Why Do Great Danes Sit on You?

Why Do Great Danes Sit on You

Anyone who’s ever shared their life with a Great Dane knows they think they’re lapdogs, despite their vast size. You’re sitting on the couch, minding your own business, and your dog is on your lap the next thing you know! Why Do Great Danes Sit on You? Although it may seem like dogs do this … Read more

Great Dane Ear Cropping: Everything You Need to Know

Great Dane Ear Cropping

Great Danes are one of the most exciting dog breeds, perfect as outdoor companions and family pets. These dogs have a range of physical traits that helps them stand out from the crowd, including their usually-erect ears. Is Great Dane ear cropping a significant part of owning these dogs? Most Great Danes have cropped ears, … Read more

How to Crate Train a Great Dane Puppy?

How to Crate Train a Great Dane Puppy

Getting Your Great Dane Puppy Crate-Trained Crate-training has long been treated as a solution for housebreaking puppies. However, crate training has other benefits besides your dog going potty outside. Training your puppy correctly is essential to this training technique offering the maximum benefit. How to crate train a Great Dane puppy? You’ll need to introduce … Read more

What Is Knuckling in Great Danes?

What Is Knuckling in Great Danes

What is Great Dane Knuckling, and How Do I Watch for It? If you’re unfamiliar with the term knuckling, you’re not alone. This is a term often used about Great Dane puppies, and you might wonder just what this term means if you’ve never had one of these dogs before. What is knuckling in Great … Read more

How to Train a Great Dane Not to Jump?

how to train a great dane not to jump

How Do I Get my Great Dane to Quit Jumping? We all love our Great Danes, but when they jump, they jump! What’s truly cute, playful behavior when these dogs are puppies won’t be as cute when they’re big dogs that can knock you down. How to train a Great Dane not to jump? Several … Read more

How Long Do Great Danes Stay in Heat?

how long do great danes stay in heat

How Long Will, Your Female Great Dane, Be in Season? Part of having an intact, or unspayed female Great Dane, is dealing with a heat cycle about twice a year. Knowing how to tell when your female is in heat and how long it will last is something that you need to know about. How … Read more