How to Stop My Great Dane Puppy from Biting

How to Stop My Great Dane Puppy from Biting

Virtually everyone loves puppies because they’re so cute and fun-loving. As appealing as their behavior is when they’re little, owners will benefit from reining in nipping and biting. That super-cute puppy will become a big dog capable of inflicting injury as an adult. How do I stop my Great Dane puppy from biting? The key … Read more

What Age Do Great Danes Get Bloat?

What Age Do Great Danes Get Bloat

How Old is a Great Dane When I Need to Worry About Bloat? Great Danes are a fantastic breed, but like any breed, they are susceptible to specific health problems, one of them being bloat. At what get do Great Danes get bloat? Although a Great Dane of almost any age can bloat, this condition … Read more

Do Great Danes Like to Cuddle?

Do Great Danes Like to Cuddle

Are Great Danes a Cuddy, Affectionate Breed? One of the things that people want to know the most about dog breeds is whether they’re cuddly. Every breed has a slightly different personality, and this influences their affection level. Some dogs are bigger cuddlers than others. Do Great Danes like to cuddle? Great Danes take advantage … Read more

Are Great Danes Chewers?

Are Great Danes Chewers

Great Danes don’t need a lot of exercises, but if they don’t get enough exercise and attention, they turn to destructive chewing and destroy just about anything they can get to. Up until about 3 years old, the Great Danes are very boisterous and they can dismay you with the sheer magnitude of their destructiveness. … Read more