Are Dobermans Good Guard Dogs

Is a Doberman a Good Dog for Providing Family Protection?

Many people associate Dobermans with guard dog duties. After all, Dobermans guarding property frequently make appearances in movies or other media. It is reasonable to question whether these guarding traits also extend to families. Are Dobermans good guard dogs? Doberman Pinschers can be excellent guard dogs and are at their […]

All Black Doberman

All Black Doberman: How Common is? Should They Be Bred?

Even though everyone is accustomed to seeing Dobermans with the black and rust color, some dogs from this breed have less-typical coat patterns. One of these variations is a Doberman with a coat that, at least, appears to be all black. How typical is an all black Doberman? Dobermans with […]

are dobermans good with kids

Are Dobermans a Good Breed to Have Around Kids of Any Age?

Dobermans are very versatile dogs that people have long valued for their protective nature. These dogs are brilliant and willing to jump into any task. However, it is reasonable to wonder if these strong protectors are suitable for families with kids. Are Dobermans good with kids? Many Doberman Pinschers are […]

doberman weight

What is a Good Doberman Weight for an Otherwise Healthy Dog?

Dobermans are what many would consider as being big dogs. Unless crossed with a substantially smaller breed, most of these dogs are at least medium-sized. Understanding what is an average, healthy weight is crucial for determining how big these dogs get. What is a good Doberman weight? Most male Doberman […]