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What Dog Can Beat A Rottweiler?

What Dog Can Beat A Rottweiler

Rottweilers are quite large dogs that reach 22 to 27 inches tall at the shoulder and between 85 and 130 pounds when they are full-grown adults. They are considered a large breed of dog that originates in Germany.

Are Rottweilers Agressive Dogs?

Depending on how a dog of any breed is raised and trained, will dictate how it will act around its family. Dogs that have consistent training without any type of force, but instead with lots of affection and treats will generally be protective of their family members but not excessively aggressive with other dogs.

If a dog comes from a parent dog that is overly aggressive, the tendency for the puppies to be more aggressive than normal will be there and those traits can be used to train a dog to be a guard dog. Dogs that are kept tied up to ward off traitors on a person’s property will be more aggressive naturally because they aren’t socialized properly.

Are Rottweilers A Safer Family Dog than a Pitbull?

Rottweilers may be safer dogs for a family than a Pitbull. Studies of fatal dog attacks show that the Pitbull causes death n a fight 64% of the time and Rottweilers only cause death in a fight 11.4% of the time.

Pitbulls are smaller dogs than Rottweilers, but they are the most dangerous dogs that often attack people, small children, and other pets even when they are not provoked. Pitbulls that are aggressive can definitely take down a Rottweiler and beat it.

Can German Shepherds Beat Rottweilers?

German Shepherds are also a large breed of dog. Their stature is taller and leaner than a Rottweiler, so this makes them more agile and faster when it is necessary. A large German Shepherd can in fact beat a Rottweiler when the Shepherd puts them on the ground, holds them down, and beats them at that point.

Can A Doberman Beat A Rottweiler?

Doberman Pinschers are taller and more agile than Rottweilers, so in theory, they most probably can beat a Rottie. The Rottweiler has a bite force of 328 PSI and the Doberman’s bite force is only 245 PSI, but it has more speed and agility to be the winner in a fight between the two breeds.

Can A Bulmastiff Beat A Rottweiler?

The Bullmastiff and the Rottie are very similar in height and weight and would be equally sizable as large dogs in an altercation. The two breeds are equally strong with a very high strength level and their body shapes are also similar.

The Bullmastiff has a lower energy level and runs at a top speed of 20 mph, whereas a Rottweiler has a low to high energy level depending on its lineage and a top running speed of 22 mph.

The Rottweiler breed as a whole has a high rating in aggression overall and the Bullmastiff ranks as average in aggression. Both dogs make good guard dogs and will attack another if they believe it is trying to harm their family members. This fight would probably be too close to call, as both dogs have the same level of intelligence and agility.

Can A Cane Corso Beat A Rottweiler?

The Cane Corso is a large breed of dog that is similar in height and weight to a Rottweiler when they are full grown. Their body shapes are about the same as each other too. A Cane Corso is a less trusting dog overall and it isn’t very good with children, other dogs, or strangers, especially when provoked.

The intelligence level of these two dog breeds is about the same, but the Cane Corso is a very high-energy dog who needs lots of exercises. This fact may lean toward the Cane Corso being a winner in a fight with a Rottweiler.

Can A Great Dane Beat A Rottweiler?

The Great Dane is an extra-large breed of dog that can reach up to 10 inches taller than a Rottweiler and can be 70 pounds heavier than a Rottie as well. The Rottweiler has a high intelligence level, but a Great Dane is only average in intelligence.

Great Danes tend to be jealous and stubborn and they have a top running speed of 30 mph compared to the Rottweiler at 22 mph. Great Danes have a below-average aggression level, but they are very protective of their families and will attack other dogs if provoked. The Great Dane would be the winner in a fight with a Rottweiler because of the additional weight, height, and speed of this breed.

Can An American Staffordshire Terrier Beat A Rottweiler?

The American Staffordshire Terrier is very similar to a Pittbull and is usually mistaken for the Pittie breed. They are quite a bit shorter and lighter than a Rottweiler and their top weight at maturity is about 70 pounds. They are built very solid and muscular, similar to the Rottweiler, but a lower center of gravity may give them the upper hand in a match.

Even though this dog breed is quite a bit smaller than a Rottweiler, it is faster with a top running speed of 24 mph and it’s very agile as well. These statistics point to an American Staffordshire Terrier as the winner in a match with a Rottie.

Can An American Bulldog Beat A Rottweiler?

The American Bulldog is pretty close in size to a Rottweiler in adulthood and usually is about an inch taller, but about 10 pounds lighter than a Rottie. This is a large breed of dog that can have massive muscles. The American Bulldog is not stranger friendly or very friendly with other pets in general.

They are considered to be aggressive dogs as a whole for the breed, with a high energy level and a top running speed of 23 mph, a bit faster than a Rottweiler. American Bulldogs are also jealous and stubborn, although not the most intelligent of breeds. The massive muscles and body build tend to predict that an American Bulldog will beat a Rottweiler in a fight.

Can An Alaskan Husky or Malamute Beat A Rottweiler?

Both the Alaskan Husky and the Malamute have been bred for sled dogs over the centuries. As such, they are extremely muscular and have a very high energy level and the most stamina of most breeds of dogs. This enables them to pull a heavy sled over snow and ice for hours on end without tiring.

These breeds are about 2 inches shorter and 30 pounds lighter than a Rottweiler when they are an adult. They are in general not as friendly as a Rottweiler with families, children, other pets, and strangers. These two dog breeds are very similar to each other in all manners and, based on their high strength and agility, they would probably be the winner in a face-off with a Rottie.

Can A Dalmatian Beat A Rottweiler?

The Dalmation is usually seen as a wonderful family dog, but they can have a mean streak, as with any breed. Dalmations were bred as guard dogs with an attitude throughout the years and they can be quite aggressive with strangers and other dogs at times.

On average, a Dalmatian is about 3 inches shorter than a Rottweiler and they only weigh about half the amount of a Rottie with a top weight of 55 pounds. This makes them quite fast on their feet. They are less friendly than Rottweilers overall and with children, family, other pets, and strangers.

Their strength level is a bit lower than a Rottweiler, but they make up for that in their agility and high energy and can run at a top speed of 35 mph. These factors lead you to believe that a Dalmatian can beat a Rottweiler in a fight.

Can A Boxer Beat A Rottweiler?

Boxers are a few inches shorter than Rottweilers when they are full-grown and they weigh about 70 pounds in adulthood. This gives them agility with lightweight. Boxers are less friendly with strangers and other pets than Rotties and their energy level is off the charts high. When Boxers don’t get enough exercise, they do tend to be aggressive.

Their strength level is high and they can run at an amazing 27 miles an hour. Their bite strength is similar to a Rottweiler and they get distracted easily. Some can be quite difficult to train because of their excessive energy level. These factors lead one to believe that a large Boxer could indeed beat a Rottweiler in an altercation.

Final Thoughts

Each dog is an individual, just as each human is, and they may act differently than their breed standard. If you’ve raised your Rottweiler and socialized it correctly from a puppy, then your dog should not be overly aggressive.

However, you don’t know how other dogs of other breeds have been raised and your beloved pet could find itself in a tangle with another dog. It’s a good idea to know a bit about other dog breeds to keep your four-legged family pet safe.