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Dogo Argentino Rottweiler Mix: Your Total Hybrid Guide

Dogo Argentino Rottweiler Mix

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a Dogo Argentino Rottweiler Mix

Are you wondering whether the Dogo Argentino Rottweiler Mix is the right breed for you? If you love large, loving, loyal dogs, it just might be! So what are these dogs like? How big do they get? Are they easy to train? In this Dogo Argentino Rottweiler mixed breed guide, we will cover it all!

The Dogo Argentino Rottweiler mix is a hybrid of the Rottweiler and the Dogo Argentino breeds.

This powerful and intelligent dog is brave, devoted, tenacious, and loyal. Weighing anywhere from 85 to 130 lbs, this large hybrid is between 24 and 27 inches tall at the shoulder.

This dog will have either a short single-layer coat or a dense double coat. If socialized early and trained correctly, this can be a great breed for the right owner!

Reasons Why You Should Get a Dogo Argentino Rottweiler Mix

If you have been looking for a large and handsome breed that will protect your home and provide companionship, this is a good mix to consider.

Many people would find the Dogo Argentino Rottweiler mix to be a wonderful companion. This dog can also be athletic, meaning that it will match your energy in physically strenuous situations.

This Dog has a Stunning Appearance

This is a handsome mix with a muscular build and a solid frame. This dog is not only powerful but imposing. With various coat variations, it will turn heads at the park!

They are Large and Powerful

This large and tough dog can hold its own. You will not have to worry about a Dogo Argentino being weak or fearful!

The Dogo Argentino Rottweiler Mix Possesses Protective Instincts

If you want to train a dog for personal protection, this mix is worth considering. With the right temperament and plenty of training, this dog will be a great protector.

This Hybrid is Fairly Easy to Train

With the intelligence of both the Argentino and the Rottie, this dog can be very eager to learn. Although trainability can vary from dog to dog, these canines are generally easy to train.

These are Loyal and Family Orientated Dogs

Devoted, loyal, and dedicated to their families, you won’t find a better companion anywhere! These pups will do anything for the people that they love.

Reasons Why You Should Not Get a Dogo Argentino Rottweiler Mix

Although this mix has many advantages, there are a few reasons to avoid these large dogs. Not only are they a powerful breed, but they may develop territorial or dominant aggression. As such, these dogs are best suited for experienced owners only. Also, they may suffer from some large breed health problems.

Not to mention, large dogs are more expensive to maintain and care for. The larger the dog, the more effort it will take to care for it.

This Large Breed Requires an Experienced Handler

Large and powerful, this smart and stubborn dog will require capable handling. Owners of this breed should be experienced with Rottweilers or Dogo Argentinos. This dog must be socialized thoroughly with people and other animals from an early age.

These Dogs May Become Aggressive, Dominant, or Territorial

Since this is a breed that wants to guard and protect its property and people, they can be difficult to deal with if not properly socialized. Traits like dominance, aggression, and stubborn territorial behaviors may arise in untrained dogs.

Large Breed Dogs Can be Expensive and Harder to Care For

Large and in charge, these dogs are prone to certain smells and slobber. They will need more food as well!

Grooming can take a while and you probably won’t be able to bring this dog everywhere unless you have a truck or SUV.

Plus, they might be more expensive to own and will need room to roam. If you live in an apartment full-time. This might not be the dog for you.

About Dogo Rottie Mixed Breed Dogs

Before we go any further, let’s quickly talk about hybrids and mixed breeds. Mixed breed dogs usually contain two or more other breeds while hybrids are made up of only two main purebred parents.

Therefore, a Dogo Argentino Rottweiler with two purebred parents is technically a hybrid.

Each mixed breed dog will have different traits and may favor one breed in its lineage over another.

Moreover, every dog is different and may have unique traits of its own! So, keep this in mind when trying to predict the appearance or behavior of your Dogo Argentino Rottweiler mix.

Since this hybrid contains two pure-breed dogs, it can be helpful to examine both of them to understand the traits that may be present in a mix. In this next section, we will look at the history and traits of both Rottweilers and Dogo Argentinos.

The History of the Rottweiler

The Rottweiler is a large breed dog with origins that can be traced back to Germany and before that, to Ancient Rome. These dogs are large, intelligent, and muscular.

Considered to be one of the oldest dog breeds, Rottweilers were once used to pull carts. They were also used as guard dogs, herding dogs, and sometimes even accompanied Roman soldiers into battle.

Rottweilers have a thick short double coat with a coarse outer coat and a plush undercoat. This short dense coat sheds heavily twice a year.

These dogs have distinguishing markings that can be tan or brown on their legs and face. They also have characteristic tan or brown eyebrow markings.

The History of Dogo Argentinos

The Dogo Argentino is a large dog with a pure white coat. Although, these dogs sometimes have black markings on their heads or faces. Developed in Argentina, these dogs were primarily used for hunting.

Mainly, the Dogo Argentino would hunt deer, wild boar, elk, or other large game animals.

These brave and protective dogs are fiercely loyal and highly trainable. The Dogo Argentino may weigh up to 100 pounds and be as tall as 27 inches at the withers.

This dog has a large wide head and a short muzzle creating a bulldog-like profile. The Dogo Argentino was first bred in 1928.

These dogs are relatively healthy but may experience the characteristic deafness associated with their white pigmentation.

The appearance of the Dogo Argentino Rottweiler Mix

Large and muscular, a Dogo Argentino Rottie mix will usually weigh anywhere from 85 to 130 lbs. This dog will be heavily muscled and stout with a broad chest and large head. The Rottie Dogo Argentino may have cropped ears or floppy ears.

These dogs will also have long tails and muscular frames. The chest of the Dogo Argentino Rottweiler mix will be wider than the hips.

These dogs will also have a thick, well-muscled next. Finally, this dog will be between 24 and 27 inches high at the withers.

Dogo Argentino Rottweiler Mix Coat and Colors

A Dogo Argentino mix will usually have a short dense coat that is longer than the flat white coat of the Dogo Argentino but shorter than the thick double coat of the Rottweiler. This dog may have a glossy or matte look as well.

Since Rottweilers are usually black with tan markings and Dogo Argentinos are usually completely white with occasional black markings on the head, this mix may vary greatly in color.

A Dogo Argentino Rottweiler hybrid can be tan, black, white, brown, and everything in-between.

In most cases, this dog will be more than one color. Usually, this will be some combination of black, brown, tan, white, and roan. The Dogo Argentino may have patches on his face or chest as well.

If this dog has an undercoat, it might be a different color than the topcoat. This can create a two-toned look.

Personality and Temperament of the Dogo Argentino Rottweiler Mix

This hybrid will have temperament and personality traits of both its Rottweiler and its Dogo Argentino parent. Although each dog is different and should be treated as an individual, this mix is sure to have a few main traits.

For instance, both the Dogo Argentino and the Rottweiler are brave and loyal dogs with protective personalities.

As such, any Dogo Argentino Rottweiler hybrid is likely to be bold, loyal, protective, and somewhat territorial. This dog should also be fairly intelligent.

Dogo Argentino Rottweiler Mix Training Tips

Training your Dogo Argentino Rottweiler hybrid is critical. From an early age, this dog should be socialized and handled with experience and skill.

These dogs are capable of learning various behaviors and can be extremely protective and useful.

The Dogo Argentino Rottweiler hybrid is ready to protect you and your family. They will want to do a job for you and do it well. With this in mind, training should be consistent and well thought out.

The Dogo Argentino Rottweiler Mix and Families

If this dog is socialized from an early age and trained properly, it can get along well with small animals and children. However, if this dog is not trained and socialized, it should not be allowed around small children.

Even a very well-trained Dogo Argentino Rottweiler could accidentally harm a child. As such, this is only a suitable dog for families if it has been well socialized from a young age.

The Dogo Argentino Rottweiler Mix Other Pets

Just like with families, this dog will do fine with other Pets As long as it is socialized with them from an early age.

Dogo Argentino Rottweiler Mix Lifespan and Health

A Dogo Argentino Rottweiler mix Can be expected to live from 9 to 13 years. A dog’s help, diet, and lifestyle will dramatically impact its lifespan.

Health Problems

Dogo Argentino Rottweilers are generally healthy dogs. Watch out for hip problems, elbow issues, heart problems, and deafness.

Food Requirements of the Dogo Argentino Rottweiler Mix Dogs

A Dogo Argentino Rottweiler mix puppy should be fed large-breed puppy food with DHA. Large-breed puppy food will help to regulate the growth rate of this dog.

This can prevent some bone and hip-related issues. Adult Dogo Argentino mixes should be fed a healthy diet. Do not overfeed this dog, as it may become obese.

Exercise Requirements of a Dogo Argentino Rottweiler Mix Dogs

Fast, athletic, and capable, this agile mix can keep up with you. If you hunt, jog, work out frequently, or plan to do things outdoors year-round, this is a good mix to consider.

Grooming Your Dogo Argentino Rottweiler Mix

Apart from the fact that they are so large, these dogs should be fairly easy to groom. Brushing, baths, and nail trimmings will keep them looking good. Expect your Dogo Argentino Rottweiler mix to shed more in the spring and fall.

Finding Dogo Argentino Rottweiler Mix Puppies for Sale

Since Rottweilers and Dogo Argentinos are both large breed dogs, it is important to only adopt or buy a puppy from an experienced breeder.

An experienced breeder will have completed the proper forms of genetic and health testing on all sires and dams.

This will help to reduce the potential for congenital diseases being passed from mothers and fathers to puppies.

By testing both parents for potential health issues, you will be able to ensure that your puppy has the best possible chance at a long and healthy life.

Health Tests for Large Breeds Include:

  • Hip scoring and Elbow grading.
  • Other OFA Testing
  • Eye testing
  • DNA testing

Additionally, you will want to only adopt a puppy from a responsible breeder with a reputation for training and socializing their dogs. Their kennels should also be sanitary. Before choosing a breeder, you should consider touring their facilities first.

That way, you can see the conditions where the puppies are kept. Also, you can get a good look at the breeding parents. This will help you form an idea of what to expect.

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