Author: Gerard James

Do Cane Corso Smell

Do Cane Corso Smell?

A Cane Corso dog may have a strong smell for various reasons. Some health conditions can cause dogs to smell bad, and specific remedies may be necessary to prevent your Cane Corso from smelling. If you’ve noticed a smell from your dog recently, you can try a few different treatments. […]

How to Get My Cane Corso to Gain Weight

How to Get My Cane Corso to Gain Weight?

If you’re the owner of a Cane Corso, you know how hard it can be to get them to gain weight. They’re one of the leanest dog breeds around and tend to stay active even when standing around. It can become very worrying if your Cane Corso is suddenly losing […]

how to get a cane corso puppy to stop biting

How to Get a Cane Corso Puppy to Stop Biting?

A Cane Corso can be traced back to ancient Roman times and is known to have aggressive behavior if not trained. If the pup wasn’t taught how to socialize at a young age, then you can find that it may be prone to biting. So, you may wonder how to get a Cane […]

why does my great dane follow me everywhere

Why Does My Great Dane Follow Me Everywhere?

Being the owner of a Great Dane is extremely rewarding. The Great Dane is not only a loving and sweet canine, but it is an extremely loyal and alpha park animal. If you have a Great Dane and he has been following you around the house without letting you out […]

How Much Space Does a Great Dane Need

How Much Space Does a Great Dane Need?

It’s no secret that Great Danes are big dogs. Great Danes are one of the largest dog breeds in the world. What may surprise you is that you don’t need to have a huge home to have a Great Dane. Great Danes have an activity level where they can live […]

Do Great Danes Bark a Lot

Do Great Danes Bark a Lot? Here’s What You Need To Know

Great Danes are gentle and loving dogs that are known for their intelligence and mild temperaments. But there’s one thing you should be prepared for – these dogs love to communicate with their owners. This breed is renowned for its giant size and distinguishing features such as furrowed brows and […]