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Beagle Rottweiler Mix: Meet the Curious & Confident Guardian

Beagle Rottweiler Mix

A hybrid or designer dog is created by mixing two purebred dogs of different breeds together to obtain a new and improved litter of puppies.

Most of the time, this is intentional breeding in order to get the best qualities of both breeds and combine them into one amazing new dog.

What is a Beagle Rottweiler Mix?

A Beagle Rottweiler mix is a cross between a purebred Beagle and a purebred Rottweiler or a cross between two parents of the two mixed breeds. This hybrid union results in puppies that are often called Regals. To learn more about this cross of two breeds, it helps to learn about the parent breeds.

The Beagle is a smaller hound that was used in hunting small game, such as rabbits, many years ago. There are mentions of Beagles in very small sizes in history, known as the Glove Beagle of Edward II and Henry VII, who were small enough to fit on a glove.

Queen Elizabeth had a pocket Beagle that accompanied her on hunts. The larger hounds would chase the prey into the thick underbrush.

Then Queen Elizabeth would release her pocket Beagle from her saddlebag or pocket to continue the hunt and capture the prey. It’s believed that the Beagles of today are ancestors of a pack of Beagles from Essex, England in the 1930s.

The Rottweiler is a descendant of Roman cattle dogs that were used to guard and drive cattle over long stretches of land.

Rottweilers are exceptionally great guard dogs and they have a great amount of energy, endurance, and stamina in order to work all day.

Rottweilers were also said to be used as bear hunting dogs and they were used to protect the money that was earned from the cattle sales as well. This breed of dog is very loyal and willing to please its master while being very intelligent at the same time.

Both purebred breeds have been owned by some famous people. Lyndon B. Johnson (former president) owned three different Beagles. Will Smith (actor), Leonardo DiCaprio (actor) and Bruno Mars (singer) have all owned Rottweilers.

Both types of breeds are very popular today, with the Beagle being the sixth most popular breed in the USA and the Rottweiler being the eighth most popular dog breed in the USA.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a Beagle Rottweiler Mix

The Rottweiler side of a Regal needs a lot of exercise because he is a high-energy dog. If he’s allowed to get bored, he can act out and start displaying destructive behavior by chewing on furniture.

The Rottweiler side of a Regal can also be aggressive if you adopt an adult dog of this hybrid type. When you adopt a puppy, you are able to train and socialize your furry baby yourself so you know it will not become aggressive.

The Regal is a dog with strong guarding bred into both the parent breeds, so you must teach them not to guard their toys and food.

Reasons Why You Should Get a Beagle Rottweiler Mix

The Regal will be a great family dog and will guard and protect your entire family without aggression.

If you’ve had a Rottweiler mix before, but you want a smaller dog, then this may be the perfect breed for you because it will be in between the sizes of the Rottweiler, which is large, and the Beagle, which is much smaller.

The Regal is also a great family member as he can be a bit silly at times and very entertaining.

Appearance, Coats, and Colors of a Beagle Rottweiler Mix

The two-parent breeds of your Regal are very different in appearance from each other, so you adopt a playful pup that may take after one of the parents’ breeds more than the other.

The Beagle is a very compact canine with a squared-off muzzle, a broad nose, and long droopy ears. They also sport a deep chest and a moderate length of tail.

The smaller Beagles are only 13 inches tall at the shoulder upon maturity and weigh somewhere between 22 and 30 pounds.

The larger variety is up to 15 inches tall and weighs up to 35 pounds. Most Beagles are tricolor dogs with white, black, and brown markings.

Rottweilers are much larger dogs, reaching about 85 to 135 pounds at maturity. He has a thick double-coated fur that is smooth to the touch. He is usually a black dog with tan markings above the eyes, on the legs, and on the chest.

Your newfound family friend of a Regal will likely be somewhere in between the two parent breeds in their size and weight, but more than likely will lean toward the smaller size of a Beagle.

Your Regal will be considered a medium-sized dog with a compact body and beautiful, expressive almond-shaped eyes. The coat will be of a medium length and it will likely have a double coat around the thighs and chest.

Your bundle of joy will tend to have either brown or amber eyes with a brown or black nose. The coat may be the same in color as a Rottweiler or it may also have some white in it from the Beagle side of the family.

Personality, Traits, and Lifespan of a Beagle Rottweiler Mix

Designer dogs can make it difficult to determine what the personality will be of your new fur buddy. He may take more after one of the two parent breeds or be a perfect 50/50 mixture of them.

The Regal as a whole is a very playful pup that loves interacting with all of his human family members.

He may display tracking abilities and try to chase rodents, such as squirrels and rabbits if left to his own devices.

You can easily train him not to respond to these Beagle traits so he doesn’t escape your yard in pursuit of prey.

If your pup tends to take after the Rottweiler side of the Regal mix, he may tend to herd you or your family members. This is actually a very good trait and it makes it easy to train him to walk on a leash.

The Regal may be wary of strangers at first, but then he warms up to them pretty quickly without displaying any aggression.

The average lifespan of a Beagle is 10 to 15 years and the lifespan of a Rottweiler is 8 to 10 years, so your Regal should have a lifespan of around 10 to 12 years. This makes your new four-legged family member a dog that will be with you for over a decade.

Beagle Rottweiler Mix Puppies for Sale

Since the Regal is a fairly new designer dog, you will need to search for a good breeder to find a new puppy to adopt. You can expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $1,000 for a Regal.

You may happen to find a Regal that is an adult at a shelter at a smaller price point. However, when you adopt through a breeder, you get a health guarantee and so much more.

You should be able to see both parents of the litter of puppies so you can determine what type of personality your puppy will likely have when he grows up. Of course, you can train your pup from a young age to socialize him so that he is a great family member for you.

Grooming Your Beagle Rottweiler Mix

The grooming needs for your new best friend are very minimal because both of the parent breeds tend to have short hair that is easy to take care of.

Since the Rottweiler side of the family is double-coated, you will see moderate shedding and so you should brush your beautiful boy at least twice a week.

Trim your puppy’s nails about once every two weeks to keep them short and promote good posture and balance.

You should also bathe your puppy and adult dog whenever they require it, although not too often or it will dry out its skin. Very dry skin can lead to a lot of scratching and this, in turn, can lead to tears in the skin which may become infected.

Brush your new family member’s teeth at least once a week or more often if possible. Remember to only use dog toothpaste, because human toothpaste is meant to be spit out and dogs don’t generally spit but will swallow the toothpaste.

Start brushing your puppy’s teeth when you first get him home so that he will acclimate to the process.

He will likely lick at the toothpaste on the toothbrush because it is usually flavored with meat or chicken. Brush as many teeth as you can in a few minutes and then brush more teeth and longer as he gets older and his attention span increases.

Beagle Rottweiler Mix Health Problems

All purebred dog breeds are susceptible to specific health issues that are passed down through genetics from many generations before their time. The same is true with hybrid dogs.

However, the chances of your furbaby having health problems may be greatly lessened by mixing two different breeds together.

The Rottweiler side of the breed mixture is prone to hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, cataracts, and other issues with its eyes. Rottweilers may also have heart problems and hypothyroidism, stomach concerns, and cancer.

The Beagle side of the breed mixture is prone to hip dysplasia as well as seizures, diabetes, allergies, cataracts, and hypothyroidism.

A good and professional breeder of Regals will have tested both parent dogs for all of these health concerns before mating them to create a litter of puppies. This can ensure fewer health problems down the road.

Make sure and take your dog to the vet for his vaccines as needed and at least once a year for a good checkup.

Your vet will know what issues your lovely pet may be predisposed to and can screen and check for these to solve anything that arises quickly.

Beagle Rottweiler Mix Food Requirements

When feeding your new puppy and all the way to when he becomes a senior citizen, it will depend on the activity level, weight, and age of your pup as to his requirements.

Both the Rottweiler and the Beagle are prone to overeating and becoming overweight, which in turn leads to more health problems.

You may want to feed your Regal several small meals a day if possible so he has a great supply of energy throughout the entire day and he grows properly.

All puppies and dogs do well on a diet of hard kibble that is the right type for their stage of life. Puppy food has extra energy-laden products in it for growth and development as well as energy.

Puppy food has more calories than are needed per pound of their weight to help them grow.

Puppy food also contains more amino acids and proteins than adult dog food to support their tissues through these building blocks of proteins.

Puppies should get about 22% of protein from their food, whereas adult dogs only need about 18% protein to maintain their health and weight.

The best commercial kibble to buy will be approved by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) and there will be a label on the bag that states it is a complete and balanced diet for the life stage.

Ask your veterinarian when you should transition to adult dog food. It’s usually somewhere between 18 and 24 months when your dog reaches its mature size and is no longer growing.

If you need a specific diet or supplement for your furry friend, your vet can also help you to decide which is the best for your buddy.

Since Beagles have a great nose for scents, you should make certain that your furry friend can’t reach any people’s food to try and supplement his diet on his own.

Make certain the pantry, garbage can, and cupboards are securely closed so your sneaky friend can’t get into them and help himself to a smorgasbord when you are away from home.

Many human foods can also make your pet sick, so you may need to invest in some child-proof locks on items to protect him.

Beagle Rottweiler Mix Exercise Requirements

All working-class dogs have a fair amount of energy–and your Regal will too, as he is a mix of two working-class dogs. Regals love to go for brisk walks and jogs with their family members.

This designer doggy also loves the opportunity to play outdoors in a fenced-in area where he’s allowed to be without a leash.

When you are not in a controlled environment with a fence, you should keep your Regal on a leash. His genetics from the Beagle side is very happy to sniff out any small animals or rodents and start the hunt by running off.

It is possible with a lot of training to keep your four-legged friend from behaving in this manner as he gets older.

Since Regals are quite friendly dogs, you can start your puppy on a schedule where he gets to go to the dog park on specific days to play.

Most of the time, the same dogs will appear on the same days so he can make new friends, play with them and get ample exercise.

As long as the dog park is fenced in properly, you can allow your Regal free rein off-leash after he is trained well to come when called. Your furry friend will have puppy playdates to look forward to on your schedule.

It’s recommended for an adult Regal to have 60 minutes of playtime for exercise every day. The walks should equal about 10 miles per week to keep your pet healthy, active, and happy.

Beagle Rottweilier Mix Training

Regals do need exercise on a daily basis to stay happy and keep out of trouble. Since both the Beagle and the Rottweiler have herding instincts from their ancestors, they love to play with the entire family, including humans and other pets as well.

Make certain your training area is secure for your Regal so he doesn’t suddenly wander off if you are outside.

If he smells a scent of a rabbit or squirrel, when he is a puppy, he will likely run off as if he were on a hunt. This can happen even when you can’t see the animal that it smells.

Socialization and puppy training classes are highly recommended for a Regal. Both parent breeds can at times be a bit stubborn and you may need an expert to help you to train your puppy. Both breeds of dogs are very intelligent and also want to please their owners.

The use of positive reinforcement and repetition will help your pup to be successful in his training and socialization.

You can choose from several different training classes for your new pooch. Obedience training and socialization are the best ones to start with.

As he gets older and is responding well, you may decide to get your active pup into dog competitions and start training for the one you think suits your Regal the best.

You can choose from agility, freestyle, conformation, disc dog, dock jumping, flyball, or herding competitions.

Your Regal should be able to gain lots of exercise for both the body and the mind in any of these types of competitive sports for dogs.

If you don’t really want to compete, but you like the type of exercise for your dog and your family together, then you can train him in any of the different types of games to have family time together.

Beagle Rottweiler Mix and Families

Like all designer dogs, you can look at the parent breeds to determine if your choice of puppy will be good for families.

Beagles are super sweet and loving, while Rottweilers are protective of their families and pack and also very friendly if they are trained and socialized from a young age. This means that a Regal will make a great family dog that loves to play with the entire family.

Regals are smart and learn quickly, so they can learn to fetch toys at a young age and play with children while being careful of small children.

Your Regal puppy can even act quite silly at times just to make you laugh. A great game to play with your four-legged family member is to hide treats and then let your dog into the room or area, so he has to sniff it out to find the rewards.

Beagle Rottweilier Mix and Other Pets

The Regal will get along well with other pets in your household, whether they are existing pets when you first bring your puppy home or if you add additional dogs and cats afterward.

This playful pup is all too happy to play nicely with all the other pets you may have and being a medium-sized dog at maturity means he won’t overpower smaller pets.

Now that you know exactly what to expect from a Regal, you can make an informed decision on whether you want one of these hybrid puppies to join your family.

The medium adult size works out well for any living situation, even an apartment, as long as your furry friend gets his exercise every day.

You will be choosing a puppy that will live with you and your family for over a decade. Your Regal will protect your family and he can play for hours on end too.

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