Why Does my Rottweiler Pant so Much

Why Does my Rottweiler Pant so Much?

You might have noticed that your Rottweiler always seems to be panting. With these heavy pants and lots of drool, sometimes you might wonder how on earth you’ve managed to own such a slobbery dog. But why do Rottweilers pant so much? All dogs pant, whether it’s to expel heat, […]

Why Does my Rottweiler Stare at Me

Why Does my Rottweiler Stare at Me?

We’ve been told since we were children that it’s rude to stare. But it seems that Rottweilers didn’t get the memo, because occasionally it seems they love nothing more than to lock eyes with us and have us a staring contest. But what does it mean, and should you be […]

Why Do Rottweilers Dig Holes

Why Do Rottweilers Dig Holes?

Is My Rottweiler Digging for Gold? The rate at which a Rottweiler can destroy a garden is startling. Some will begin to scratch furiously at soil or sand at any given opportunity. Is your Rottweiler displaying these kinds of behaviors, and is it driving you crazy? Not all Rottweilers love […]

Why do Rottweilers Howl

Why do Rottweilers Howl?

When Your Rottweiler Channels their Inner Wolf Is your Rottweiler a howler? A lot of owners are baffled by the way their Rottie will occasionally throw back their heads and howl away. But does it mean they’re unhappy, and should you be worried? When Rottweilers or any breed of dog […]

can rottweilers be left alone

Is My Rottweiler Lonely Without Me?

We’d all love to sit at home and be with our dogs all day long, but life is sadly not set up for that! We must go to work, to the store, to see family and friends, and do everything else that needs doing. So, can we leave our Rottweiler […]

What Age do Rottweilers Get Aggressive

What Age do Rottweilers Get Aggressive?

It’s wrong to think that Rottweilers are naturally aggressive dogs, but they’ve gained a reputation for aggression because they’re large, powerful, confident animals who will go to any length to protect their owners and possessions. However, when they enter puberty, at around 6 to 9 months of age, Rottweilers begin […]