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Boxer Jack Russell Mix: Adventures, Cuddles, and Lots of Fun

Boxer Jack Russell Mix

Dog lovers seem to hear about many new breeds and mix these days. Blends of some of the most well-beloved breeds may seem too good to be true. Are some of these breed mixtures real-life dogs you may want to add to your family?

Is there such a thing as a Boxer Jack Russell Mix? One of these dogs will make a delightful addition to your family as a mixture of two beloved breeds.

Boxers originate in 19th century Germany, and many believe they descend from bulldogs and other Molosser-type dogs. These dogs were adept at hunting, as well as livestock guarding.

Although these dogs could be fighters, this was not their primary usage. During both World Wars, these dogs received extra attention as working dogs. Today, Boxers are mostly loyal family companions with a playful nature.

Jack Russell Terriers date to 19th century England, with the original dogs bred by an Anglican priest named John Russell. Bred for hunting foxes, these dogs possessed courage, stamina, and independence. These dogs also love family pets.

A combination of these breeds offers a loving, loyal companion. Read on to learn more about these dogs and what to expect.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a Boxer Jack Russell Mix

A Boxer Jack Russell Mix may not be the best choice if you live in an apartment. These dogs are small to medium-sized but have an energy level that makes a house with a yard a better choice. These designer dogs may “protest” loudly if left alone for too long.

If you’re averse to taking time to walk or exercise a dog, these designer mixes may not be suitable for you. Unless these dogs get 45-60 minutes of exercise daily, noisy or destructive behavior is a distinct possibility.

Boxer Jack Russells have a strong prey drive. If you’re not prepared to keep your dog leashed when outside or supervised in a fenced yard, you might spend more time than you intended chasing after your dog if he spots a rabbit or squirrel.

These dogs are susceptible to several serious health problems inherited from either parent breed. Without a health clearance from the breeder, you may not know how vulnerable your dog is to some conditions.

Reasons Why You Should Get a Boxer Jack Russell Mix

The Boxer Jack Russell Mix is one of the most versatile hybrids, ideal for families with children and active adults. These dogs are quick learners who are especially receptive to training.

One of the things that people who live with these dogs enjoy the most about them is their friendly nature. These dogs thrive as much as possible around human company. These dogs are genuine “pack” animals that love your companionship.

These designer mixes do not shed as heavily as some breeds and benefit from weekly brushing and bathing. However, aside from brushing and bathing, these dogs are low-maintenance in their grooming needs.

Boxer Jack Russell Mixes are eager to learn and relatively easy dogs to train. These mixes learn basic commands quickly when you use positive reinforcement training. Obedience training classes with these dogs are a delight for all.

Most owners consider these dogs medium or low maintenance. The dogs have modest grooming needs, as well as reasonably robust exercise needs.

Appearance, Personality, Coat and Colors, Lifespan, and Traits of a Boxer Jack Russell Mix

Boxers and Jack Russells are charming dogs in their respective ways. When you have one of these dogs, you can be sure of your dog being a natural charmer. The Boxer Jack Russell Mix has what we consider to be an alert, happy appearance.

Many of these dogs take on more characteristics from one breed or the other as they age. Some of these dogs might resemble one breed more than the other. However, most will probably share a blend of traits from the parent breeds.

Boxer Jack Russells may have brindle or brown and white coats similar to Boxers. Other popular colors are the traditional Jack Russell patterns, including white, tan, brown, or black.

Most of these dogs have an average height of 10-25 inches and weigh 26-60 pounds. The size range will depend on whether one breed is more dominant, as well as the size of the parents.

These dogs usually enjoy a ten-year lifespan, and many live to 16. Diet, lifestyle, and overall health may impact your dog’s lifespan. Breeding quality can also lead to how long these dogs live.

Boxer Jack Russell Mix Puppies for Sale

Boxer Jack Russell Mix breeders are relatively few. However, if you find a breeder offering these puppies, you should expect to pay $700-$1,300 to acquire your pet. Ideally, it would help if you looked for a breeder that provides health clearances.

Sometimes, you might find one of these designers mixes through a rescue or shelter. These dogs may also show up in Boxer or Jack Russell-specific rescues. Rescue and shelter workers sometimes have to make the best guess at which breed a dog is.

Regardless of acquiring your new friend, you’ll need to consider the expenses involved with buying supplies. Some of the supplies you may need to buy for your dog and other costs include:

  • A comfortable, preferably orthopedic, dog bed
  • A folding training crate for housebreaking
  • Nutritious food to help support healthy growth
  • An initial visit to the vet, as well as spay/neuter costs later

Grooming Your Boxer Jack Russell Mix

The Boxer Jack Russell Mix requires some moderate grooming for good hygiene and comfort. Most grooming needs relate to the dog’s higher outdoor activity level.
Your dog will likely enjoy or tolerate these tasks over time.

Weekly bathing is more beneficial for these dogs than not. Bathing is the best way to avoid flea and tick infestations that can become very uncomfortable. A quality shampoo containing natural flea-repelling ingredients is best for your dog.

Bathing too often can dry out your dog’s skin and coat. However, doggie odors can be a little much to tolerate sometimes. Deodorizing wipes are an ideal solution between your dog’s baths to help keep the smells to a minimum.

Weekly brushing is usually sufficient for these dogs because they do not usually shed a lot. Brushing helps rid your dog of loose fur that becomes uncomfortable if it forms mats. A dog with a brushed coat also looks much better.

Checking the ears for signs of excess wax or dirt about once a week will help prevent discomfort and infections. If there are any issues, an ear cleaner for dogs is your best choice. Some of the most effective cleaners are enzyme-based.

Brushing your dog’s teeth two or three times a week is an effective way to help prevent dental disease. Although most dogs resist brushing at first, most will at least tolerate brushing, mainly if you use dog toothpaste in an appealing flavor.

Trimming your dog’s nails monthly will help prevent painful cracking or splitting. When a dog’s nail gets caught on something, the nail can tear and start bleeding easily. Torn nails can get infected, making a shorter length more desirable.

Boxer Jack Russell Mix Health Problems

The Boxer Jack Russell Mix is susceptible to a few diseases. Some of these conditions are more Boxer or Jack Russell-specific, while others are common to both breeds.

Acquiring your puppy from a reputable breeder with an active interest in their dog’s health and well-being is one way to prevent problems. Breeders who care about their dogs will consider any possible health problems an obligation.

Some of the conditions that you may need to think about include:

  • Skin irritations from flea and tick bites
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Epilepsy
  • Obesity
  • Ear infections
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Glaucoma
  • Cataracts

Boxer Jack Russell Mix Food Requirements

A Boxer Jack Russell Mix will do best on a diet that utilizes high-quality ingredients. High-quality food helps prevent serious illnesses and minimizes the dog’s chances of becoming obese from too many high-fat ingredients.

These dogs usually do best on higher-quality dry food. You’ll want to keep the portion sizes consistent with your dog’s weight to help avoid obesity. Overweight dogs are more likely to end up with elbow or hip dysplasia than dogs of a healthy weight.

Access to clean, fresh water will keep your dog well-hydrated. The more active a dog is, the more likely he is to get thirsty. Water should be in a clean bowl that you keep filled, rather than only put out at meal times.

Some nutrients are beneficial for these dogs. Chrondroitin and glucosamine help protect joint health, while salmon oil with probiotics helps the skin. These ingredients could be part of the food or provided as supplements.

Boxer Jack Russell Mix Exercise Requirements

Boxer Jack Russell Mixes have high physical and mental stimulation needs. The more exercise and interaction these dogs get daily, the happier they will be in the long run.

A daily walk that lasts 30-60 minutes helps keep these dogs content. Dog parks are also excellent choices for exercise and socialization when dogs have had all their necessary shots.

Interactive dog toys are perfect for providing mental stimulation. Although often recommended for puppies, puzzle-style toys excite dogs of all ages. These toys reward dogs with tasty treats for figuring out how to solve the puzzles.

Boxer Jack Russell Mix Training

Boxer Jack Russell Mixes are usually easy to train. These dogs have a strong desire to please and the intelligence to understand commands easily. Making his owner happy is one of the top goals for these dogs.

Some of the most important commands for these dogs to learn right away include:

  • Come
  • Drop It or Leave It
  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Take It

Positive reinforcement is one of the best ways to teach these and all other dogs. Using force will betray your dog’s trust and confuse you. In addition to causing confusion and impairing your bond, force may lead to aggressive behavior.

Rewarding your dog with praise and favorite treats is an excellent way to increase your dog’s responsiveness. The more your dog receives rewards, the more motivated he will be to listen to your commands.

Starting obedience training as early as possible will make it easier for your dog to learn the rules. Gentle but firm leadership helps show dogs what you expect.

Being consistent about what you expect of your dog’s behavior will help your dog understand more about what you desire. For example, you shouldn’t scold a dog for grabbing food off the table and allow it at other times.

Boxer Jack Russell Mix and Families

The Boxer Jack Russell Mix is a very social dog who enjoys being around his family. These dogs love being around their families so much that they object to being left alone for long periods.

These dogs will make the most of every minute they spend around their people. In addition to loving social time with their families, Boxer Jack Russells are fierce defenders when the situation warrants it.

Boxer Jack Russell Mix and Other Pets

Boxer Jack Russell Mixes get along well with most other dogs, especially if socialized early. Although dogs of a similar size are best as playmates, most will get along with dogs of any size.

Many of these dogs are great with cats, too, although some might try to chase cats if not raised with felines from a young age. These dogs are excellent for families, especially children or other animals.