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Why Do Rottweilers Dig Holes

Why Do Rottweilers Dig Holes?

Is My Rottweiler Digging for Gold? The rate at which a Rottweiler can destroy a garden is startling. Some will begin to scratch furiously at soil or sand at any given opportunity. Is your Rottweiler displaying these kinds of behaviors, and is it driving you crazy? Not all Rottweilers love […]

Why do Rottweilers Howl

Why do Rottweilers Howl?

When Your Rottweiler Channels their Inner Wolf Is your Rottweiler a howler? A lot of owners are baffled by the way their Rottie will occasionally throw back their heads and howl away. But does it mean they’re unhappy, and should you be worried? When Rottweilers or any breed of dog […]

rottweiler pros and cons
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Rottweilers: Should You Get One or Not?

We’re all about the Rottweilers here, and we would always give a hearty “yes!” to this question. However, it always helps to know the pros and cons of owning the animal you’re thinking of. Rottweilers: The Parts We Love In short, these are the best things about owning a Rottweiler: […]

Should Rottweilers Be Muzzled
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Should Rottweilers Be Muzzled?

The decision to muzzle a dog is always one that divides owners. Some find it a cruel practice, others a necessary one. When it comes to the requirements around Rottweiler muzzle enforcement, you must check the laws of your state. Different states have different legal requirements. For example, muzzles are […]