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Belgian Malinois Great Dane Mix: Meet the Confident Patient Dog

Belgian Malinois Great Dane Mix

Have you been looking for a large, protective dog that’s easy to train? Do you love the look and size of the Great Dane but would prefer a slightly healthier mix?

If so, you might want to check out the Belgian Malinois Great Dane mix! This large and imposing crossbreed is an amazing companion for the right owner.

The Belgian Malinois Great Dane mix results from breeding a Great Dane with a Belgian Malinois. You can expect this crossbreed to weigh anywhere from 80 to 160 lbs.

This hybrid can come in many coat colors with physical traits that favor either the Belgian Malinois or the Great Dane.

This large canine may have a strong will and moderate to high energy levels. As such, Malinois and Great Dane mixes are best for experienced dog owners only.

Overview of the Belgian Malinois Great Dane Mix

Great Danes are famous for their gentle temperaments and loving personalities. The Belgian Malinois is known for its intelligent mind and ability to learn complex commands. When combined, the resulting hybrid is intelligent, devoted, and capable of providing steadfast companionship to the right owner.

These large dogs have deep-rooted guarding instincts and are very intelligent. Therefore, training a Belgian Malinois Great Dane is an easy task.

However, it is recommended to begin training this dog as soon as possible since it will grow to such a large size.

Belgian Malinois History

The Belgian Malinois is a breed derived from the Belgian Shepherd. The origins of this breed can be traced back to the 1800s. Breeders at the time were looking to create a strong and healthy herding dog with a steadfast work ethic.

Farmers wanted a dog that could learn various commands quickly and think independently to protect livestock.

The American Kennel Club began recognizing the Belgian Malinois breed in 1959. Today, Belgian Malinois dogs are still very much part of the workforce.

They are used for police work, in the Armed Forces, as bomb-sniffing dogs, and more. The intelligent mind and work ethic of the Belgian Malinois make it a great choice for complicated canine work.

About the Great Dane History

The Great Dane is a dog of German descent. This breed is thought to have existed for more than 400 years! Great Danes were bred from mastiff-like dogs in Europe. Great Danes are some of the tallest dogs in the world!

A Great Dane can reach up to 32 in at the shoulder and may weigh up to 200 lb. Great Danes were originally developed to protect land, carriages, people, and livestock.

Today, Great Danes are often affectionately referred to as Gentle Giants. This is because they have loving and devoted personalities and bond strongly with their families.

However, Great Danes also have deep-rooted guarding instincts. As such, they must be trained consistently from an early age. That way, when they reach their gigantic adult sizes, they will be easy to handle and work with.

Reasons to Get a Belgian Malinois Great Dane Mix

If you love big dogs capable of learning a range of tasks easily, this mix is worth considering. Belgian Malinois dogs are incredibly intelligent and capable of learning a range of complicated commands.

Great Danes are easy-going and eager to please. When combined, you will have a loyal and devoted dog that wants to make you happy.

Why Love the Great Dane Belgian Malinois Mixes

  • Protective instincts
  • Loving, loyal, and devoted
  • Intelligent and very trainable
  • Striking, athletic appearance
  • Fairly easy to groom
  • Medium to high energy levels
  • A comparatively healthy Great Dane mix

Reasons Not to Get a Great Dane Belgian Malinois Mix

This will be a large and protective dog with a keen mind and protective instincts. Therefore, the Great Dane Belgian Malinois mix is not ideal for every owner.

If these dogs are not trained properly from a young age, it can be very difficult to handle and control them as adults.

This mix is likely to need lots and lots of intense activity and possibly even specialized training. So, before adopting a Belgian Malinois Great Dane mix, be sure to do your research.

Why Avoid Belgian Malinois Great Dane

  • May become anxious when left alone
  • It will require lots of training and interaction
  • May be aggressive toward strangers
  • Only for experienced owners
  • Large in size with a powerful build
  • Hard to control if not trained

Appearance of the Belgian Malinois Great Dane Mix

At a glance, Belgian Malinois Great Dane hybrids are large and imposing. They have a striking appearance that is sure to draw the eyes of passersby.

This dog will be slightly smaller than the Great Dane, yet larger than the Belgian Malinois. They will have a long muzzle with a distinctive head shape and a broad chest. This dog is also likely to have a long tail and a muscular frame.

Great Belgian Malinois Great Dane Coat Lengths and Colors

Coat lengths and colors for this mix can vary greatly. This dog may have short glossy or medium-length fur. Fur colors can range from tan to deep black. Brindle coats are also possible with this hybrid.

However, the most common colors for Belgian Malinois Great Dane hybrids are tan, black, and light brown.

Grooming Your Belgian Malinois Great Dane Mix

Grooming this dog should not be very difficult. If your Belgian Malinois Great Dane mix has a medium-length coat, daily brushing may be necessary. Otherwise, simply give this dog a bath about once a month.

The amount that you will need to bathe your Belgian Malinois Great Dane mix will depend on how much physical activity they get.

If your dog is frequently accompanying you on outdoor adventures, they may need more frequent baths.

Belgian Malinois Great Dane Mix Lifespan

You can expect your Belgian Malinois Great Dane mix to live anywhere from 10 to 14 years.

On average, Great Danes live about 10 years. Belgian Malinois live about 13. With a well-balanced diet, regular physical activity, and plenty of love, this mix may live even longer.

Health Problems for Belgian Malinois Great Dane Mixes

This hybrid is healthier than a purebred Great Dane. In fact, the Belgian Malinois is not prone to any specific health issues. With that in mind, elbow dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, and GDV are possible with this hybrid.

As such, be sure that your Belgian Malinois Great Dane has a healthy diet and lifestyle. To avoid potential Orthopedic issues, genetic OFA testing is available for puppies.

Belgian Malinois Great Dane Food Requirements and Diet

This dog can require anywhere from 1,200 to 1,900 calories every day. Feed your Belgian Malinois Great Dane a high-quality food with plenty of protein and healthy fats. This dog also does well on a raw diet.

There are many great raw dog food options available.

Since Great Danes are sometimes prone to food sensitivity, try to find dog foods that are free of unnecessary additives, dyes, and fillers.

Finally, keep in mind that Great Danes are prone to a condition called GDV. To prevent GDV, make sure that your dog rests for 30 minutes after meals and avoids engaging in vigorous physical activity until digestion is well underway.

Personality and Temperament of Belgian Malinois Great Dane Mix

The personality and temperament traits of a Belgian Malinois Great Dane mix can vary. In most cases, this is a loving and devoted dog who adores its owner.

This hybrid is also likely to enjoy human affection immensely. They will be eager to please and ready to do whatever you tell them to, provided that they are trained properly.

On the other hand, the Belgian Malinois Great Dane mix may be highly sensitive. Therefore, this crossbreed is prone to developing anxiety issues. To help keep this dog from becoming anxious or overly sensitive, socialization from a young age is important.

Also, train your dog to stay calm around loud noises or exciting experiences. This will help them have a calmer, happier life.

Belgian Malinois Great Dane Mix Training Tips

This mix is highly driven, eager to please, and will likely be very easy to train. You should begin training your Belgian Malinois Great Dane hybrid as soon as you bring them into your home.

These smart puppies are constantly learning and will pay close attention to everything you do.

With this dog, positive reinforcement and consistency are critical. Since this mix learns so quickly, it may pick up on behaviors that you don’t actually want to reinforce. So, be careful as you work with your Belgian Malinois Great Dane mix.

Keep in mind that both Belgian Malinois dogs and Great Danes can be highly sensitive. Be gentle and try to keep things positive as you work with and train this mix.

It is also a good idea to enroll this hybrid in puppy school. At least take them through basic obedience training.

This will give you your young Belgian Malinois Great Dane the best possible start in life! If your dog is highly active, you may want to hire a specialized Belgian Malinois K9 trainer.

Families and Belgian Malinois Great Dane Mixes

This can be a wonderful dog for families if it is raised around children and other household members.

If you want your Belgian Malinois Great Dane mix to fit in well in your family, it is best to adopt one as a puppy. That way, your puppy can grow up and learn to fit in well with your family members and lifestyle.

If you have kids and are adopting an adult Belgian Malinois Great Dane mix from a shelter, be sure that they are safe with children and properly socialized.

Also, be sure to always supervise your Belgian Malinois Great Dane puppy around children after bringing them home.

If your adult dog is not used to being around kids, it is also important for adults to be present throughout all canine and child interactions.

Many children do not know how to appropriately interact with dogs. Since this mix is so big, kids might occasionally try to climb on its back. Do not allow this, as it can cause discomfort and damage to your dog’s back and spine.

The Belgian Malinois Great Dane Mix and Other Pets

This dog can get along well with other pets in your household provided that they are socialized with other animals from a young age.

The best way to socialize your Belgian Malinois Great Dane mixed with other pets is to introduce them while in a safe, positive environment.

You can begin introducing your puppy to animals in your household right away. Wait to introduce your pup to other dogs outside of your household until after they have received all of their puppyhood vaccinations.

Exercise Requirements of a Belgian Malinois Great Dane Mix

Regular exercise will help your Belgian Malinois Great Dane stay happy and healthy. You can expect your Belgian Malinois Great Dane mix to have moderate to high energy levels.

Great Danes usually have medium or low energy levels. Belgian Malinois dogs have high or even extra-high energy levels.

A mix of the two breeds will usually result in a dog with medium to high energy levels. Physical activity can help your Belgian Malinois Great Dane burn off excess energy. This will make it easier to train and help it stay calmer in the house.

With this in mind, you will have to take this dog out for regular physical activity every day. This makes the Belgian Malinois Great Dane perfect for those who enjoy hiking, camping, and other kinds of physical outdoor activities.

This dog is likely to be smaller than a purebred Great Dane yet bigger than a Belgian Malinois. So, it can go with you as you explore the wilderness and tackle rough terrain!

Belgian Malinois Great Dane Puppies for Sale: What to Know

Are you thinking about purchasing a Belgian Malinois Great Dane puppy? If so, there are a few things you should know.

First of all, you will want to meet both parent dogs. That way, you can be sure that you are actually getting a Great Dane Belgian Malinois mix. So, try to go and adopt your puppy from a kennel where the dam and sire are on-site.

Choose an Experienced Breeder

Also, this is not a good mix to get from a backyard breeder who doesn’t have experience with both the Belgian Malinois and Great Dane.

Many German Shepherd owners mistakenly identify their dogs as Belgian Malinois.

However, the German Shepherd is very different from the Belgian Malinois in personality, temperament, and appearance.

Only buy puppies from breeders with a good reputation and lots of experience raising large dogs. These large pups should be brought up in households with experienced large breed owners.

After all, if such a big dog has temperament issues, you could have a serious problem on your hands.

Choose an Even-Tempered Pup

You will want to choose a Belgian Malinois Great Dane puppy that has a balanced, calm, even temperament.

Since this will be a dog prone to high energy levels and anxiety, getting an even-tempered puppy with a good disposition is a must.

Take Your Puppy Home at Eight Weeks Old

Finally, be sure that you were adopting a healthy puppy of an appropriate age. The ideal age for bringing a puppy into your household is at eight-weeks old.

At eight weeks old, a puppy will have had time to wean from its mother and learn important behaviors from its littermates.

As a puppy interacts with its brothers and sisters, it will learn many critical things. Some of these things are extremely difficult, if not impossible, for humans to teach them.

Learned behaviors include paying attention to surroundings, moderating how hard bites are, enjoying affection, and trusting others.

Therefore, if you want your puppy to bond with you and your family, adopt it at the right time.