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What to Do If a Rottweiler Attacks You? [20 Things to Do]

what to do if a rottweiler attacks you

So you’re walking in the neighborhood when a rottweiler suddenly attacks you. What exactly do you do?

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of being attacked by a rottweiler, it’s important to remember that these dogs are very powerful.

You’ll have to rely on your instincts, speed of response, adrenaline, and a lot of luck if you want to take them down.

1. Stay Calm and Do Not Run

You could feel frightened, but you first need to make an effort to remain calm. Do not run since this may prompt the Rottweiler to follow after you as it is its instinct. It will most likely retreat if you maintain your composure and make it evident that you are not frightened.

2. Do Not Make Noise

If you keep quiet, the Rottweiler will not be able to hear as well as it normally would. If you make even the slightest noise, you risk the Rottweiler attacking you. It may bite you when it has you in its grip, even though it is aware that you are trying to get away by making a noise.

3. Make The First Blow

If you encounter a rottweiler, the best thing to do is make the first strike. It is your job to stop this dog immediately and give it a good hit in the nose, mouth, or even eye. Once you make contact and startle the Rottweiler, it will stop attacking you.

4. Be Prepared

A dog that attacks are very agitated. If your response is to panic and run away, you are only inviting more danger upon yourself. First, prepare yourself by studying the dog’s behavior and body language so that you are ready to meet him with equal force when the dog advances to attack.

5. Throw Things at The Rottweiler

Some people advise grabbing hold of something (rocks, sticks, etc.) and throwing these at the Rottweiler’s neck to injure it. This tactic is not recommended because it only angers the Rottweiler.

Throwing things at it will give you a much better chance of escape, but do not aim for the head, or else it will know that you are trying to hurt it.

6. Grab Its Muzzle

When you have successfully prevented an attack by a rottweiler, grip the dog’s muzzle and squeeze it shut as tightly as you can until you can get some assistance or until the police arrive at the scene. Because of this, the Rottweiler will not be able to bite you once again.

7. Never Let Go

If the Rottweiler tries to bite you again, instantly seize it again and keep it in place until help arrives if you have the strength to do so. If you don’t have the strength, call for assistance.

8. Do Not Kick

Do not make the mistake of trying to kick the Rottweiler while it is attacking you because this could cause it to launch another attack. It is because the Rottweiler will take your kicks as an act of aggression, which will prompt it to want to bite you or rip off your limbs.

9. Do Not Poke It in The Eye

Poking the Rottweiler in the eye will enrage it, causing it to want to chase you and rip your head off. It is one of the worst things you can do to the animal because it will upset it.

10. Pin The Rottweiler If Possible

Maintain a firm grip on the Rottweiler by pressing your hands firmly onto its chest and stomach. Because of this, it will be unable to reach you to give you a bite because its movement would be restricted.

11. Be Cool and Reassure the Rottweiler

Like any other kind of dog, a rottweiler does not wish to be in agony if it is not essential to be in that state. If you can maintain your composure in the face of the Rottweiler’s onslaught, the dog will finally give up and stop trying to bite you.

12. Do Not Use Your Hands

When being attacked by a rottweiler, the one thing you must avoid doing is using your hands because this may cause the dog to act on its natural impulse to bite down and rip them off.

13. Assume The Correct Body Language

The most important thing to remember to do in the event of an attack by a rottweiler is to adopt the appropriate body language. You need to demonstrate to the Rottweiler that you are not frightened of it by remaining perfectly still and without moving in any way at all.

14. Protect Your Vitals

Protecting your essential organs, such as your head and neck, if a rottweiler attacks you is the most important thing you can do to survive the attack.

15. Get Out of Sight

Once the Rottweiler has pulled its teeth back, the best thing to do is get out of sight. Once it finally realizes that you are not injured, it will let go after about 10 minutes.

If you are hurt, or your face or limbs become injured at any time during this incident, the best thing to do is to shield your body and get out of sight as fast as possible. Once this happens, you better escape by covering your injuries and running away.

16. Do Not Climb On Top of the Rottweiler

It is a terrible plan to attempt to control an attacking rottweiler by climbing on top of it. Doing so will give it the impression that you wish to struggle against it, which is counterproductive.

17. Stop Blood Loss If Possible

If the dog tears off a piece of your skin, immediately apply pressure to the wound by applying a bandage or keeping your hand on it. Not doing so may increase your bleed rate and could lead to death. Do not panic since this was probably an accident; once you apply pressure to the wound, it will soon stop bleeding.

18. Never Make Eye Contact with The Rottweiler

When being attacked by a rottweiler, it is best not to make eye contact with the dog. It can cause the dog to bite you because it is, in essence, conveying a message to the dog.

19. Never Give Up

when attacked by a rottweiler, never try and surrender. Instead, keep fighting this dog until you succeed in running away.

The only exception is if you have been severely injured or are losing consciousness due to blood loss or other injuries. If the Rottweiler does not let go, then keep fighting it.

If the Rottweiler does not let go of you when it attacks you for a second time, then it is not letting go because it wants to bite you again.

The dog usually wants to bite down on your arms and legs. Try to keep fighting and running both as fast as possible so that you can escape.

20. Defend Yourself

After you have gotten away from the Rottweiler, if it tries to bite you again, you should protect yourself by punching the Rottweiler in the face, specifically in the nose or eye. Continue to engage it in combat until your blows are successful and cause the Rottweiler to let go of its bite.

Finally, if you ever find yourself being attacked by a rottweiler, you will want to do everything you can to fight and get away as fast as possible.

The best thing to do is remain calm, act quickly and help the dog stop attacking you. Do not panic because this could trigger the dog’s instincts to bite down on your arms and legs.

Things to Keep in Mind

– Even if a Rottweiler appears to be dangerous, this does not mean that it will attack. Then they will probably walk away or let you slowly back away if you react correctly.

– If a Rottweiler rushes at you and you aggressively grab its neck or knee it in the chest while holding it on the ground, it is quite unlikely that the dog will attack you again.

– When a Rottweiler keeps attacking or continues to threaten, it is best to euthanize the animal because they are considered unstable.

Rottweilers can be very territorial and aggressive. The best way to avoid conflict with your Rottweiler is to exercise regularly, socialize with other dogs, provide plenty of exercises, treat it well when it shows kindness to you, and not provoke it during its neophilia.

Rottweilers are very intelligent animals that can easily become territorial when feeling insecure and jealous.