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French Bulldog Rottweiler Mix: The Adorably Quirky Dog

French Bulldog Rottweiler Mix

Have you been considering adopting a French Bulldog Rottweiler mix? If you have ever seen one of these stout little pups in person, it is no wonder that you want to get one of your own!

Before you adopt this cute little mini Bulldog, there are some things to know. In this guide, we will go over it all!

The French Bullweiler, sometimes called the French Rottweiler, is a mix between a Rottweiler and a French Bulldog. This adorable little mix has short legs and a dense coat.

This will be a small to medium-sized dog. This mix can weigh around 28-40 pounds and may measure between 11-20 inches tall.

With a quirky personality and an unforgettable look, this is a great dog for the right owner. However, with a stubborn streak, early training is recommended.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a French Bulldog Rottweiler Mix

Although the French Bulldog Rottweiler mix is an adorable dog, this cute pooch is not suited for every owner.

After all, before adopting any dog, doing your research and making sure that the breed you are interested in fits with your lifestyle is important.

French Bulldog Rottweiler mixes can be extremely stubborn. They can also be somewhat difficult to train.

As such, if you are not ready to put the necessary time and energy into this dog, it may not be the right breed for you.

Also, this dog may have unforeseen health issues, especially dental issues. Finally, this dog may have medium to low energy levels. So, it might be the type of dog that just wants to lay around.

Reasons to Avoid the French Bulldog Rottweiler Mix:

  • Requires lots of training
  • Tends to be stubborn
  • May have dental issues
  • Lower energy levels

Reasons Why You Should Get a French Bulldog Rottweiler Mix

Although the French Bulldog Rottweiler mix can be stubborn, it can also be a wonderful dog to the right owner. Not only is this dog cute, but it is also extremely quirky and unforgettable in appearance.

With its mellow disposition, this is a good dog for those looking for a low-maintenance companion animal that still has enough energy to play with the family.

With large ears, distinctive Rottie markings, and soulful eyes, this dog is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Also, the French Bulldog Rottweiler mix is smaller than a Rottweiler but larger than a French Bulldog. This makes it a convenient dog to own for many different families to own.

Then, this mixed-breed dog has a short coat that is relatively easy to groom. It is also known for being a quiet and non-yappy dog.

As such, it is suited for a range of living situations including apartments, small homes, large homes, or rural settings. When medium to low energy levels, this is a relatively low-maintenance dog.

As long as you get it trained when it is a puppy, this can be a great mixed-breed for almost anyone!

Reasons to Get a French Bulldog Rottweiler Mix:

  • Mellow with an easy-going temperament
  • Quiet and polite
  • Gets along well in many environments
  • Relatively easy to groom
  • Cute and quirky in appearance
  • Fewer health issues than a purebred French Bulldog

The French Bullweiler at a Glance

At first glance, a French Bulldog Rottweiler mix may simply look like a French Bulldog with Rottweiler markings. Or, if this dog tends to be on the larger side, it may look like a standard bulldog with big ears and Rottweiler markings.

Indeed, most people don’t realize this designer dog is actually an intentionally mixed hybrid. Rest assured, this mix is intentional and even has its own name, the French Bullweiler.

To breed this mix, a Rottweiler parent (almost always the female) and a French Bulldog parent (the stud male) will be carefully bred. The result is a quirky little bully breed with Rottie markings and a bold temperament!

This dog is brave, protective, and slightly territorial. With a stubborn streak a mile wide, it is recommended that you begin training your French Bulldog Rottweiler mix as early as possible. The coat maintenance of this dog can vary.

However, generally, this dog has minimal grooming needs. This is also known to be a quiet mix that will be happy living in the city or in a rural setting.

What to Expect With This Designer Breed

To best understand what to expect from a Rottie Frenchie mix, it can be helpful to look at the background of both the Rottweiler and the French Bulldog.

Both dog breeds have fascinating backgrounds and histories! Next, we will give you the history of the French Bulldog and the Rottweiler.

That way, you can better understand which characteristics and traits to expect in your French Bullweiler.

History of the French Bulldog

The French Bulldog (sometimes called the Frenchie) is an endearing dog with a fascinating and complicated past.

This domestic dog was bred for one main reason. Namely, this dog was bred to be a companion animal.

French Bulldogs are the result of crossbreeding Toy Bulldogs from England and Rat Terriers from Paris. This stocky and compact canine is friendly, mild in temperament, and devoted to its owner.

When we say that the history of the French Bulldog is a complicated one, we mean it. It all started in 1835, when Blood Sports such as bull-baiting, were outlawed in England.

This left many Bulldogs unemployed. However, some Bulldogs had been bred for non-sporting reasons.

So, these dogs were crossbred with Rat Terriers from the slums of England. By the year 1850, the Toy Bulldog was developed and became common in England.

Simultaneously in Nottingham, many lace workers had been displaced by the Industrial Revolution.

These workers began settling in Normandy and Paris. These displaced workers brought many dogs with them, including the English Toy Bulldog.

In France, these Toy Bulldogs became extremely popular. The French particularly liked very tiny Toy Bulldogs with ears that stood up. So, the English continued to trade these types of Toy Bulldogs to the French.

In the region of Montmartre, France, these dogs were particularly popular. This was especially true in the bustling nightlife district.

Known for its selection of working Parisians, cabarets, artists, and museums, this region was all about uniqueness.

Amidst all of these bustling industries, Montmartre had many brothels. The women working in these brothels enjoyed plunging necklines, silk stockings, large skirts, and the compact snub nose dog that would later become the official French Bulldog.

Over the next few years, these dogs were bred for two main purposes. The first purpose was to have a unique appearance with large cartoonish round ears and snub noses.

The second purpose was to be companion animals that were calm and devoted. Many women in France would carry around these dogs as a status symbol.

Eventually, people began bringing these dogs to the United States of America. There was even a French Bulldog on the Titanic!

In time, the breed was recognized by the American Kennel Club and is still extremely popular today for its calm quirky temperament and signature look.

History of the Rottweiler

The history of the Rottweiler is much less complicated than that of the French Bulldog. Rottweilers are thought to come from the north Germanic regions of the Ancient Roman Empire.

These canines have been recorded in history as the dogs of Roman soldiers. The Rottweiler was also used to herd sheep, guard cattle, protect property, and more.

As time went on, Rottweilers became famous throughout Germany. These dogs were used to accompany butchers and protect them as they traded and traveled.

Also, the Rottweiler was used to pull carts in Germany and even became popular in England and Austria.

Later, Rottweilers were brought to the United States where they were recognized by the American Kennel Club.

Traits of a French Bulldog Rottweiler Mix

Since French Bulldogs and Rottweilers are such different breeds, the traits of a French Bulldog Rottweiler mix can vary greatly.

Generally, you can expect a puppy to grow into a small, medium, or even large-sized dog with bold yet loving temperament traits.

Expect your French Bulldog Rottweiler mix to weigh anywhere from 25 to 50 pounds when fully grown.

This dog may also be as small as 11 inches at the shoulder or as large as 20 inches tall at the shoulder. It will all depend on the specific genetic mix of your unique French Bullweiler.

The Personality of a French Bulldog Rottweiler Mix

Rottweilers are known for being extremely protective and brave. They are intelligent and capable of learning a range of tasks. However, Rottweilers are also known for having a stubborn streak.

Simultaneously, French Bulldogs are extremely loving and tend to be on the mellow side for small dogs. Just like with Rottweilers, French Bulldogs may have a stubborn streak.

Appearance of a French Bulldog Rottweiler Mix

This dog will likely have a short coat, a rounded tail, and large rounded almost bat-like ears.

Also, since French Bulldogs and Rottweilers both have distinctive muzzles, you can expect this dog to have a very boxy-shaped head with a short muzzle.

Coat and Colors of a French Bulldog Rottweiler Mix

Both French Bulldogs and Rottweilers can come in a range of colors. However, you can expect pretty consistent coat colors with a French Bullweiler.

This is because French Bullweilers are bred to showcase the stout body of the French Bulldog with the distinctive markings of the Rottweiler.

In general, the coat of this dog will be black, dark brown, or chocolate brown. Then, it will have markings on the eyebrows, muzzle, and possibly on the paws and belly, just like a Rottweiler. With this in mind, sometimes French bulldogs and Rottweiler’s breed accidentally.

In These instances, the coat colors can vary from brindle to beige, white, tan, black, or even lilac or chocolate. This is because French Bulldogs come in almost every coat color.

The Lifespan of a French Bulldog Rottweiler Mix

A French Bulldog Rottweiler mix can live anywhere from 10 to 13 years. French Bulldogs tend to live about 12 years.

Rottweilers also tend to live about 12 years. So, you can expect your dog to be with you for many years to come! To extend the lifespan of your mixed-breed dog, a healthy diet, daily exercises, and regular vet visits are encouraged.

Grooming Your French Bulldog Rottweiler Mix

With a short coat, this dog is relatively easy to groom. In fact, to take care of your French Bulldog Rottweiler mix, all you will have to do is brush it out and clean its face once a week.

Washing this dog’s face regularly is recommended to help keep its muzzle area smelling fresh and clean.

With the defined muzzle of this hybrid, dirt and oils can get trapped in the facial area.

Bathing this hybrid every two to eight weeks is recommended. Also, this mix may have skin sensitivity issues. So, be sure to use a hypoallergenic shampoo and a dog-friendly moisturizing conditioner.

French Bulldog Rottweiler Mix Health Problems

Although both the French Bulldog and the Rottweiler are known for having common health problems, this hybrid is actually relatively healthy.

You may have issues like skin sensitivity, ear infections, conjunctivitis, and dental problems. However, these problems can be managed with a proper diet and regular veterinary visits.

French Bulldog Rottweiler Mix Nutritional and Food Requirements

When feeding your French Bulldog Rottweiler mix, be sure to choose high-quality dog food with plenty of real ingredients. If you aren’t sure which food to choose for your dog, consult your veterinarian.

After all, each dog has unique nutritional needs. Also, French Bulldogs are known for having skin and stomach sensitivity issues. So, bear this in mind as you choose a new dog food.

French Bulldog Rottweiler Mix and their Exercise Requirements

Although French Bulldog Rottweiler mixes aren’t particularly demanding as far as activity goes, it is still wise to take your dog for a walk at least once a day.

Your French Bulldog Rottweiler mix may also tend toward obesity. As such, be sure to give it plenty of fun physical activity.

French Bulldog Rottweiler Mix Training Tips

Training is a big deal when it comes to a French Bulldog Rottweiler mix. Booth dog breeds are known for becoming stubborn. As such, begin training your puppy early and keep training your dog consistently.

It is recommended to begin training a French Bulldog Rottweiler mix at around eight weeks old. Really, training should start as soon as you bring your dog or puppy home.

On the bright side, Rottweilers tend to be easier to train than French Bulldogs. So, when you mix the Rottweiler breed with this Frenchie hybrid, you will have a dog that is easier to train.

French Bulldog Rottweiler Mix and Families

With socialization that begins early, this dog can do very well with children. Even though French Bulldogs aren’t known for having a love of children, Rottweilers are. So, as long as you get this dog used to kids at a young age, it should do very well with your family.

French Bulldog Rottweiler Mix and Other Pets

When it comes to how your French Bulldog Rottweiler mix will get along with other pets, socialization is key.

After your puppy has been fully vaccinated, you can begin socializing it with other dogs, cats, small animals, and more.

As long as this dog is socialized from an early age, it should get along quite well with other animals.

French Bulldog Rottweiler Mix Puppies For Sale

Does the French Bulldog Rottweiler mix sound like the perfect dog for you? We don’t blame you!

This is truly a unique and adorable pup. Before adopting a French Bulldog Rottweiler mix or purchasing one from a breeder, make sure to do your research.

Only buy a French Bulldog Rottweiler mix puppy from a breeder with experience and a good reputation.

Since breeding such a large dog and such a small dog together can be a tricky process, a reputable breeder is essential.

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