Can A Rottweiler Jump A Fence

Can A Rottweiler Jump A Fence?

What better companions to have than rottweilers? However, when left on their own, rottweilers tend to be slightly naughty. Therefore, having an enclosed yard can help keep them out of trouble.

Many people imagine that because of rottweilers’ stocky build, they cannot jump over a fence. From this article, you will find that this assumption is far from the truth.

Rottweilers can jump up to 4 feet high in the air. Therefore, the four-legged beast can quickly jump over a standard fence. With the help of their powerful legs and claws, they can scale to an 8 feet fence and even push it over.

Types Of Fences’ Heights

4 Foot Fence

This type of fence is shorter than an average human. A four-foot fence is commonly used in rural areas and front yards. It can only work in the keeping of smaller dogs in the yard. Rottweilers can easily jump off this fence by reaching the top of the fence, gripping onto it, and pulling themselves to the outside of the fence.

6 Foot Fences

Rottweilers can scale up to this height. It will take a little effort compared to a 4-foot fence, but if the Rottweiler is determined, then it can. Most rottweilers will not jump over this fence because of their physical state. Rottweilers that do not have the strength or those that are overweight won’t be able to hold their body weight when jumping over a 6-foot fence.

When the dog is distressed or excited, it can climb over the fence much faster due to the large burst of energy.

8 Foot Fence

Only countable rottweilers can jump an 8-foot fence. Thus, you can guarantee that the Rottweiler stays on the compound grounds.

Preventing A Rottweiler From Jumping Fences

Height is one of the main variables that allow your Rottweiler to jump a fence. Increasing your bar’s height will reduce your chances of jumping a fence. Here are other ways to prevent the Rottweiler from jumping over a fence:

Select the Right Fence

Tailor your fence to ensure your Rottweiler remains on your property. It does not matter if it is a new fence or if you are mending the one you already have.

Height Of The Fence

The height should be at least 6 feet tall. This way, your dog won’t be able to see objects over the fence and will have fewer temptations to cross over.

Avoid A Transparent Fence

Do not go for a transparent fence so the dog cannot see what is on the other side. Thus, things outside the fence will not catch the dog’s attention, and it will not need to initiate a response of any kind. The answer to any disturbing thing happening outside the fence is that it might tempt your dog to begin scaling the wall.


A good deterrent for the dog can be placing spikes on the top of your fence. However, this will injure it if it tries to jump over the wall.

Smooth surface

Rough surfaces like brick walls, rough stones, and even wire fences will be easy for your Rottweiler to grip while scaling up. If you choose to put a wooden fence instead of horizontal planks or pickets, go for one that is vertical.

Can Rottweilers Be Considered Good Jumpers?

Rottweilers are not exceptional jumpers and can only go to about 4 ft high in the air. This dog breed is not built for jumping because it has shorter legs than other breeds with dense and muscular bodies.

Dangers Of Your Rottweiler Jumping Over The Fence

If your Rottweiler jumps over the fence, it can present to itself several dangers. The dog can end up with lacerations while attempting to scramble the wall. Although rare, some dogs can even face life-threatening injuries.

After the Rottweiler has been able to make its way up the fence, it will only have one option down: jumping straight down. This will have a major impact and cause several injuries to the dog, including broken bones.

This is since Rottweilers have an average weight of 100 pounds, and thus they are not built for jumping from high up.

Examples Of Rottweiler Friendly Fences

The ideal fence to keep Rottweiler from jumping over should be strong but smooth. A smooth fence will make it difficult to get footing when climbing. At the same time, a strong fence will ensure the dog cannot push it over.

These fences include:


Wood is dig-proof from bulky rottweilers. With wood, there will be at least one side of the fence, which is smooth and will not allow the dog to get a grip when climbing.


Metal is sturdy and strong. However, metal fences can be sharp, which can immensely raise the danger of injuries when the dog is attempting to climb the fence.


This is an excellent option for a fence because it is fully smooth on both sides. It makes it quite impossible for a Rottweiler to get the footing it needs to start climbing the fence.

A setback of vinyl fence is that it tends to be a little weak, and a determined and strong Rottweiler can push it down.

Alternatives From Fences

The most appropriate option is to keep your Rottweiler in the yard. However, there are a few substitutes that you can use to help reduce the chances of the dog getting out. They include:

Obedience Training

Regularly train your dog from a young age to assist them in finding good ways to channel their territorial instincts. You can train it yourself or find a professional trainer.

Make your dog understand the appropriate behaviors for multiple situations so that it can know what is expected of it when outside the yard and inside.

Train your dog to learn that jumping over the fence is bad behavior and cannot be tolerated while it is still young. Training consistently will help them quickly learn the behaviors you do not approve of.

Dog Socialization

Socializing your dog from an early age will help them respond appropriately to people and other animals. Scared dogs mostly turn out to be aggressive. Therefore, introducing them to many experiences from a young age will help shape the Rottweiler as it develops.

Make The Yard A Happy Place And Safe

Keep your dog healthy and happy with basic needs and some more. Make sure the yard has food, water, and some toys to play with. This will assist in keeping your Rottweiler occupied and happy.

Exercise Your Rottweiler

Giving your dog enough exercise during the day will tire it enough that it will not have the desire or energy to jump over the fence.

An average Rottweiler needs at least two hours of exercise a day. The duration of exercise should be spread across the day to ensure the energy levels of the dog remain low throughout the day.

Final Thoughts

Rottweilers are not jumpers but can jump over a fence using their strength, claws, and jaws. Using the correct fence height and material can reduce the dog’s risk of escaping. Also, train your dog at an early age for more success.

Related Questions

Q: How do I prevent my Rottweiler from jumping over the fence?

A: There is no one perfect answer to the question. You can follow a few tips, such as having a strong and sturdy fence, making a high fence, spacing out your yard from other properties, and supervising your dog when it is in the yard.

Q: Can a 4-foot fence keep my Rottweiler inside the yard?

A: A four-foot fence can only work on keeping people out of your yard.

Q: Is it possible for a Rottweiler to jump over a 6-foot fence?

A: Yes, a Rottweiler can jump over the fence with a little determination.

Q: How high should a fence be for a Rottweiler?

A: Instead of focusing on the height, it is more important to focus on the design of the fence

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