Mastiff Pug Mix

Mastiff Pug Mix: Is it the Right Dog for You?

The Mastiff Pug Mix may be a type of dog that you haven’t heard of yet. There are a lot of crossbreeds, sometimes known as designer dogs, that are out in the canine world. If you know what to expect from a designer cross, you will be better prepared?

What is a Mastiff Pug Mix and is one the right dog for you? These dogs are a mix between one of the largest dog breeds and one of the smallest. Read on to learn more about these dogs and what you should expect.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a Mastiff Pug Mix

Although every designer mix has appealing traits, there are also some characteristics that might not be for every owner.

These dogs have social needs that require a committed owner, as well as the potential for health issues.

Some of the reasons one of these dogs may not be for you include:

  • You might not know what size the dog will be eventually
  • These dogs are curious and always ready to get into everything
  • Your dog might be susceptible to eye and breathing issues, as well as cancer and hip dysplasia
  • Their energy level is high
  • Their high intelligence may make training difficult
  • You may need to invest in joint supplements

Reasons Why You Should Get a Mastiff Pug Mix

Although Mastiff Pug Mixes have challenges, like any breed, many owners consider their good traits to outweigh their bad traits.

These dogs are affectionate and energetic while having modest grooming requirements.

Some of the reasons that you may want to consider a Mastiff Pug Mix include:

  • As a crossbreed, these dogs may have a more medium size
  • Designer crosses may not have some of the health issues common in purebred dogs
  • Both parent breeds have a long history that owners can easily be proud of
  • The Pug heritage may give these dogs a longer lifespan
  • Mastiffs and Pugs are affectionate breeds by nature
  • This mix has minimal grooming requirements
  • The cross is ideal for owners who enjoy hiking and walking a lot


Appearance, Personality, Coat and Colors, Lifespan, and Traits of Mastiff Pug Mix

Because the Mastiff Pug Mix is a cross between two breeds, this dog may favor one parent or share an equal mix of traits.

These dogs, because of their parents’ respective histories, are likely to have alert, appearances, with short muzzles.

Most people think of Pugs as small dogs without any connection to bigger breeds. However, these dogs are descended from a breed that was part of the Mastiff family. Because of this background, these are big dogs living in small packages.

Although Mastiffs and Pugs have slight differences in personality, their family devotion is unquestionable.

The Mastiff is a guardian by nature, while the Pug is more of a family companion. Most have a mix of both breeds personality-wise.

Brown and black are two of the most popular coat colors. You may also find Mastiff Pug crosses with brindle, red, or white coats.

Regardless of the coat color, these dogs will have a uniformly short coat, with low to moderate shedding.

The Mastiff has a relatively short lifespan of 6 to 12 years because of its size, while the Pug has a longer lifespan of 12 to 16 years.

A Mastiff Pug Mix may have an average lifespan of 12 years. Factors that include health and lifestyle may play a role.

Traits that most of these dogs will have include family loyalty, as well as a strong thirst for adventure.

These dogs are not usually content to bond with one person to the exclusion of others. If something’s going on, these dogs are there to check it out.

Mastiff Pug Mix Puppies for Sale

When you are in search of Mastiff Pug Mix puppies, you are most likely to find them through breeders. Because this designer mix is newer than some, breeders are less likely to have dogs with extensive pedigrees.

Some designer mix dog breeders breed from dogs that are multi-generation crosses. When dogs are bred from these crosses, breeders have a somewhat better idea of what to expect. These dogs may have a more uniform size and appearance.

Many of these dogs will be a deliberate cross between a male Pug and a female Mastiff. Ideally, the breeder should do health tests on both parents. Good breeders will also want to have background information on buyers and their living circumstances.

When you acquire a puppy from a breeder, you may need to wait to get a puppy. Many breeders, including those who breed designer mixes, only breed their dogs every other year. When the breeder breeds less frequently, they may use a waiting list.

One thing that buyers will want to avoid is buying puppies from puppy mills. The dogs produced in such settings may have severe health issues or be the product of inbreeding. Puppy mill dogs are usually raised in unsanitary, inhumane conditions.

Although somewhat rare when compared with some other crossbreeds, there is a chance you may find a Mastiff Pug Mix in a shelter.

One thing to keep in mind is that shelter staff often have to make a guess at the breeds involved based on appearance.

Grooming Your Mastiff Pug Mix

Mastiff Pug Mixes have short coats that will require minimal care. Weekly brushing is usually sufficient to keep the dog’s coating looking fantastic.

Most short-haired dogs shed a little more heavily in early spring, so prepare for twice-weekly brushing then.

When you brush your dog, use a brush with stiff bristles. These types of brushes help remove the dead hair more effectively. Removing dead hair makes it easy to avoid unsightly matting, as well as spots for fleas and ticks to accumulate.

Baths are usually necessary every two to three months. Your Mastiff Pug cross should only be bathed more often if it’s gotten muddy or otherwise dirty. If you bathe your dog too often, the coat is likely to dry out.

When bathing your dog, it is a good idea to avoid human shampoos, which often have ingredients that are harsh on dogs’ coats.

Dog shampoos with ingredients like coconut oil, aloe vera, and oatmeal are of the best benefit for your dog.

Other grooming tasks include ear and eye area washing, tooth-brushing, and nail clipping. Even though these tasks and bathing can be done at a grooming salon, grooming your dog yourself can be an excellent bonding activity.

Mastiff Pug Mix Health Problems

Mastiff Pug Mixes might be susceptible to health problems. Eye issues, such as cherry eye, often come from the Pug part of the ancestry. This condition may involve eye surgery, including removal of the affected eye.

Because Pugs and Pug mixes have eyes that protrude more than some other breeds, there is a somewhat higher chance of injury.

If your dog requires eye surgery, an e-collar will help protect your dog’s face, including its eyes, from inadvertent injury.

Because of the short snouts that some of these dogs inherit from their Pug ancestors, they may be likely to have breathing difficulties.

Physical exertion and heat usually aggravate these symptoms. Surgery is sometimes required to correct these issues.

If your dog is heat-sensitive, a cooling vest or neckcloth may help. These tools can easily bring down your dog’s body temperature when it is having difficulty staying cool. Avoid vigorous physical activity during times of very hot weather.

Cancer is a concern that is very common with the Mastiff side of the dog;’s ancestry. Bone and skin cancer are both somewhat common. These types of cancer may be more aggressive and spread more easily than some other types.

Another possible health concern that these dogs might have is hip dysplasia. When dogs develop hip dysplasia, the hip joint deteriorates. The end result is pain, and often difficulty walking without assistance or even requiring a dog wheelchair.

Mastiff Pug Mix Food Requirements

Mastiff Pug Mixes, regardless of whether they lean more towards a large or small size, need wholesome diets that help support healthy bones and joints. Obesity is an issue that you will want to avoid in these dogs because of other potential health effects.

If you can find a food that contains added chondroitin, fish oil, and glucosamine, your dog will enjoy better bone and joint health. In addition to protecting the bones, fish oil also protects skin and eye health.

Skin allergies are an issue that many Mastiff Pug Mixes live with regularly. Foods that contain fish oils and other Omega-3 nutrients can play a role in reducing these problems.

Mastiff Pug designer mixes are often good candidates for raw food diets. However, if feeding raw food, you will need to make sure your dog receives sufficient nutrients. Commercially-prepared raw foods are available that have the necessary nutrients.

Mastiff Pug Mix Exercise Requirements

Because Mastiff Pug Mixes are so energetic, they will require daily walks, at least. If you live in an area where you can take your dog hiking, this is an activity that your dog will love. At least half an hour of yard play daily is also helpful.

Mastiff Pug Mix Training

The good news is that Mastiff Pug Mixes are intelligent dogs. However, that intelligence level comes with a bit of stubbornness. These mixes know what they want and they are very likely to push any boundaries that you have set.

Shorter training sessions are best for keeping these dogs’ attention. As a mixture of two naturally curious breeds, these mixes get distracted easily. You want your dog to learn, of course, but you don’t want the lessons to become tedious.

Positive reinforcement will make a difference in how these dogs respond to training. Giving generous praise when your dog does what you ask will help it see what you expect. Avoiding harsh punishments is essential to maintaining the dog’s trust.

Mastiff Pug Mix and Families

The Mastiff Pug Mix is an excellent family dog. Regardless of your children’s ages, the dog will be ready to join in the fun. Don’t be surprised if you find this dog appointing itself as your kids’ protector.

However, all dogs require supervision around children, regardless of size. Dogs with the energy levels that these mixes have might be quite rambunctious when playing. Babies and toddlers can get knocked over easily.

Older children, such as those who are at least school age, will get along best with these dogs. If your Mastiff Pug crossbreed is somewhat bigger in size, older kids can easily keep up. Smaller dogs are less likely to get hurt during play.

Children should spend time around these mixes, including helping with their care. Kids often love feeding or walking dogs. When you allow your kids to spend time caring for Mastiff Pug designer crosses, they will likely grow into responsible pet owners.


Mastiff Pug Mix and Other Pets

Mastiff Pug Mixes usually get along with other pets. As with all dogs, you will need to make sure that they are properly socialized. Dogs that understand what you expect of them will be more likely to accept other pets.

When introducing one of these mixes to a new dog, you want to give the pets enough time to adjust to each other. The dog already living in your home might see the new dog as somewhat of a threat, which makes proper introductions important.

The introductions will work best if the two dogs meet at a location away from your home, if possible. When the dogs interact with each other the first few times, both should be leashed. Avoid leaving the dogs alone together until they have adjusted.

You may need to use caution around smaller pets, like rabbits and birds. These pets may trigger dogs’ prey instincts, possibly with tragic results. If such pets are allowed out of their cages for exercise, this should happen when the dog is in another room.

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