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Boxer Plott Hound Mix: What Do You Most Want to Know

Boxer Plott Hound Mix

Boxer Plott Hound Mixes are a dog you may have started seeing more of in recent years. Also known as Boxer Plott Hounds, these dogs are a rare type known as a designer breed.

What are the most essential facts you need to know about a Boxer Plott Hound Mix? Boxer Plott Hounds are wonderful, all-around family dogs that are versatile. Welcoming one of these dogs into your home will be one of your best decisions.

Boxers are a German breed with excellent working abilities, including guarding, herding, and hunting. Recently, these dogs have been bred more as pets than working dogs. Boxers have a lot of excellent family-friendly traits.

Plott Hounds are from the Smokey Mountains region of Appalachia. The breed is the state dog of North Carolina and a fixture of the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department. This breed was initially bred to hunt bears and other larger game.

Combining these breeds makes one of the best companions your family will enjoy. These dogs get along well with people of all ages and can be friendly with other dogs. Read on to learn more about whether this dog is right for you.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a Boxer Plott Hound Mix

  • They will require daily exercise -Boxer Plott Hound Mixes have a high energy level because of their heritage and need to channel this energy in acceptable ways.
  • Good leash control is essential – These dogs should not be unleashed away from home, and you will need good control because of the dog’s size.
  • Access to a yard or dog park is necessary – Boxer Plott Hounds are a poor fit for people in apartments unwilling to get their dogs out for exercise.
  • The dogs are sometimes territorial – Young children or pets who get too close at mealtimes may get a nasty surprise.
  • This mix may shed a little more – The Plott Hound ancestry makes these dogs shed more than other short-coated dogs.
  • They may not be cat-friendly – This mix might see cats as something to chase instead of befriending.

Reasons Why You Should Get a Boxer Plott Hound Mix

  • A relatively rare breed – These mixes are relatively rare, increasing the chances of the dog’s better health
  • They are very intelligent – Boxer Plott Hound Mixes are one of the smarter designer crosses and are easier to train
  • Boxer Plott Hounds are devoted – These dogs are very loyal and glad to show their devotion at every opportunity
  • A perfect choice for outdoor adventures – If you go on a lot of outdoor trips, these dogs are a perfect choice to go along with you
  • They are easy to train to hunt – Hunting comes naturally for these dogs because of their background

Appearance, Personality, Coat and Colors, Lifespan, and Traits of a Boxer Plott Hound Mix
The Boxer Plott Hound Mix is a medium to large dog that looks like a natural athlete and has a unique appearance.

This dog is usually muscular, with the large head, neck, and shoulders typical of a Boxer, without as short a muzzle.

Personality traits that describe this dog include loyalty, courage, and intelligence. The dogs are just as at home protecting and interacting with their families as they are facing down big game.

These dogs will gladly show affection toward family members of all ages but might have some reservations with strangers. The mix’s interactions with other animals are often motivated the hunting instincts.

Most of these dogs will feature the brindle coat pattern more commonly associated with the Plott Hound. However, a black or dark brown face mask or white paws sometimes appearing on Boxers may also be present. These dogs will have a drop or floppy ears.

The average lifespan for a Boxer Plott Hound is ten to 13 years. Different factors that include the dog’s genetic health and lifestyle will impact its lifespan. The longer the dog’s immediate ancestors lived, the longer the likely lifespan.

This designer cross is an excellent example of how American hunters have refined some of their favorite breeds for better abilities. If you want to see an example of a popular all-American hybrid, this dog fits the bill very well.

Boxer Plott Hound Mix Puppies for Sale

Boxer Plott Hound Mix puppies are relatively rare; however, their rarity decreases their chances of being common in puppy mill settings.

You’ll need to practice due diligence in selecting a breeder. Examples include:

  • Reading reviews from other puppy buyers
  • Asking important questions about the parents’ health
  • Requesting to see where the dogs are raised
  • Avoiding breeders who are elusive about answering questions

Some of the best breeders will breed from lines of dogs with proven hunting abilities. If the breeder can provide photos or videos of their dogs at work in the field, you may get a better idea of the quality of the puppy you’ll bring home.

These dogs sometimes show up in shelters when found as strays or relinquished by owners unable or willing to train them properly. Shelter or rescue dogs may cost substantially less than dogs from breeders.

Grooming Your Boxer Plott Hound Mix

The Boxer Plott Hound Mix has a coat described as both smooth and straight with a fine or medium texture. One of the biggest grooming concerns for this dog is shedding more than many other short-coated breeds.

You’ll be pleased to know that stripping and trimming are not required for these mixes, making the dogs relatively low maintenance. Your dog will look better with a coat kept adequately maintained and feel more comfortable.

Keeping grooming as stress-free as possible will help keep your dog from acting out whenever you groom him. When you make grooming as pleasant as possible, your dog might even get excited about grooming.

Fine-toothed combs and slicker brushes are must-have grooming tools for these mixes. Combing and brushing about every other day will help your dog eliminate loose fur that can cause significant discomfort over time.

Boxer Plot Hounds benefit from bathing about every four weeks. Combing and brushing your dog first is always helpful. A dog shampoo with essential oils and either rinse-out or leave-in conditioner will keep your dog’s coat properly clean.

Investing in a toothbrush and toothpaste for dogs will help protect your dog’s dental health. Although not every owner brushes their dog’s teeth, it is a good practice to adopt. Brushing about three times a week is a good idea.

You may want to clip the nails every three or four weeks to keep your dog’s nails at a comfortable length and provide better traction. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of trimming your dog’s nails, a groomer may be your best choice.

Boxer Plott Hound Mix Health Problems

Most Boxer Plott Hound Mixes are healthy, with minimal disease concerns. However, knowing about a few common issues can help owners make wise choices about these dogs.

Inherited health conditions are somewhat more likely to come from the Boxer side. Some conditions are common to larger breeds.

Bloating is a condition that is common to larger breeds. This painful condition involves the stomach twisting and trapping air, which causes the stomach to fill because of excessive gases and liquid. Internal organs may lose vital oxygen.

Boxer Plott Hounds may be susceptible to elbow or hip dysplasia because of common conditions in large breeds. The joints end up out of place in their respective sockets in both situations. A proper diet helps to prevent these conditions.

As these dog’s age, they may be susceptible to arthritis. Arthritis can cause pain, as well as lameness. However, arthritis is manageable with medication, weight management, and a regular exercise routine.

Boxer Plott Hound Mix Food Requirements

The Boxer Plott Hound Mix needs to eat high-quality food for optimal health and better performance. An important thing to remember is that when these dogs are puppies, they require high-quality food for proper bone and muscle growth.

Lean meat-based protein must be one of the primary ingredients, serving the energy needs of the Plott Hound side and the muscle mass needs of the Boxer side.

These proteins may include salmon, lean beef, and lamb. Feeding your dog at scheduled intervals, rather than free-feeding, helps to prevent the chances of bloat. Dogs with access to food all day tend to gain too much weight, which you also want to avoid.

You’ll want to avoid foods that contain by-products or ingredients challenging to digest, like corn, soy, and wheat. Artificial colors, flavors, and fillers are also ideal ingredients to avoid.

These hybrids benefit from foods that offer plenty of healthy carbohydrates. Whole grains, vegetables, and fruits are the best sources of your dog’s carbohydrates. These ingredients provide dietary fiber, as well as antioxidants vital for health.

Healthy fats can help play a role n providing your dog with needed energy. Oily fish and chicken fat are two of the most common healthy fats. Other options for healthy fats include plant-based oils like canola, safflower, and sunflower.

Boxer Plott Hound Mix Exercise Requirements

Daily exercise is essential for the Boxer Plott Hound Mix. Although daily walks are helpful, physical activity should go beyond a daily walk. Running loose in the backyard or a dog park provides more mental stimulation than walking.

Medium or large yards will give these dogs room to get maximum exercise.

You’ll want to be prepared for significant bursts of energy from these dogs.

If you go running or jogging, your Boxer Plott Hound will want to join in the fun. However, you’ll want to ensure you have excellent control of your dog when leashed. Otherwise, he’ll do his best to drag you down the street.

Boxer Plott Hound Mix Training

Boxer Plott Hound Mixes are intelligent dogs that are very versatile. These dogs learn commands relatively quickly during training if owners are consistent about the training.
The sooner you start training your dog, the better your results will be.

These dogs will willingly accept guidance from their owners as “pack leaders.” Positive reinforcement methods are the best for these types of dogs. Your dog will be more likely to enjoy learning new commands.

Boxer Plott Hound Mix and Families

Boxer Plott Hound Mixes are excellent family dogs, especially for children who enjoy physical activity. Ordinary precautions taken with dogs, such as not allowing children to get too close at meals, are commonsense precautions to take.

Boxer Plott Hounds thrive in households with older children able to keep up with the dog’s activity level. Older children usually grow out of teasing and other inappropriate behavior, which helps keep things more peaceful.

The more your family participates in outdoor activities, the happier your dog will live in your household. Your dog will enjoy everything from vigorous hikes through the woods to trips to the beach or lake.

Boxer Plott Hound Mix and Other Pets

Boxer Plott Hound Mixes get along with other dogs when the owners use careful introductions. One thing to watch for is territorial behavior, with these dogs possessing food. You should plan on feeding your dogs separately.

Boxer Plott Hounds are not usually a cat-friendly crossbreed. Most of these dogs will treat cats as something to chase. A dog this size could end up severely injuring or killing a cat.

Boxer Plott Hounds should be supervised around new dogs and small pets to help prevent serious conflicts. Even if your dog never accepts a cat or other small pet, you can feel more confident about your dog leaving the other pet alone.