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Why is My Rottweiler So Small?

why is my rottweiler so small

Reasons Why Your Rottweiler Can Be So Small

A Rottweiler can be an excellent companion, and you will care for it to grow healthy. The size of your Rottweiler will vary depending on the size of its parents, age, and sex. Commonly, a male Rottweiler is larger than a female Rottweiler, even if they are from the same litter.

If your dog is not growing to the size it is expected of by age, you might begin to get worried and want to know why.

Your Rottweiler may be small because of genetics, diet, illness, or anxiety. The reasons it is small include:

The Diet You Are Giving The Rottweiler

You might be giving the Rottweiler the wrong diet. It is possible that the dog is not getting enough calories that it needs for its activity levels.

An average Rottweiler is recommended to eat about 2300 calories each day. If the dog is active for most of the day, it will need more calories.

If you get to consult a vet, you can ask them to help you calculate how many calories your Rottweiler needs. Inform them of how much you are currently giving them, and they will tell you if you need to add more for it to gain its size.

The Rottweiler can have also been so small because you are feeding it the wrong varieties of foods leading to nutritional deficiency. This might make your dog start finding ways to get the nutrients, such as eating dirt.


Your Rottweiler can also be small because of its genetics and breeding. This can be the cause if it has been small throughout the dog’s life and the vet has never found any issues or reasons for concern with its weight and size.

If you are uncertain of your Rottweiler’s heritage, you can find a great source of details from the breeder you bought from about its growth or having the DNA test of the breed.

Increasing The Exercising Time For Your Rottweiler

Your Rottweiler might have grown small because you have increased the exercise period for the dog. Dogs are only recommended to be taken for jumps and runs after they are fully grown. If your Rottweiler has suddenly become small or lost weight after increasing its physical exercise, you can lay back on the exercise.

The ideal exercise for a still-developing Rottweiler is free-range running, short walks, and playing. There, your dog will be in more control of the exercise.


The dog might have suddenly lost weight and become small because of a stressful event. Your Rottweiler might have started to be small after events such as moving homes, another pet dying or being mistreated.

In case this is the reason for Rottweiler’s small size, then you should take your dog to see a dog behaviorist or a vet.


You can notice signs such as the dog becoming small suddenly or if it does not want to eat. Your Rottweiler can also become small because of an illness or a medical condition. The vet can help determine the dog’s problem and help treat it.

Figure Out Whether Your Rottweiler Has Always Been Small

While figuring out why your Rottweiler is small, you should consider whether it has always been smaller than its age.

The Rottweiler can be suddenly small because of the abovementioned factors, like stress, not getting enough calories, or getting ill. Also, it can be due to natural elements such as genetics.

Is Your Rottweiler Underweight

Worrying that your dog might be too small for its check, you should confirm if it is healthy or underweight. Your Rottweiler may have a small size that indicates it is underweight. They include over-exercising and medical problems.

Is Your Rottweiler A Miniature

Rottweilers are only known to be in one size, even though they might seem smaller than others. There are no breeds of Rottweiler recognized as miniature. Female Rottweilers grow to about 25 inches tall, and male Rottweilers grow to about 27 inches tall. The male species is usually approximately 135 pounds, and the female one is about 100 pounds.

The Weight And Growth Chart Of A Rottweiler

A Rottweiler is a large and muscular dog that grows to become fierce. As expected, the weight of a Rottweiler varies by gender and age. Here are the numbers to know if your dog is a little late on its growth curve and maybe the reason why it is small.

Weight Chart of a Rottweiler

  • 1 month about 3-8 lbs
  • 2 months about 10-16 lbs
  • 3 months about 30-39 lbs
  • 4 months about 35-51 lbs
  • 5 months about 54-61 lbs
  • 6 months about 59-71lbs
  • 7 months about 65-80 lbs
  • 8 months about 70-85 lbs
  • 9 months about 70-105 lbs
  • 10 months about 75-110 lbs
  • 11 months about 75-115 lbs
  • 1 year about 80-125 lbs
  • 1.5 years 80-100 lbs
  • 2 years about 80-135 lbs

Height chart of a Rottweiler

Age of Rottie height

  • 8 weeks – 13 inches
  • 10 weeks – 15 inches
  • 3 months – 18 inches
  • 4 months – 20 inches
  • 5 months – 22 inches
  • 6 months – 23 inches
  • 7 months – 25 inches
  • 8 months – 25 inches
  • 9 months – 26 inches
  • 1 year – 27 inches
  • 2 years – 27 inches

A rottweiler can be considered fully grown in height when it is a year old, and for maximum weight, it takes two years. Compared to other dogs, rottweilers take longer to reach their total weight and height.

Ways To Make Your Rottweiler Bigger

Here are ways to make it bigger to avoid worrying about your Rottweiler’s small size. Using more than one of these ways is highly recommended to get better results.

Consult A Vet

To quickly figure out why your Rottweiler is small or has grown small suddenly, the best choice will be to talk to a vet. This will help you get professional advice tailored specifically to your Rottweiler. Therefore, you will have the chance to rule out the possibility of any severe issues.

Feed Your Rottweiler The Right Foods

Research on the right foods to feed a Rottweiler. Change its diet to the recommended one and see if it will regain its body size. If it does, then you were giving it the wrong diet.

Feed Your Rottweiler The Correct Quantity For Its Activity Levels

You should ensure your Rottweiler gets the good calories it needs per day. A Rottweiler needs to eat between 1800 and 2300 calories. However, a vet will help you know the correct quantity.