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Rottweilers: Should You Get One or Not?

rottweiler pros and cons

We’re all about the Rottweilers here, and we would always give a hearty “yes!” to this question. However, it always helps to know the pros and cons of owning the animal you’re thinking of.

Rottweilers: The Parts We Love

In short, these are the best things about owning a Rottweiler:

They’re extremely loyal – You’ll struggle to find a more loyal dog than a Rottweiler. They form very strong attachments to their owners, and they will defend their homes and pack to death.

They’re very intelligent dogs – An intelligent dog is not only one that will respond to love and discipline but is one that will love to get involved with plenty of activities that you do together. This can sometimes be a ‘con’, though, because the Rottweilers need lots of mental stimulation to keep them occupied.

Rottweilers are easy to train – Their high intelligence makes training both a joy and a reward. However, if you’ve never owned a Rottweiler before you should take at least a few obedience classes with a professional so that you get tips on the best way to train your dog.

They’re great guard dogs – With their fierce loyalty and protective streak, along with their huge, imposing build and bite ratio, Rottweilers make fabulous guard dogs. If nothing else, any would-be intruder would simply not bother risking it!

They make excellent family pets – Despite all the great things that make them good guard dogs, Rottweilers get a bad rap at times. They’re actually very docile animals who love to be part of the family and look after even the smallest children.

They’re relatively low maintenance – They’re easy to groom, they don’t generally have any major dietary requirements, and they’re happiest when they’re simply with the family, having a great time.

They do well in houses or apartments – Despite their large size, Rottweilers are considered in the top three of the Best Apartment Dogs! If they have plenty of outdoor exercises, a Rottweiler does very well in an apartment.

They love cuddles and love – If a huge, devoted dog who just loves to love you is what you’re looking for, then look no further than a Rottweiler. Many people would say that the only risk a Rottweiler poses is licking their owner to death.

They love long walks and playing – A Rottweiler could be a great choice if you’re looking to get out of the house and exercise more. They’ll never say no to a good, long walk and they just love a good old wrestling match on the living room floor!

They’re not big barkers – A big plus for apartment living, and for anyone who doesn’t want their dog to annoy the neighbors. If your Rottweiler is mentally stimulated and exercised enough that they don’t become bored, they’ll rarely bark.

The Parts that May Make You Think Twice

It’s always important to get both sides of the story, so we’d advise that you consider the following less great things about Rottweilers, including:

People fear them – It’s unfortunate, but you might find that people don’t like coming over to your home or approaching you in the park if they know you have a Rottweiler. These dogs do have a poor reputation, often falsely projected by TV shows and movies.

They can be very stubborn – Yes, they’re easy to train, but Rottweilers have a real tendency to want to do their own thing. They can be very wilful and coupled with that huge, strong body, it can make for quite a handful for many people.

They’re extremely strong – If you don’t feel physically strong enough to handle your Rottweiler, then you should look for a different breed of dog. All dog owners should be able to handle their dog on a leash, and for some, a Rottweiler is just too much, especially if they’re employing the stubborn streak that we just mentioned.

Their shedding can be too much – Rottweilers are easy enough to groom but they have a double coat, designed to keep them warm in the cold German winters where they were used as working dogs. They shed twice a year, which can be a nightmare for your vacuum cleaner.

Sometimes they stink – Did someone mention gas? Rottweilers have very ripe digestive systems and sometimes their gas makes the air around them so toxic you’ll need to open a window or, better still, leave the room for a few minutes.

They get bored easily – A Rottweiler is an easy-going, placid beast if they’re getting plenty of physical and mental stimulation. They’re no lapdogs, and their intelligence means that they need attention and plenty of interaction. If they feel neglected, they can become destructive.

They don’t live very long – It’s a sad truth that Rottweilers don’t have a lifespan that even comes close to other animals. Where Terriers can live for up to 15 years, a Rottweiler tends to live only 8-10 years. This can make it very tough for a family to go through relatively regularly.

They’ll break the bank – Rottweiler puppies can go for thousands of dollars. You might want to consider adopting from the pound, but you never know what kind of training and history they’ve had before.

They’re prone to health issues – Paying for a Rottweiler puppy is something you can save up for, but you should be aware of their susceptibility to health issues, including hip and elbow dysplasia, eye problems, and several different types of cancer.

Are YOU a Good Fit for a Rottweiler?

We tend to think only if the dog is right for us, but it’s just as important to consider if we’re right for the dog.

To properly care for a Rottweiler, you should be aware of the following:

Rottweilers are not for first-time owners – If you’ve never owned a dog before, a Rottweiler isn’t the place to start. They’re huge, powerful animals who can be dangerous in inexperienced hands, and sadly far too many are surrendered to the pound for this reason.

You must do your research – Get to know the breed inside out before you commit yourself to a Rottweiler. Learn about their stubborn streak and familiarize yourself with the best training methods. Starting early and firmly are the only ways to stop your dog from ruling the roost.

You should be prepared for the work they’ll need – All dogs require dedication, but a Rottweiler needs regular exercise and mental stimulation, or they’ll become bored and destructive, even dangerous. If your work schedule is too demanding, your Rottweiler will be the one to suffer, so think honestly about the time you’ll be able to put in.

Be especially careful around young children – Yes, Rottweilers are great family dogs but unless they’re well trained by an experienced owner, they can become snappy, especially with younger children, and they’re too strong to risk being aggressive around children.

What did You Decide?

Hopefully, now, you’ll feel a little more informed as to your decision to get a Rottweiler. Remember that there’s no shame in realizing that they might not be the dog for you.

But if your mind’s made up in favor of owning a Rottweiler, then we’re sure there’s no better dog you could have picked!