Belgian Malinois Mastiff Mix: Meet the Affectionate Watchful Dog

Belgian Malinois Mastiff Mix

What Makes a Belgian Malinois Mastiff Mix Great? The Belgian Malinois Mastiff Mix is a perfect crossbreed dog for family families. Both parent breeds have an established history of doing guarding and protective work. These traits are some, among many, that make this designer dog a great choice. When bringing any new crossbreed into your … Read more

Mastiff St. Bernard Mix: What Type of Fun Can You Have with

Mastiff St. Bernard Mix

Many families live dogs described as gentle giants and St. Bernard Mastiff Mixes live up to that reputation. Also known as St. Bermastiffs, these dogs are among some of the most affectionate mixes that you could hope to have. Although an excellent choice for many, you will want to know as much as possible before … Read more

Dalmatian Mastiff Mix: Meet the Courageous Sensitive Dog

Dalmatian Mastiff Mix

Is a Dalmatian Mastiff Mix Right for You? If you’re not familiar with a Dalmation Mastiff Mix, you’re missing out on a fascinating designer dog. These dogs offer a unique combination of the signature spotted coat that has made the Dalmation famous, along with the big build of the Mastiff. In addition to a remarkable … Read more

Akita Mastiff Mix: Meet the Faithful Dignified Dog

Akita Mastiff Mix

What Can an Akita Mastiff Mix Add to Your Life? The Akita Mastiff Mix has a powerful look, but the imposing appearance tells only part of this unique dog’s story. Although offering a blend of protectiveness, these dogs also lean towards gentleness. These dogs provide a lot in one package. However, all breeds and mixes … Read more