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Rottweiler Bloodhound Mix: A Total Guide

Rottweiler Bloodhound Mix

Are you interested in getting a Rottweiler Bloodhound mix? Do you want to find out what this hybrid is like, how much they shed, or whether they do well in families?

In this guide, we will cover it all! We are going to discuss the Rottweiler Bloodhound mix in-depth and tell you everything you need to know!

The Bloodhound Rottweiler mix is a hybrid of a Rottweiler and a Bloodhound. This mix is likely to have a sharp sense of smell and protective temperament traits. As a large dog, this mix may weigh anywhere from 75 to 105 pounds.

These dogs may be stubborn and possess a keen nose that is prone to sniffing out mischief. Therefore early training is wise. This is a fairly active dog with medium to high energy levels.

What You Should Know About Bloodhound Rottie Hybrids

Before you adopt a Bloodhound Rottweiler mix, there are a few things that you should know. Most importantly, understand that this is a large dog with medium to high energy levels and a protective drive.

Additionally, these dogs are likely to have a keen sense of smell. Their sharp noses can get them into trouble from time to time. Therefore, training from an early age is critical.

This can be a wonderful mixed breed if raised with capability and confidence by the right owner. Not only are Rottweiler Bloodhound mixes unique in appearance, but they have a balanced personality and are capable of learning a range of behaviors and tricks.

Although many dogs may contain a mix of Rottweiler and Bloodhound traits, a true Rottweiler Bloodhound mix will have one purebred Rottweiler parent and one purebred Bloodhound parent.

Rottie Bloodhound Mixes in a Nutshell

  • Medium to high energy levels
  • Could be prone to distractibility
  • Moderate to intense exercise needs
  • Likely to have a keen sense of smell
  • Large and tall is size, though not a giant breed
  • Comes in three main colors with a dense coat
  • Potentially protective and possessive
  • Will usually have light to moderate grooming needs
  • May develop a stubborn temperament without firm leadership
  • This dog should be capable of learning quickly and retaining what they learn
  • Has a unique look that may be mistaken for a Doberman mix
  • Can do well with kids and other pets if trained from an early age

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a Rottweiler Bloodhound Mix

There are a few reasons that this breed may not be best for you to own. First of all, they are large and produce lots of drool and unpleasant odors.

Additionally, these dogs have extremely keen noses and are prone to distractibility. When a Rottweiler Bloodhound mix decides to go after a certain smell, it can be difficult to get their attention back on you.

Finally, this large mix may be stubborn and will need lots of training from an early age. They will also need daily exercise to keep them physically healthy and mentally happy. Before getting this mix, be sure you are up to these challenges.

Reasons Why You Should Get a Rottweiler Bloodhound Mix

There are many reasons to love this mix! First of all, they are very unique and look adorable with floppy ears and thick dense fur. Additionally, they make great family pets when trained properly from an early age.

As hybrids, they are prone to fewer health issues than purebred dogs. Finally, they have sharp noses and protective instincts.

Therefore, they can be fascinating and fun furry friends. They can even be trained to do a range of tracking and protection tasks!

A Note on Rottweiler Mixes and Hybrids

Understanding the traits of a puppy’s parents can help you predict many important factors about a dog when it reaches adulthood.

This is very helpful with large dogs like Rottweiler mixes. The Rottweiler Bloodhound mix is technically a type of hybrid dog.

So what is the difference between a hybrid and a mixed breed dog? To put it simply, a hybrid dog is the offspring of two or more known dog breeds.

Alternatively, a mixed breed dog may contain three, four, or more, known breeds. However, in many cases, these terms are used interchangeably.

Mixing, Matching, and Predicting Traits

If one Rottweiler Bloodhound hybrid is bred to another Rottweiler Bloodhound hybrid, their offspring will still only contain only those two breeds.

Or, a Rottie Bloodhound mixed with a pure Bloodhound would be more Bloodhound-like than Rottweiler-like. Knowing which dogs were mixed into your hybrid is a big part of predicting traits and behaviors.

The History of Each Breed in This Mix

Both Rottweilers and Bloodhounds are AKC recognized purebred dogs with interesting histories. The Bloodhound is from the Hound Group. Alternatively, the Rottweiler is from the Working Group.

Fascinating History of the Bloodhound Breed

Saint Hubert Hounds are the predecessors of Bloodhounds. This breed was first developed by monks in 1,000 AD. Puppies were often gifted from monks to kings.

Therefore, they were kept in castles as part of the royal pack. Over time, Bloodhounds were selectively bred to make even better Bloodhounds. This is where their name comes from, representing the “pureblood hound dog”.

References to Bloodhounds can also be found in texts from the 14th century. As a descendant of the Saint Hubert Hound, Bloodhounds were also owned by the Normans in Europe. In medieval times, these hounds were used for hunting and tracking.

In time, they were carefully bred for their strong noses and floppy ears. These ears push scents up from the ground, wafting them through the air toward the dog’s nose.

The Bloodhound was the first dog whose sniffer evidence was admissible in court. These hounds are unrivaled in their sense of smell!

The Roots of the Noble Rottweiler

Rottweilers were originally bred in ancient Rome as guard dogs and cattle herding dogs. Rottweilers are easily recognizable by their brown eyebrows and dark black coats.

Rottweilers are one of the oldest dog breeds! However, due to overbreeding in the last 10 years, Rotties are prone to certain issues related to bone health.

Rottweilers are incredibly intelligent and can be trained to complete a range of tasks. In the olden days, Rottweilers were used to pull carts, assist on farms, protect their owners, and more.

These are protective dogs that may be suspicious of strangers. Rottweilers only come in one color and usually weigh from 80 to 105 pounds.

Appearance of the Rottweiler Bloodhound Rottweiler Mix

The Rottweiler Bloodhound mix is a unique-looking dog that may vary greatly in appearance.

Some Rottweiler Bloodhound mixes look like Rottweilers with extra floppy ears skin. Other Rottweiler Bloodhound mixes look very similar to Doberman Pinschers, but with longer ears.

Then again, a Rottweiler Bloodhound might look a lot like a bloodhound but with darker coloration and thicker fur.

In most cases, the Rottweiler Bloodhound will look like a long-faced Rottweiler with extra floppy ears and a very long tail.

This will be a large dog that measures anywhere from 24 to 27 inches tall at the withers. It will have long legs and floppy ears with droopy jowls.

Rottweiler Bloodhound Coat Colors

Bloodhounds mainly come in four colors. These colors are liver, black, tan, and red. These colors may be combined in various coat patterns.

On the other hand, Rottweilers only come in two main colors; black and tan. Rottweilers almost always have black coats with tan or red markings on their eyebrows, legs, and chest.

Therefore, the Rottweiler Bloodhound mix will almost always be a combination of black and tan. Expect this dog to be mostly black with tan markings on the eyebrows and face.

With that in mind, some Rottweiler Bloodhound hybrids are tan with black markings on the eyebrows, legs, and face.

Grooming a Rottweiler Bloodhound Hybrid

The Rottweiler Bloodhound has moderate grooming needs. Expect to do some light-duty grooming every day to keep this dog healthy and smelling fresh. Because of their large size, dense coat, and tendency to drool, these dogs can be pretty messy.

Although they are not as difficult to groom as certain fluffy large breed dogs, they will require regular maintenance.

The Rottweiler Bloodhound mix usually possesses short dense coats with an undercoat. Brush your Rottweiler Bloodhound mix daily or every other day to reduce shedding.

While you are at it, you will likely want to clean this dog’s ears. The droopier your Rottweiler Bloodhound’s ears are, the more they will need to be cleaned.

If your Rottweiler Bloodhound mix has particularly droopy skin, be sure to clean the folds beneath these areas daily.

This will prevent bacterial growth and unpleasant odors. Finally, expect to bathe this about two times a month depending on how much it plays outside.

Rottweiler Bloodhound Lifespan and Health Considerations

Both Rottweilers and the Bloodhounds have been selectively bred for well over 1,000 years. As such, the bloodlines of these dogs are very distinct.

In the 1980s and 1990s, Bloodhounds and Rottweilers were both overbreed. As such, certain genetic health issues became a problem in both breeds.

Bloodhounds are known for having certain eye issues. However, the mix of these two breeds offers genetic diversity and makes all of the health issues listed above less likely.

A healthy diet, regular exercise, and good breeding practices can prevent many health issues.

Food Requirements of the Rottweiler Bloodhound

Since Rottweilers and Bloodhounds both suffer from a condition called bloat, using an elevated feeding bowl is a smart decision for this mix.

Additionally, Rottweilers are prone to overeating. Be sure to feed your mixed breed dog a healthy and balanced diet.

Finally, Rottweiler Bloodhound mix puppies will be large when fully grown. To prevent Orthopedic issues from developing, make sure that your Rottweiler Bloodhound puppy is fed a balanced diet without excessive protein. Too much protein can cause growth spurts in Rottweiler Bloodhound puppies.

These growth spurts may lead to hip, elbow, and shoulder issues later in life. To avoid these growth spurts, choose a large-breed-specific puppy food.

Exercise Requirements of Rottweiler Bloodhound Hybrids

Rottweilers and Bloodhounds are both active dog breeds. Bloodhounds love to sniff out new smells with their extremely sensitive noses.

Rottweilers love to roam and inspect the perimeters of your property for danger. When combined, this will be a medium energy breed that loves to spread out and roam in wide-open spaces.

A fenced-in dog park is a great place to exercise a Rottweiler Bloodhound mix. Be careful not to let any type of Bloodhound mix off-leash; this dog tends to follow its nose into trouble.

A fenced-in yard or dog park is a great place to exercise a Rottweiler Bloodhound mix. Long daily walks are a must with this hybrid.

Personality and Temperament of the Rottweiler Bloodhound Dog

The Rottweiler Bloodhound mix is a loving and loyal dog with a keen sense of smell and a curious mind.

These dogs will be highly influenced by how you train them throughout puppyhood. When properly trained, this can be a calm and evenly tempered dog with an extremely loyal and devoted disposition.

Bloodhound Rottweiler Mix Training Tricks & Tips

When training this dog, keep in mind their keen sense of smell. With such a strong nose, Rottweiler Bloodhound mixes are prone to distractibility.

Additionally, Rottweilers are known for developing a stubborn personality. As such, early training is a must.

Does the Bloodhound Rottweiler Mix Get Along with Families?

If socialized with children from a young age, this dog can get along very well in a family setting. Rottweilers are highly intelligent and known for being gentle with children when socialized and trained from puppyhood.

Bloodhounds are also great family pets with loving and cuddly personalities. Just be sure to keep an eye on kids, as this dog may accidentally overpower them.

What About Rottweiler Bloodhound Mixes & Other Pets?

When socialized with other pets from a young age, this dog can get along fine with others. However, Bloodhounds are known for getting into kitty litter due to their strong noses. Be sure to train and socialize this dog intensively to avoid problems.

Tips for Selecting a Rottweiler Bloodhound Hybrid Puppy

Does the Rottweiler Bloodhound sound like the perfect mix for you? These are truly unique and fun dogs!

Keep in mind that there are a few things to know when selecting a Rottweiler Bloodhound puppy. First, be sure to look for a healthy puppy from a reputable breeder.

Check for OFC, hip, and eye testing. It is also wise to meet both of a puppy’s parents so that you can know what to expect from your future canine companion.

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