Boxer Blue Heeler Mix: When Two Lovable Hard Workers Meet

Boxer Blue Heeler Mix

The Boxer Blue Heeler Mix combines two hard workers dogs and adds a sprinkling of independence to the mix. Whenever you encounter a designer breed you aren’t familiar with; it’s reasonable to want to know as much about the dog as possible. What can you expect from a Boxer Blue Heeler Mix? For one thing, … Read more

Boxer Black Mouth Cur Mix: What to Offer for Your Family?

Boxer Black Mouth Cur Mix

Boxer Black Mouth Cur Mixes, also known as Boxsets, is an exciting blend of American and European breeding. Why may you want to consider a Boxer Black Mouth Cur Mix? These dogs have an excellent personality for family pets and are also ideal for owners with active lifestyles. You’ll benefit from knowing about the bad … Read more

Should I Choose a Doberman or a Boxer for My Family?

boxer vs doberman

Boxers and Dobermans are quite similar in many manners, but also quite different in others. Each of the breeds is considered a medium-sized dog with short hair and they are both working dogs that originated in Germany. You may be wondering which of these breeds would be best for your particular family situation. Education on both … Read more