Cane Corso Neapolitan Mastiff Mix

Cane Corso Neapolitan Mastiff Mix: Is It Your Ideal Pet Dog

Cane Corso Neapolitan Mastiff Mixes have become very popular dogs in recent years. Both these breeds hail from the Molosser class of dogs, which makes mixtures of the two breeds remarkable dogs. Many breeders now cross these breeds to meet the demand.

Is the Cane Corso Neapolitan Mastiff Mix your ideal dog? Although these crossbreeds are dogs with a lot to offer, they are far from challenge-free. Read on to learn about the traits of these dogs and whether you should consider bringing one home.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a Cane Corso Neapolitan Mastiff Mix

  • Somewhat likely to be stubborn – These dogs tend to be dominant
  • Too large to comfortably live in most apartments or condos – These dogs require a fenced yard to get the exercise that they require
  • Strongly sensitive to environmental changes – Some changes can upset these dogs to a noticeable degree
  • Tend to have separation anxiety if left alone – Separation anxiety can lead to barking, crying, whining, or destructive behavior
  • Short lifespan in comparison to most breeds – A lifespan of 8 to 12 years is typical of these dogs, lower than the average

Reasons Why You Should Get a Cane Corso Neapolitan Mastiff Mix

  • These dogs are generally friendly – Once they know someone is a “friend”, they will warm up to them
  • Proper socialization yields great results with these dogs – If allowed to interact with other dogs early enough, they will make canine friends easily
  • This mix has modest grooming needs – You won’t need to spend a lot of time grooming these dogs
  • A dog that is eager to please – These dogs are intelligent and ready to please
  • Highly intelligent and does well with many activities – Your imagination is the only limit for these smart canines
  • Trustworthy around children – Kids and these designer dogs usually get along well

Appearance, Personality, Coat and Colors, Lifespan, and Traits of Cane Corso Neapolitan Mastiff Mix

Here are some basic facts to know about this designer mix:

  • A strong, muscular dog with a very typical Mastiff appearance
  • Loving and loyal to family and friends with a protective side
  • Short coats in a variety of colors
  • The lifespan of about right to 12 years
  • Overall, a great family dog that needs good training

Cane Corso Neapolitan Mastiff Mixes are strong, muscular dogs. These dogs descend from the Mastiffs or Molossers that accompanied the ancient Romans as they conquered Europe. A sturdy, athletic appearance demonstrates these dogs’ places as protectors.

Dog Breed Info considers Molossers one of the oldest dog groups. Despite a long history as a guard dogs, canines from this breed family are loving and loyal to “their people.”

These designer dogs have short, somewhat harsh coats that require relatively little care. Because of the combination of two Mastiff breeds, there are several colors possible. These colors include brown, black, gray, and brindle.

Most of these dogs enjoy a shorter lifespan of 8 to 12 years because of their size. The parents’ backgrounds and overall health may also play a role in how long these dogs live. Regular veterinary care and a quality diet and exercise may make a difference.

These dogs are loyal to their families, as well as good with people to whom they have been properly introduced. These crosses are also intelligent and willing to learn new things. Overall, these dogs are excellent choices as versatile family dogs.

cane corso

Cane Corso Neapolitan Mastiff Mix Puppies for Sale

Communication with a breeder is key to understanding what a crossbred puppy’s traits may be like. The AKC recommends treating your breeder as a guide to finding the right puppy.

Here are some things to keep in mind if using a breeder:

  • Look for one that will allow you to visit their premises, even though you will most likely need to do this by appointment
  • Make sure the breeder is receptive to your asking questions and provides good, thoughtful answers
  • Meet the parents to get a better idea of what your puppy will look like as an adult
  • Ask for proof of any health screenings that the breeder claims to have performed
  • Understand that you may need to wait to bring a puppy home if the breeder prefers to wait until the puppies are about eight weeks old
  • You may want to read reviews from others who have gotten a puppy from the same breeder

Because these dogs are so big once fully grown, some owners are ill-equipped to keep their dogs for life or end up in circumstances where they no longer have a yard. Sometimes these dogs end up in rescues or shelters in need of new homes.

Grooming Your Cane Corso Neapolitan Mastiff Mix

Mastiff mixes that include the Cane Corso Neapolitan Mix undergo light shedding throughout the year. Some modest care is necessary.

Weekly brushing is sufficient for most of the year. The spring and fall months usually bring heavier shedding. Brushing as often as daily is sometimes necessary. Bathing is usually necessary every two to three months unless the coat is dirty.

Nail clipping is also essential to help keep the nails from becoming long enough to become painful. Many dogs chew their nails, but owners will need to know how to clip the nails anyway. Nails should never be cut past the quick.

Regular ear cleaning will help prevent that designer dogs from getting ear infections. Untreated ear infections can cause deafness. Cleaning our dog’s ears with a mild cleaner will help keep them clean and infection-free.

Proper oral health is essential, mainly because the size of these dogs’ teeth makes extractions particularly expensive. Dogs are also somewhat more likely to have severe complications from abscessed teeth.

Although not a grooming-specific issue, owners need to be aware of how much these dogs drool. When one of these dogs starts drooling, you might have a lot of wet spots on furniture and possessions. Keeping towels handy will help.

Cane Corso Neapolitan Mastiff Mix Health Problems

The Cane Corso Neopolitan Mastiff Mix may be likely to have health issues common to all Mastiffs. These issues include:

  • Allergies
  • Eye conditions
  • Cancer

These mixes often suffer from environmental allergies, such as pollen, dust, or mold. Most dogs with allergies live with itching, especially in the groin, muzzle, and paw areas. In most parts of the U.S., allergies are a seasonal problem.

Another common type of allergy is known as flea dermatitis. Intense itching is a problem, and the areas may also become inflamed and red. Topical creams are used most often to relieve these problems.

Food allergies are less common but may have particularly severe symptoms. Itchiness that includes hives may be an issue, as well as diarrhea and vomiting. In the most severe cases, dogs with food allergies may have breathing difficulties.

Some of the most common eye conditions include:

  • Cataracts, a condition when the eyes’ lenses develop cloudy spots that could result in visual impairment and blindness
  • Entropion, is when the eyelid turns in towards the eye and the lashes cause irritation
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy, an inherited disease that causes blindness

Of these eye conditions, cataracts and entropion are surgically correctable. PRA, on the other hand, is untreatable. Choosing a dog from a breeder who does health checks can reduce your chances of having a dog with these conditions.

These designer dogs are susceptible to cancer like osteosarcoma, which is common bone cancer.

Chemotherapy and surgery options for this type of cancer are expensive but may give the dog a chance for survival over a longer term.

Cane Corso Neapolitan Mastiff Mix Food Requirements

Cane Corso Neopolitan Mastiff Mixes have feeding requirements that will differ depending on the dog’s age. Puppies will have a different set of feeding requirements, adults have different requirements, and seniors have another set of requirements.

Puppies will require food with a higher carbohydrate rate than adults to provide healthier bone and muscle development. Four meals a day are typical for puppies, and by the adult years, usually around a year and a half, two meals will be sufficient.

Most of these dogs will eat an average of six to nine cups of food daily. Feeding multiple meals daily greatly decreases the chances of your dog bloating. High-protein, low-fat foods are usually the best overall choice.

Two ingredients that you should look for in dog food are glucosamine and chondroitin. These nutrients will help protect your dog’s bone health and possibly prevent arthritis. Many food varieties for senior dogs contain these nutrients.

Cane Corso Neapolitan Mastiff Mix Exercise Requirements

Cane Corso Neapolitan Mastiff Mixes grow quickly, with their first 20 months being a time for strong growth. Before your dog reaches full adult size, you’ll want to avoid overly strenuous exercise, which can damage its joints.

Walks lasting 10 to 20 minutes daily are essential for these dogs. However, you will want to avoid having walks or runs last longer. Otherwise, your dog may be at risk for joint damage.

Swimming is an activity that most of these dogs enjoy very much. Even a quick dip in our family’s pool or a stock tank can help meet your dog’s exercise needs. If your dog enjoys playing with balls or frisbees, this can also be exercise for your dog.

Cane Corso Neapolitan Mastiff Mix Training

The Cane Corso Neapolitan Mastiff Mix is an intelligent mix. However, this intelligence often comes with a tendency to try to defy owners. Owners will need to find a balance between respecting the dog’s independence and showing strong leadership.

When teaching basic obedience lessons, your dog will benefit if you keep the sessions relatively short. If the sessions are short, your dog is less likely to lose interest.
Training can be a fun experience, especially if plenty of treats are involved.

These dogs do well if given abundant praise for following commands. The more positive your reactions, the more your dog will be inclined to listen. Dogs behave better overall when they get something in return for good behavior.

Socialization is essential when your dog is a puppy and needs to continue into adulthood. If your dog interacts with as many different people and situations as possible, it will be able to face new things easily.

Neapolitan Mastiff

Cane Corso Neapolitan Mastiff Mix and Families

The Cane Corso Neapolitan Mastiff Mix thrives as a family dog. These gentle giants not only love the whole family but will enjoy visiting family friends.

Parents will do well to provide supervision when younger children interact with these dogs because of their giant size. Although these dogs are not hostile to children, they don’t know their own strength and can knock kids over easily.

Family members who take these dogs on walks will need excellent leash control. These dogs can easily take off after a cat or squirrel and take you along!

Cane Corso Neapolitan Mastiff Mix and Other Pets

The Cane Corso Neapolitan Mastiff Mix gets along with other dogs if socialized. When the other dog is large, you may need to look for signs of possible conflict. Fights between Mastiff mixes and other dogs can get scary sometimes.

Owners who have cats may need to use a bit of caution. Although these dogs may be inclined to treat cats as part of their “pack’, others may see them as prey to chase or attack. You may need to consider keeping your dog separated from cats.

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