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Great Dane Husky Mix: Meet the Friendly Outgoing Dog

Great Dane Husky Mix

Have you been looking for an intelligent and energetic canine companion? Do you love the iconic blue eyes of Huskies but would prefer a slightly calmer breed?

Are you the kind of person who adores large dogs? If so, you might want to look into getting a Great Dane Husky mix!

The Great Dane Husky mix combines both the Husky and Great Dane dog breeds. This large hybrid comes in many coat colors and can weigh over 100 pounds!

As a large crossbreed, this mix is best for experienced owners. This mixed breed dog will need plenty of attention and physical activity to prevent behavior issues!

Great Dane Husky mixes usually have medium to high energy levels. They should be trained with consistency, positivity, and patience.

Overview of the Husky Great Dane Crossbreed

Knowing which breeds are in a mix can help you predict all sorts of important factors that will impact your relationship with a dog throughout its life.

Since this crossbreed contains both the Husky and the Great Dane, it will have many traits from both breeds. However, keep in mind that every mix or hybrid dog will be different. Just like people, no two dogs are exactly alike!

Husky Great Dane mixes are usually made by breeding a female Great Dane with a male Siberian Husky. Great Danes and Huskies are both popular dog breeds in the United States.

The Great Dane is known for its gentle and calm temperament. Huskies are known for being playful, stubborn, and energetic. Both of these dog breeds also have instantly recognizable physical features.

About the Husky

The Husky is a type of medium-large working dog. There are two types of Huskies, the Alaskan Husky, and a Siberian Husky.

Siberian Huskies are much larger than Alaskan Huskies. Siberian Huskies also have thicker coats and may showcase icy blue eyes.

The Siberian Husky was bred as a working sled dog. This breed can withstand very cold temperatures. Huskies can weigh anywhere from 40 to 80 lbs and belong to the Spitz family.

The Husky has an easily recognizable thick, double coat of fur that can come in many colors. This breed also has erect, triangular ears and a distinct, pointed muzzle.

Unlike other dog breeds, Huskies usually prefer to howl instead of bark. Huskies have high energy levels and are often described as escape artists. They may exhibit destructive behaviors such as digging, chewing, or jumping over fences.

Siberian Huskies were raised to be independent thinkers, so they can be stubborn at times. This breed is known for being good with children.

About the Great Dane

Great Danes are famous for being loyal, gentle, and affectionate. They can do well in families if trained properly! These sweet and affectionate dogs love to play and are usually gentle with children and smaller animals.

Great Danes have been around for a long time. This breed might date back over 1,000 years! In medieval times, Great Danes were guard dogs.

They protected people, carriages, horses, property, and more. It is thought that the Great Dane was originally bred to hunt wild boar. Later, the Great Dane was kept by royal nobility for protection.

These dogs love to make their humans happy and are very people-oriented. This means that they can sometimes demand lots of attention from the people around them.

Also, this large dog seems to be unaware of its massive size. So, it may try to crawl on your lap.

Reasons to Get a Husky Great Dane Mix

If you love large dogs with striking coats and distinctive appearance traits, the Great Dane Husky might be for you. This dog is a wonderful choice for those with plenty of time and energy to devote to their canine companion!

Additionally, the Great Dane Husky is healthier than a purebred Great Dane. So, if you want a Great Dane but are worried about it having health issues, choosing a Great Dane mix might be a good alternative.

This dog would do well in a home with active owners experienced with large breeds. Since both the dog breeds in this mix are people-oriented, this crossbreed should do quite well with children.

Why Love the Great Dane Husky Mixes

  • Great with children
  • Affectionate and protective
  • Intelligent and energetic
  • Striking appearance
  • Fairly easy to groom
  • Many possible coat colors
  • Medium to high energy levels
  • Healthier than a purebred Great Dane

Reasons Not to Get a Great Dane Husky Cross

Although this unique mix has many positive traits, there are a few reasons not to get a Husky Great Dane hybrid.

First of all, these dogs can be very demanding and may require lots of physical activity. Some Great Dane Husky mixes are independent and stubborn as well.

With lots of energy, this big mix may be destructive in your home. If you do not have a large fenced yard, you should avoid this mix.

Great Danes Husky mixes are also known for jumping up on the counter to get themselves a snack. So, you will need to keep things like your trash can and groceries safely out of reach until this dog is fully trained.

If left in a kennel all day, this dog will become frustrated and anxious, leading to behavior problems.

This crossbreed could be difficult to train. You will have to be patient, consistent, and dedicated with your training routine.

Huskies are also known to have very high prey drives and do poorly with cats. Finally, Great Danes mixes may carry over a few breed-specific health problems.

Why Avoid Husky Great Dane

  • Can become destructive in a home
  • Needs lots of attention and exercise
  • Will be anxious when alone
  • It May be hard to train
  • Only for experienced owners
  • Large in size
  • Might have high prey drive
  • Hard to control if untrained

Appearance of the Husky Great Dane Mix

Both the Husky and the Great Dane have very distinctive appearances. The Great Dane is large with long legs, a broad chest, and a distinctive head shape.

The Husky is muscular and compact, with a thick, double fur coat. The Husky is known for its distinctive markings and blue eyes.

This mix will be longer and taller than a Husky but with the head shape of a Great Dane. The shape of this hybrid’s muzzle will be slightly pointer than the shape of a Great Dane’s muzzle.

Great Dane Husky Coat Lengths and Colors

This hybrid will usually have a short or medium-short single or double or single layer coat. There are many possible coat colors.

Great Dane Husky mix coat colors range from light to dark. Colors such as brown, white, red, brindle, speckled, spotted, gray, tan, silver, cream, and everything in-between, are possible.

Grooming Your Husky Great Dane Mix

Huskies are known for keeping their coats clean. Great Danes have short single-layer coats. As such, this hybrid should not be particularly difficult to groom. However, some mixes shed more than others.

This is especially true if your Great Dane Husky mix has a long, double-layered, or medium-length coat.

If your Great Dane Husky mix sheds frequently, daily brushing can be helpful. Expect shedding to be heavier in the spring and fall. With that being said, a short, single-layer coat is most common with this hybrid. A Great Dane Husky hybrid should be bathed once or twice a month, depending on how dirty it gets.

Husky Great Dane Mix Lifespan

This is a fairly healthy dog that should live around 12 years. Great Danes live about seven to 10 years. Huskies usually live from 12 to 15 years.

Health Problems for Husky Great Dane Mixes

Many purebred Great Danes suffer from genetic and breed-specific health issues. However, since this is a hybrid, it may have more genetic diversity.

As such, Great Dane Husky hybrids are likely to be much healthier than purebred Great Danes. This is especially true if a purebred Great Dane has inbreeding and its genetic line.

Still, there are a few health issues that you should watch out for with this mix. The main health issue to watch out for is hip dysplasia.

Huskies and Great Danes are both known for developing issues with hip dysplasia as they age. Also, watch for eye defects. Other than that, this hybrid should be fairly healthy.

Food Requirements and Diet of Husky Great Dane Crosses

Look for well-balanced puppy foods that have high-quality ingredients. Feed your Great Dane Husky mix puppy a specially formulated type of puppy food until it has reached at least one year of age.

Puppy food that has been specially formulated to suit the needs of a large breed dog may help to prevent joint and hip issues later in life

Also, be sure to feed an adult Great Dane Husky carefully to prevent bloat. Allow your adult Great Dane Husky to rest for at least 45 minutes after a big meal so that it can digest everything properly.

Finally, consider feeding this mix a raw diet. Husky mixes tend to thrive with raw food diets.

Personality and Temperament of Husky Great Dane Hybrids

This dog is sure to have a strong and interesting personality. Huskies are known for their entertaining antics while Great Danes are famed for their cuddly, affectionate natures. Each dog is different, but this mix is sure to keep you on your toes!

Husky Great Dane Hybrid Training Tips

This dog can be stubborn and may be hard to train. As such, you should begin your training plan early. As soon as your dog comes into your home, it will be learning what is and is not acceptable. Be consistent and patient with this dog.

Families and Husky Great Dane Mixes

If you plan to have this dog in your family, be sure to start socializing it from eight weeks of age on. That way, it will be familiar with the behaviors and natures of children. Also, be sure to teach children how to behave around this dog. That way, problems will be less likely.

The Husky Great Dane Mix and Other Pets

If you want your Husky Great Dane hybrid to get along well with other animals in your household, you should begin socializing it early. Huskies are known to have a high prey drive. As such, they may try to chase and attack smaller animals.

To prevent this, introduce your Great Dane Husky mix to smaller animals like cats when they are young. The sooner, the better. Just be sure to wait until your dog has been fully vaccinated before introducing it to other dogs.

With that being said, you can begin socializing a Great Dane Husky puppy as soon as it comes into your house. As you socialize your new puppy with cats, be sure to keep things positive and create a safe environment for both animals.

Exercise Requirements of a Husky Great Dane Mix

There is a good chance that this mix is going to need a lot of physical activity. Be prepared to take your dogs for vigorous walks or play exciting games of fetch with them every day. If you like hiking, camping, and spending time outdoors, this is a good mix to get.

However, if you are expecting this dog to be a couch potato, think again. This dog could have energy levels that range from medium to very high! Lots of exercising and physical activity will help keep your dog’s energy levels stable and prevent destructive behaviors.

Husky Great Dane Mix Puppies for Sale: What to Know

Before you adopt a Great Dane Husky hybrid puppy, you should check that it comes from two healthy parent dogs. Also, choose a puppy with a balanced, friendly temperament.

Never adopt a puppy from a puppy mill and try to make sure that the breeder you work with has a good reputation.

Since this hybrid could develop hip dysplasia, you may want to ask the breeder whether either parent has struggled with hip or joint issues.

You can also ask the breeder if they have conducted a health screening for hip dysplasia.