The Rare Blue Great Dane and His Beautiful Coat

Blue Great Dane

Great Danes come in a huge variety of coat colors as well as coat patterns. The most commonly seen Great Danes are usually the fawn and the black and white Great Danes. The blue Great Dane has a magnificent coat and is rarer than some of the other colors and patterns of this breed. What … Read more

The Mantle Great Dane: A Gentle Giant of Beauty

Mantle Great Dane

If you’ve ever looked for a new dog to adopt, particularly a Great Dane, then you have discovered the wonderful world of colors and coat patterns available from which to choose. Various colors are acceptable by the AKC for show dogs, while many other colors are considered mismarkings, but still make beautiful dogs. What is … Read more

White Great Dane: What is the Stigma Associated with

White Great Dane

All white Great Danes are not seen very often unless a breeder is purposely breeding for this distinct and beautiful color. The American Kennel Club (AKC) doesn’t recognize the white coat color as an approved registered color of Great Danes. The white coat has several different health issues that may appear in white Great Dane … Read more

Catahoula Great Dane Mix: Meet The Friendly Watchful Dog

Catahoula Great Dane Mix

Dog breeders are crossing two different parent breeds to create puppies with the best qualities of both parent breeds. These adorable puppies are called hybrid dogs or designer dogs. At first, cross-breeding was to make tiny dogs that could be taken with their owners everywhere. Now, this has developed into large and giant breed dogs … Read more