Belgian Malinois Mastiff Mix

Belgian Malinois Mastiff Mix: Meet the Affectionate Watchful Dog

What Makes a Belgian Malinois Mastiff Mix Great? The Belgian Malinois Mastiff Mix is a perfect crossbreed dog for family families. Both parent breeds have an established history of doing guarding and protective work. These traits, among many, make this designer dog a great choice. There are several essential considerations […]

Dalmatian Mastiff Mix

Dalmatian Mastiff Mix: Meet the Courageous Sensitive Dog

Is a Dalmatian Mastiff Mix Right for You? If you’re not familiar with a Dalmation Mastiff Mix, you’re missing out on a fascinating designer dog. These dogs offer a unique combination of the signature spotted coat that has made the Dalmation famous, along with the big build of the Mastiff. […]

Akita Mastiff Mix

Akita Mastiff Mix: Meet the Faithful Dignified Dog

What Can an Akita Mastiff Mix Add to Your Life? The Akita Mastiff Mix has a powerful look, but the imposing appearance tells only part of this unique dog’s story. Although offering a blend of protectiveness, these dogs also lean towards gentleness. These dogs provide a lot in one package. […]

Chihuahua Mastiff Mix

Chihuahua Mastiff Mix: Meet the Devoted Protective Dog

What is a Chihuahua Mastiff Mix, Anyway? The Chihuahua Mastiff Mix is a dog that you wouldn’t think exists. However, many owners have discovered that this mixture of one of the world’s biggest dogs and the world’s smallest dog makes a fascinating mix. What are the most important things you […]

Greyhound Mastiff Mix

Greyhound Mastiff Mix: Meet the Athletic Affectionate Dog

Could a Greyhound Mastiff Mix Be Your Dream Dog? Although a relatively rare mix until recent years, the Greyhound Mastiff Mix has seen steady growth in popularity. Both breeds have a loyal following among their owners. However, like every mix, these dogs are better suited to some households than others. […]