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Doberman Great Dane Mix: Here’s What You Need to Know

Doberman Great Dane Mix

Have you been thinking about getting a Doberman Great Dane mix? These dogs can be extremely loyal and loving. Plus, this hybrid is agile, protective, and intelligent. What’s not to love?

However, before you adopt a Doberman Great Dane Cross, there are some things to know.

How large will this mix get? Do they have any health issues? What are their daily dietary requirements? We’ll cover all of this and more in our in-depth Doberman Great Dane mix breed guide!

What Is A Doberman Great Dane Mix and Are They Good Pets?

The Doberman Great Dane mix is a combination of the Doberman Pinscher and Great Dane. These large dogs can weigh anywhere from 85 to 170 pounds. With devoted and affectionate personalities, they have the potential to be great family pets. However, these dogs are prone to certain health issues and require experienced training.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get A Doberman Great Dane Mix

No doubt about it, Great Dane Doberman mixes can be wonderful dogs to own. However, there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind before adopting this hybrid. After all, doing your research before adopting any dog is always wise.

Reasons to Avoid This Mix

  • Sensitive and easy to mishandle
  • May have high energy drive
  • Expensive to feed
  • Costly vet bills are possible
  • Guarding instincts must be considered
  • Potential genetic health issues
  • Will be very large when fully grown

Doberman Pinschers are alert and eager to please. Great Danes are sometimes referred to as “big babies.”

Therefore, this very large dog tends to have a surprisingly sensitive disposition. As such, this is a mix for experienced dog owners. A gentle and consistent hand will be key.

In addition to this, Doberman Great Dane mixes tend to need a lot of exercises. Each dog is different but Doberman Pinschers can be very athletic and energetic dogs.

Also, this breed is likely to have strong guarding instincts. As such, experienced handling is necessary.

Then, these dogs are prone to guarding. This means that they might have an intense instinct to protect your property, family, vehicle, and belongings. While this can be a good thing with proper training, with improper handling, these big dogs may become aggressive, anxious, or difficult to manage.

Also, keep in mind that this will be an extremely large dog when fully grown. As such, this mix will require a whole lot of dog food.

Moreover, this breed is prone to allergies and food sensitivities. With this in mind, be prepared to pay for lots of high-quality dog food regularly.

Finally, this is a breed that may struggle with certain health issues. Particularly, Great Danes are known for having the potential to exhibit various large breed genetic health problems. With this in mind, you will want to be prepared to take this breed to regular vet checkups.

Reasons Why You Should Get A Doberman Great Dane Mix

Now that you know what to watch out for and consider, let’s discuss why these dogs make such wonderful pets.

No question about it, both the Great Dane and the Doberman are beloved dog breeds in America. Combined, this mix can be absolutely irresistible!

Reasons to Adore This Mix

  • Loving and loyal dogs
  • Handsome athletic looks
  • Intelligent mind
  • Eager to please
  • Easy to groom short glossy coat
  • Protective instincts
  • Well rounded personality

First of all, these big pups have extremely loyal and loving dispositions. Dedicated and devoted, both the Great Dane and Doberman Pinscher are known for their relentless loyalty. So, be prepared for a dog that will likely love being around you all of the time.

Also, healthy full-grown Doberman Pinscher Great Dane mixes are bound to be athletic, handsome, and large in stature.

This makes them an extremely appealing mix aesthetically! Moreover, both breeds in this mix have short coats that will show off their muscular frames.

No question about it, one of the best things about the Doberman Pinscher Great Dane mix is its grooming requirements.

These dogs have short glossy coats. With minimal shedding, they are very easy to groom. This is especially true if you train your dog to enjoy grooming in puppyhood!

Plus, Dobermans are renowned for their intelligent minds. As such, this mix is likely to be very smart!

Indeed, this hybrid will likely be eager to please. So, when you begin teaching this mix to do new tricks, you will likely see rewarding results quickly.

On top of this, the protective instincts of a Doberman and Great Dane mix can be a good thing.

If you have been looking for a dog that will want to protect you, this is a good choice. Just remember that these instincts must be handled carefully from an early age.

Finally, these large and loving dogs are very easy to get along with. As long as you socialize them with your family and small pets from an early age, they should do very well with children and other pets.

Appearance, Personality, Coat and Colors, Lifespan, and Traits Of A Doberman Great Dane Mix

So what did these dogs look like when fully grown? How many colors do Doberman Great Dane hybrids come in? Do they have any specific coat patterns?

How long do they live, and what are they like when it comes to attitude and personality? In this next section, we will go over it all!

Doberman Great Dane Mix Appearance and Coat Colors

In appearance, Doberman Pinscher Great Dane hybrids are athletic and muscular. Large in stature, these dogs will likely weigh upwards of 110 lbs. These dogs come in a range of coat colors and patterns as well! Their coat lengths can range from short to very short.

A Doberman Pinscher will weigh 88 pounds on average. The average weight of a Great Dane is about 140 pounds.

As such, this mix will weigh 114 pounds on average. Your dog’s adult weight will vary based on its gender, exercise regimen, and genetics.

These dogs have short and glossy coats that display their muscular builds. With lanky legs and broad chests, this dog has a foreboding look.

These dogs will also have either erect triangular ears or floppy ears. They also have a deep set build with medium-length to long muzzles.

On their hind legs, Great Danes may be as tall as seven feet or more! Simultaneously, Doberman Pinschers can be up to six feet tall on their hind legs. So, this is a mixed breed dog that may be taller than you when it stands upright on its lengthy hinders!

Coat colors can range from deep vivid black to crisp white. However, black is the most common coat color.

Sable, fawn, blue, brindle, harlequin, tan, mantle, and merle coat color options are also possible. To determine what a puppy will look like as an adult, simply check out its parents.

Doberman Great Dane Mix Personality, Traits, and Temperament

When it comes to personality features, you would be hard-pressed to find a more loving or affectionate large breed mix.

Also, these dogs have the potential to be very intelligent. Protective and tenacious, there isn’t anything this mix can’t do. Except perhaps, sit on your lap.

Doberman Pinschers are known for being very attentive dogs. They will stick by your side through thick and thin! Then, Great Danes are the babies of the large breed world. These gentle giants want to be loved all of the time.

Moreover, with the intelligence of the Doberman, this mix is sure to pick up on tricks and training easily.

In fact, the intellect of the Doberman is a great way to balance out the goofiness of the Great Dane in this mix! As such, teaching this pup new commands shouldn’t be difficult.

Last, this mix will likely display protective tendencies. Doberman Pinschers were originally bred to provide their owners with protection in the late 19th century. When these protective instincts kick in, this is the kind of dog that will relentlessly stick to its guns.

Doberman Great Dane Mix Lifespan

You are probably wondering how long this mix will live. Well, that will depend on many factors. The lifespan of any dog will usually directly correlate to its care, genetic disposition, and other factors.

Additionally, a healthy diet and adequate exercise can help to extend the life of your dog.

Remember, every dog is different. Some dogs will have above-average lifespans while others tend to have lives that are on the shorter side of things. Also, Great Danes are an extremely large breed. They are notorious for having short life spans.

All in all, this mix will likely live between seven and twelve years. Doberman Pinschers are known to have an average lifespan of twelve years.

Simultaneously, the Great Dane’s life span ranges from six to ten years. As such, you can expect this breed to live around eight or nine years on average.

Doberman Great Dane Mix Puppies For Sale

Have you been thinking about adopting a Doberman Great Dane mix puppy? If so, there are definitely some things that you will want to know. Most importantly, make sure to only adopt a healthy puppy from a reputable breeder.

As you look through dog breeders, find kennels that have good customer ratings with both parents on site.

Looking at the parents of a litter of puppies will help you determine many factors about the puppy that you will potentially adopt.

It is also important to only choose a breeder who has run adequate health tests on both of the parents that they are breeding together.

Since Great Danes can have cardiovascular issues as well as joints and hip issues, genetic testing is particularly important with this mix.

Also, you will want to make sure to choose a puppy from a breeder that has done temperament testing on both parents.

This is because Doberman Pinschers are known for having aggressive or anxious temperaments when overly bred.

After you have ensured that the kennel you are looking to adopt a puppy from has conducted adequate health and temperament tests, you will want to look at how they socialize their puppies. Early puppyhood socialization is critical for a well-rounded and balanced dog.

Make sure that all of the puppies in a litter are receiving plenty of time and attention. Make sure that these puppies are interacting with other pets, family members, children, and other dogs.

Then, make sure that the conditions of the kennels are clean and sanitary.

In addition to this, it is wise to choose a reputable breeder with good past client relationships. Those who stay in contact regularly with previous adoptees are usually a safe bet.

However, it’s important to verify reviews and customer comments.

Last, choose a balanced puppy from the litter that you are interested in. As a rule, it is best to choose a puppy that blends in and has a middle-range personality. Don’t select a puppy purely on looks. Also, avoid picking extremes.

Although it might be tempting to adopt either the shyest or the most rambunctious pup, Studies show that choosing a puppy that falls somewhere in the middle is a safer bet.

These middle pups often grow into well-rounded adults with vibrant personalities that will meld with your lifestyle.

Grooming Your Doberman Great Dane Mix

Although this dog is very large, it will likely be quite easy to groom. This is because The Doberman Great Dane mix has a short glossy coat. Weekly brushing and monthly baths should suffice for this breed.

Moreover, this hybrid is not likely to have an undercoat. In fact, the chances of this dog having any undercoat whatsoever are essentially zero. So, you will not have to worry about excessive shedding. This also means that you don’t have to worry about clumps of hair or daily brushing.

Also, these dogs tend to enjoy the water. Therefore, giving your Doberman Pinscher Great Dane hybrid a bath should not be an overly difficult task.

In fact, there is a good chance that your dog will enjoy the attention and warm water! Early grooming and positive water exposure during puppyhood will make this task easier.

With this in mind, the Doberman Pinscher Great Dane will be a very large dog. So, that makes grooming slightly more difficult.

After all, there is a lot more surface area to wash, dry, and brush. Also, these dogs may have dry skin. A dog-safe moisturizer might be necessary after baths.

As a rule, this dog should be brushed out once a week to remove shedding and skin. This will also help to distribute the dog’s oil naturally across its skin. To avoid skin irritation and excessive dryness, try to only bathe your dog every two weeks to a month.

Finally, try to avoid using shampoo or grooming products with excessive amounts of fragrance.

Great Danes can be extremely sensitive to chemicals, fragrances, and additives in grooming products. This is also true for Doberman Pinschers.

Doberman Great Dane Mix Health Problems

The Great Dane Doberman Pinscher mix is prone to a range of large breed-specific health issues.

As such, this is a dog that should only be adopted by owners who are up to the task. Health issues can range from minimal skin irritation to life-threatening problems such as Bloat.

Large breed dogs tend to suffer from a range of genetically inherited health issues. In many cases, hip dysplasia is present in these larger dogs. Also, this breed has the potential to develop wobbler syndrome.

Great Danes suffer from health issues like Cardiomyopathy, allergies, osteosarcoma, and Bloat.

Then, Doberman Pinschers tend to develop health issues such as Von Willebrand’s Disease, hypothyroidism, wobbler syndrome, narcolepsy, hip dysplasia, bloat, and albinism.

Hip dysplasia is a genetic condition often seen in large breed dogs. This abnormality of the hip joint can cause pain and hip dislocation in dogs.

Hip dysplasia can be avoided through genetic testing and slow growth from puppyhood with adequate nutrition.

Serious Health Issues

Since this breed combines both of the issues present in its purebred parents, you will want to watch out for problems like Bloat, Wobbler syndrome, and hip dysplasia. Luckily, the other health issues are less likely to be present in a mix than in a purebred dog.

Bloat is caused by drinking or eating too much and then moving around before the food can digest.

This problem is common in barrel-chested dog breeds. Wobblers syndrome is an inherited condition that causes spinal cord compression. Both issues can be life-threatening.

Doberman Great Dane Mix Food Requirements

Although most dogs are happy to eat just about anything, the Doberman Pinscher Great Dane should be fed carefully and wisely.

There are many important things to take into consideration when preparing meals for Doberman Great Dane mix puppies and adult dogs.

Like all extra large dog breeds, Doberman Pinscher Great Dane mixes will grow through various rapid stages.

This means that the nutrition of your Doberman Pinscher Great Dane puppy is an essential part of his daily and adult health needs.

After a Doberman Pinscher Great Dane puppy is weaned, he should be fed a very specific diet. Choose a dry or wet food diet with low calcium levels, plenty of DHA, balanced phosphorus ratios, and high-quality nutrient-dense ingredients.

Both wet, fresh, hand-prepared, and dry dog food can work for this mixed breed. It will all depend on what you are prepared to spend and feed your dog.

However, keep in mind that this is a dog that requires lots of food. As such, these pups can get pretty expensive to feed, especially as adults.

Also, the Great Dane Doberman Pinscher mix is a breed prone to food sensitivities and allergies. So, it can be difficult to find the perfect daily diet. For some owners, this can be frustrating. Be prepared to consult your veterinarian for diet tips.

When you have found a food that is affordable in large quantities, safe for your dog to consume, and suitable to your lifestyle, try not to change your dog’s diet often.

This can cause digestive upset. Also, be sure to keep your dog from overeating as Bloat can be life-threatening.

Doberman Great Dane Mix Exercise Requirements

The exercise requirements for your Doberman Pinscher Great Dane mix will vary from canine to canine. Some dogs are extremely energetic.

This comes from the Doberman Pinscher side of things. Other mixes will be laid back and mellow like their Great Dane parent.

Generally, you can expect to take a daily walk or run with these large breed dogs. If your dog happens to be overly energetic, adequate exercise can be extremely beneficial. This breed is not particularly prone to obesity.

Doberman Great Dane Mix Training

The trainability of a Doberman Pinscher Great Dane mix will depend on many factors. The ease of training will be affected by each specific dog’s intelligence level, focus, energy, and eagerness to please.

You will want to keep in mind that this is a sensitive breed. Doberman Pinschers are known for being extremely eager to please and overly sensitive to a heavy hand.

Additionally, Great Danes are known for having anxiety and high sensitivity levels. So, expect a very sensitive puppy.

Positive reinforcement and consistent training will be key. Make sure to adequately convey the skills and principles that you want your dog to learn with consistency and positivity. Treats, happy words, belly rubs, and play can be extremely effective motivators for this mix.

Doberman Great Dane Mix And Families

This large and loving mix fits in very well with families. Known for being gentle giants, Great Danes are particularly good with kids.

With adequate socialization starting in early puppyhood, this dog can be a great addition to any family. Just remember to socialize your puppy early and often.