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Boxer Black Mouth Cur Mix: What to Offer for Your Family?

Boxer Black Mouth Cur Mix

Boxer Black Mouth Cur Mixes, also known as Boxsets, is an exciting blend of American and European breeding.

Why may you want to consider a Boxer Black Mouth Cur Mix? These dogs have an excellent personality for family pets and are also ideal for owners with active lifestyles. You’ll benefit from knowing about the bad s well s the good.

The Boxer and Black Mouth Cur developed in different parts of the world but shared many traits in common that make a blend of the two breeds an excellent choice. Modern Boxers date back to 19th century Germany, originating from Bulldogs and Black Mouth Curs.

Boxers have been used for hunting and herding, with some, unfortunately, being used for fighting. Breeders worked on developing these dogs’ working abilities to make Boxers a breed that was useful in both World Wars.

Black Mouth Curs also have European origins, with American breeders having refined varieties for the breed according to regional hunting needs. For example, Carolinas, Louisiana, and Texas hunters all developed Cur varieties.

A cross between these two breeds today means having a versatile dog that thrives in family settings. One of these dogs will be ideal for almost any owner who appreciates an active dog.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a Boxer Black Mouth Cur Mix

Because the Boxer Black Mouth Cur Mix is a designer hybrid rather than a breed, this dog will likely be raised in a puppy mill setting.

  • This designer cross is more familiar with puppy mill breeders than reputable breeders, which somewhat increases the chances of getting a sick or inbred puppy.
  • These dogs may become very large, and the size is somewhat less predictable because of crossbreeding.
  • They may have a strong prey drive requiring caution around smaller animals because of their hunting heritage.
  • You need to be able to take your dog on regular long hikes or walks to keep his energy level at bay.
  • These dogs are challenging to train because they have strong alpha tendencies you need to keep in check.
  • Hip or elbow dysplasia are costly health problems these dogs may develop

Reasons Why You Should Get a Boxer Black Mouth Cur Mix

  • These dogs are fiercely protective of their families
  • The Boxset has a relatively long lifespan for the size
  • The designer hybrid has modest grooming requirements
  • These dogs are eager to please and very responsive to a good challenge
  • Many different types of activities are suitable for these dogs’ needs

Appearance, Personality, Coat and Colors, Lifespan, and Traits of a Boxer Black Mouth Cur Mix

The Boxer Black Mouth Cur Mix has an alert, athletic appearance. When you see one of these dogs, you immediately identify them as ready for action.

Despite being effective hunting and working dog, these dogs have loving personalities where their families are concerned. These dogs will welcome attention from their families and may even like to snuggle a bit.

These dogs have short coats that require little care relative to other breeds. Most of these dogs will feature coats in some shade of brown, typical of both parent breeds. The signature black mouth of a Black Mouth Cur is also particular to these dogs.

Brindle and fawn are also standard colors in these dogs. Boxsets with brindle or fawn coats may also have the black mouths common in purebred Curs.

A Boxset will usually have a lifespan ranging from ten to 18 years. The quality of care and genetics play leading roles in the dogs’ overall health. Great longevity is likely if bred from lines on both sides that lived long lives.

These dogs are more likely to live longer if the Cur side is more influential. Black Mouth Curs usually live 12 to 18 years, while Boxers live an average of ten to 12 years in most cases.

If you love the idea of a dog eager to please, you won’t go wrong with a Boxset. When you give this dog a command, he’ll be eager to follow through because he knows that his listening to your command brings positive results.

Where to Find Boxer Black Mouth Cur Mix Puppies

Although there are not as many breeders for Boxer Black Mouth Cur Mixes as for purebred Boxers and Black Mouth Curs, you can quickly find one of these puppies through a breeder. One of the essential things is to look for a reputable breeder.

When a breeder is reputable, they put the quality of the dogs they raise above all else. When breeding designer mixes, a good breeder will ensure the dogs come from lines with optimal health.

When you acquire a puppy from a breeder, you’ll want to look for someone that allows you to see where the dogs live. If the breeder keeps the dogs in unsanitary or unsafe conditions or will not let you see where they live, this should be a red flag.

A good breeder will be willing to answer your questions, even questions that may seem silly to you. When a breeder cares about the quality of their dogs, they are eager to a partner with the owners in making sure that their puppies thrive.

You may also be able to find Boxset puppies through rescues or shelters. Rescue and shelter workers may misidentify puppies of this mix as other breeds. Some puppies of this type may have come from irresponsible breeders.

Regardless of where you acquire your puppy, it is a good idea to ensure the person you receive it from will take him back if necessary. A responsible person making puppies available will want to make sure they are in safe hands.

Grooming Your Boxer Black Mouth Cur Mix

The Boxer Black Mouth Cur Mix has a low-maintenance coat that mostly requires weekly brushing to keep your dog looking his best. You might encounter more shedding during brief periods during the spring and fall. A quality de-shedding brush always helps.

One thing that may come as a relief for prospective owners is that these dogs don’t usually drool a lot. Drooling and slobbering can make major messes, so dog owners are relieved to discover this is not as much of a problem in some breeds.

Flea bites can cause a lot of itching and scratching, often leading to hot spots and infections. Ticks can also transmit diseases like tick fever. Regular flea and tick treatments are commended, especially if your dog spends a lot of time outside.

Bathing your dog about every four weeks with a quality dog shampoo will help avoid odors and messes. Shampoo formulated for dogs with healing elements like oatmeal or essential oils helps soothe itches and irritations.

Keeping your dog’s eyes and ears clean also increases his comfort level. Dogs sometimes get tear stains from allergies that can spread across the muzzle, making a bit of a mess. Ear cleaning with an ear cleaner once a month helps prevent infections.

Brushing your dog’s teeth with a toothbrush suitable for dog use at least weekly helps prevent tartar and plaque buildup. Dental problems in dogs can lead to issues that might hurt your dog’s overall health.

Boxer Black Mouth Cur Mix Health Problems

Boxer Black Mouth Cur Mixes are vulnerable to specific health conditions that are less common in some other types of dogs. Yearly vet visits are recommended to keep these hybrid dogs in optimal physical condition.

The only health condition most commonly associated with Black Mouth Curs rather than Boxers is susceptibility to ear infections. However, proper ear hygiene will significantly reduce the chances of your dog getting an infection.

Bloat is one of the most severe issues that these dogs may face, a condition that often turns into an emergency. The chances of this condition becoming an issue can be reduced if you feed your dog several smaller meals instead of one large meal.

Cardiomyopathy, a type of heart failure, is another condition that might become a problem. Although heart disease in dogs is treatable, veterinarians cannot always assure owners of a good outcome for their pet.

Cancer is a somewhat common problem in Boxer mixes as they age. Bonce cancer is one of the most common types because of the dog’s large size. Another type of common cancer in these dogs is mast cell cancer.

Like many other large breeds, Boxer Black Mouth Cur Mixes may develop hip dysplasia. This painful condition happens when the hip joints end up out of alignment in the dog’s hip sockets.

Boxer Black Mouth Cur Mix Food Requirements

Because Boxer Black Mouth Cur Mixes are large dogs, they have different feeding requirements from small and medium-sized dogs.

These dogs grow quickly but at a slower rate than their smaller counterparts. Lower protein and carbohydrate levels are necessary to keep these dogs from growing too quickly. Puppies that grow too quickly may have orthopedic issues as adults.

The leading cause of puppies growing faster than their bone structure can keep up with is having high levels of calcium and phosphorus. Although these are essential nutrients, too high levels will affect bone growth and development.

Food for large adult dogs should contain ingredients that help support bone and joint growth, like chondroitin and glucosamine. He will enjoy the benefits of feeding him the best-quality food throughout your dog’s lifespan.

Boxer Black Mouth Cur Mix Exercise Requirements

One of the most important things to remember about Boxer Black Mouth Cur Mixes is that both parent breeds were developed for physical activity purposes. These dogs are not the type to become couch potatoes by any means.

The Black Mouth Cur has a higher energy level than the two parent breeds. With one of the breeds in the mix having a high energy level, you may want to plan to provide an hour-long walk every day. If you can walk for even longer, so much the better.

You’ll also want to allow off-leash time in the yard or at the dog park. Interacting with other dogs can provide a lot of fun for these pups. Visits to the dog park are also great for socialization, especially with younger dogs.

Boxer Black Mouth Cur Mix Training

The Boxer Black Mouth Cur Mix requires gentle yet firm training. These dogs are independent and capable of getting into mischief if left to their own devices. Your training needs to be consistent to have the best impact.

Boxsets are very responsive to training that uses positive reinforcement. Rewarding your dog for obeying commands is an excellent way to let him know what you expect.

Boxer Black Mouth Cur Mix and Families

The Boxer Black Mouth Cur Mix is a great family dog. Although caution is necessary around very young children or the elderly because these dogs can be rambunctious, the dogs enjoy being around and are tolerant of children overall.

These dogs are likely to be very accepting of visiting friends and relatives. However, they are not expected to be as enthusiastic as people who don’t live in your home.

Boxer Black Mouth Cur Mix and Other Pets

The Boxer Black Mouth Cur Mix is often selective with other dogs. In the case of dogs who already live in your home, there might be a bit of a power struggle in play. Supervising the dogs and knowing when to intervene will help prevent trouble.

You may need to use caution around cats and other small animals with your Boxset. Because these dogs have strong hunting backgrounds, they may see such animals as something to hunt.

Boxer Black Mouth Cur Mixes are versatile dogs with a lot to offer to families, including loyalty and a willingness to participate in all your family fun.