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Are Rottweilers Loyal?

Are Rottweilers Loyal

Rottweilers: Loyal to the Death

They’re large dogs with an imposing aura that the uninitiated may fear. They may wonder whether, underneath that tough exterior, there’s a loyal dog.

Never fear. Rottweilers are considered one of the most loyal breeds ever known to humans. They adore their owners and family and consider themselves the guardian of the pack. They’ll protect and defend their humans, even to the death if necessary.

Good Guard Dogs for Good Reason

Rottweilers aren’t used all over the world as guard dogs for nothing. And it’s not simply because they’re so big and have the kind of solid head and unwavering gaze that warns you to back away slowly.

After all, Labradors, Golden Retrievers, and even Giant Poodles are as tall as Rottweilers, if not taller, but you’ll find these dogs used to guard property much less often.

It’s because a Rottweiler’s strongest instinct is to loyally guard and protect its owner and its home. Rottweilers think nothing of defending their families and possessions until their very last breath, even if it means giving their own lives.

If loyalty’s what you’re looking for in a dog, the Rottweiler surely takes the top spot.

The Definition of Brave

As you’ll see from this article on the history of the Rottweiler, you’ll see that these dogs were bred to protect. They have a natural herding instinct, and a strong work ethic.

But once they’re in the home setting, the Rottweiler has the ability to become a docile, playful companion to the whole family. You may find that they have an instinctual need to her up the kids of the household, but they’re just as happy rolling around on the floor, too.

But if you’re a stranger to the house, woe betide you if you come between a Rottweiler and their human! This dog will immediately launch into protection mode with anyone they don’t know, and they’ll be wary of you and prepared to bravely protect their owner until they’re happy that you are a friend and not a foe.

Velcro Dogs Extraordinaire

Rottweilers are labeled ‘Velcro dogs’ because of the way they so closely stick to their owners. Those who have owned and loved Rottweilers will vouch for them never being able to use the bathroom without their Rottweiler by their side.

It’s their deep love and loyalty to their owners, along with their natural guarding instincts, that make them want to be by our sides, constantly.

In fact, the deeply entrenched loyalty that they have toward their owner is what makes this breed at risk of separation anxiety.

Rottweilers require plenty of love and attention and if they’re left alone for too long their anxiety levels become high and their behavior changes.

Rottweilers with separation anxiety can become destructive and can chew, shred, dig or bark their days away as they literally cry out for their owner’s attention.

Loyalty Does Not Equal Aggression

Because of their intensely strong loyalty and their willingness to protect their home and family, Rottweilers have unfortunately inherited a reputation for aggression.

This is because, at times when they have been aggressive, they have caused colossal damage. Potential owners do well to respect that Rottweilers have one of the strongest bite ratios in the dog world and have the ability to cause untold damage in the wrong hands.

If properly raised, trained, and socialized by someone who knows what they’re doing, a Rottweiler is a patient, docile, and altogether playful dog who isn’t easily riled.

It’s when they’re raised and managed by someone who is either neglectful or doesn’t know what they’re doing that the Rottweiler’s behavior can get out of hand.

It helps to bear in mind that even though there won’t be an ounce of aggression in its intentions, the Rottweiler can sometimes be too much for young children. This playful teddy bear wants so much to be involved in family life that sometimes it forgets its own strength.

Owners of Rottweilers should always exercise caution when their dog is around young children; even when they only want to play they can become boisterous and knock very young children over in their playful enthusiasm.

They Can be Mistrusting of Strangers

Because of the Rottweiler’s complete and utter dedication to their family, whether that consists of just one person or an entire household, they have little time for people they neither know nor care about.

It can mean that they’re mistrusting strangers, especially those who come to the house for the first time and have not been introduced to your Rottweiler before.

This doesn’t mean that your dog will attack them. Only an aggressive and poorly socialized dog will automatically launch into aggressive mode, and that’s less to do with loyalty and more to do with fear and a lack of training.

Instead, Rottweilers can be very aloof with strangers and can eye them with suspicion. While other dogs welcome any new people to the home and will immediately want to play, Rottweilers need a little more time to warm to guests.

You can do a lot to ease the tension. Owners of Rottweilers should make it clear from the beginning that the dog, while a loyal and trusted guardian, is not the pack leader and does not determine who comes into the house.

Instead, it is usually left to one dominant human to set the rules that the Rottweiler will follow, and the whole family must also play their part.

Early Socialization is Everything

Yep, you’ve got it. Once again, we cannot reiterate enough the need for your Rottweiler to be socialized as early as possible. This means that from the moment they’re old enough to meet new people, they should be introduced to as many as possible.

Both young and old, of all shapes, sizes, and colors, if it’s possible have your Rottweiler meet and greet plenty of people. This way, they’ll learn that they do not need to fear visitors to the house, as long as they’ve been welcomed by you, the owner.

It’s important that guests play their part, too. They should respect that they are entering a space that the Rottweiler guards loyally and display the correct body language so as not to give off the impression that they mean harm.

According to MoneyTalksNews, the correct way to meet a new dog. Rottweilers, as you’ll know by now, are very intelligent animals and they’ll soon understand that you’re there by invitation and that you’re one of the good guys.

Give a Rottweiler enough time to feel relaxed with a new person, and very soon they’ll be more than happy to play and goof around in true Rottweiler style.

Your Loyal Companion for Life

If loyalty’s your most desirable quality in a dog, then you’ll struggle to find a better match than a Rottweiler. This dog will be your constant companion, your greatest ally, a loyal partner for as long as it lives.

The only thing to remember is to treat a Rottweiler with the respect it commands. These majestic dogs will display more loyalty to us than perhaps we even deserve, and it’s only right that we give back as much of that as we possibly can.