Mastiff. The dogs should not be left alone unsupervised initially.