Where Do Rottweilers Like to be Petted

Where Do Rottweilers Like to be Petted

There are two things that Rottweilers love most in the whole world: You, and cuddles with you. The happiest day of their lives is to have a long walk with you in the morning, and then an afternoon of nothing but scratches and pets. How your Rottweiler loves to be petted depends on their own … Read more

Do Rottweilers Drool: Yes and No and Here Is Why

Do Rottweilers Drool

Some dog breeds don’t really drool at all. Some dog breeds drool a lot. Most Rottweiler dogs fall somewhere in between. And then again, some Rottweiler dogs drool noticeably and daily. There are several reasons why all Rottweilers drool to some extent and some Rottweilers will drool more than others. And sudden drooling when you … Read more

What is the Best Age to Have a Rottweiler Neutered and Why?

When to neuter a Rottsweiler

The Rottweiler is a great breed, and, understandably, many people decide to breed these dogs. However, there are good reasons to consider keeping your male Rottie from breeding by neutering. Neutered dogs are less likely to have sexual aggression and related behavioral issues. There are also health benefits that include reducing the risk of testicular … Read more

How Cold is Too Cold for a Rottweiler?

How Cold is Too Cold for a Rottweiler

Rottweilers are hard-working, independent dogs who love to be outdoors, whether that’s going for long walks or being in the yard, protecting their home and family. Given the choice, they’re always more likely to prefer being outside than inside! Rottweilers’ coats do a great job of keeping them warm against colder temperatures, but you should … Read more