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Bullmastiff Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix: Meet the Affectionate Brave Dog

Bullmastiff Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix

What is a Bullmastiff Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix? A mixture of two of the best family dogs may sound too good to be true. The good news is that it’s not!

The Bullmastiff Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix is a big dog with a lot of love to give. This dog will easily top your family companion or hiking buddy list.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a Bullmastiff Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix

  • These dogs can easily exceed 130 pounds.
  • This mix is naturally curious to the point where it loves trouble
  • Somewhat prone to health issues common to large breeds
  • Not suitable for people unable to take them on long walks
  • Somewhat difficult to train in comparison to many breeds

These dogs can be challenging for owners unprepared to deal with their large size and unique needs.

Although dogs should ideally remain with their owners for life, many end up surrendered to pounds, rescues, or given away because of unprepared owners.

Reasons Why You Should Get a Bullmastiff Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix

  • An impressive-looking dog with the best characteristics of both breeds
  • Inclined to form strong family bonds
  • Usually has fairly modest grooming requirements
  • Has a great energy level for joggers and hikers
  • Naturally inclined to please their owners

If you’re looking for a big dog with a perfect blend of a couch potato at home and active outside, this mix might be the ideal dog for you. These dogs are also very loyal to their families and have modest grooming needs.

When you’re considering buying or adopting any breed or mix, having as much information about the dog as possible help. Your dog will be more likely to adjust well, and you’ll have a more enjoyable time with your furry friend.

Appearance, Personality, Coat and Colors, Lifespan, and Traits of a Bullmastiff Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix

  • A large, powerful dog with a unique breed blend
  • Requires a lot of family attention and mental stimulation
  • Modest grooming needs with short coats
  • An average lifespan with many exceeding it
  • Features a ridge of fur along the back

The Bullmastiff Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix has a solid yet athletic appearance. These dogs are built for speed and durability as a blend of a Mollesor and a Hound breed. The mix’s height is 24 to 27 inches, ranging from 64 to 130 lbs.

Bullmastiff Rhodesian Ridgebacks are fun-loving and inquisitive. These dogs are excellent choices for families, but you’ll need to be prepared to provide a lot of attention. Without enough to do, they’ll often get destructive.

This designer breed has a short, smooth, low-maintenance coat. The coat color is usually a shade of tan or a reddish-brown, with darker markings on the muzzle. Sometimes, these dogs may have slightly darker coats.

Bullmastiff Rhodesian Ridgeback Mixes have an average lifespan for dogs of their size. These dogs often live 8-12 years, with the shorter end of the lifespan inherited chiefly from the Mastiff side. However, health and lifestyle play a significant role.

Most of these dogs will feature the signature ridge along the spine inherited from the Ridgeback. These dogs are also generally alert and protective.

Bullmastiff Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix Puppies for Sale

  • Breeders of this mix are relatively rare.
  • Litters are likely to come from lines of working dogs
  • Sometimes found in shelters or rescues

Finding Bullmastiff Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix puppies for sale might be somewhat challenging because they are crossbred. More breeders have purebred Bullmastiff or Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies than mixes. Don’t despair, though.

These dogs are versatile as livestock guardians, home protectors, and hunting dogs. However, because these mixes are so versatile for such tasks, you may find local ranchers or hunters with puppies of this mix for sale.

Sometimes, these designer-breed puppies are the product of accidental breeding and end up in shelters or rescues. Although not very commonplace, anyone looking for one of these dogs may find puppies from one of these sources.

Grooming Your Bullmastiff Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix

  • The coat requires relatively little care.
  • These dogs do better in more moderate temperatures
  • Coat variations are possible
  • Weekly brushing helps maintain coat health
  • Shampoo with essential oils is recommended

A Bullmastiff Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix is one of the most low-maintenance dogs for overall grooming.

Although not hypoallergenic, these dogs are not likely to trigger allergy symptoms due to their short coats.

Neither breed tolerates extreme cold or heat well, so they do best getting their outdoor exercise in temperatures between 35 to 95 degrees F.

Most of these dogs have single, smooth coats. However, the Ridgeback’s influence may result in a double, rougher coat.

Regardless of which coat type one of these dogs ends up having, the amount of dander generated is about average.

Weekly brushing will help keep this dog’s coat looking great. A brush with firm bristles will help rid your dog of any loose hair. Running a polishing cloth over your dog’s coat after brushing will help keep everything looking great.

These dogs usually require bathing every eight to ten weeks. High-quality dog shampoo that helps protect essential oils usually works best for their coat type. Towel drying is generally the best way to dry the coat after bathing.

Bullmastiff Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix Health Problems

  • Joint dysplasia is a common concern
  • Bloat is a possible cause of the deep chest
  • This mix is susceptible to cancer
  • Ligament tears are common in these dogs
  • Regular veterinary care will prevent many problems

Both breeds that make up this mix are usually healthy but have some health problems in common.

If possible, it’s good to know as much about both parents as possible. Although information about the parents won’t prevent every issue, you know what to expect.

Elbow and hip dysplasia are common in these dogs, although hip dysplasia occurs more often. The bones don’t correctly line up in the joint sockets when these conditions occur. Mobility issues and arthritis may occur.

Because both breeds have deep chests, dogs of this mix are susceptible to bloat. When bloating occurs, the stomach becomes so filled with gas that it might twist, a severe medical emergency. Careful feeding practices are essential to prevent bloat.

Larger dogs are somewhat prone to cancer, and Bullmastiff Rhodesian Ridgebacks are no exception.

Mast cell tumors, lymphoma, and bone cancer are among the most common varieties. Some of these cancers become widespread easily.

Another health concern that may occur in these dogs is ligament tears. As active dogs who enjoy vigorous outdoor activity, there is a chance of overextending and causing injury. Although torn ligaments are treatable, they require a lot of rest.

If possible, puppies of this breed mix should come from breeders who offer health guarantees and provide health information about the parents. Health information and guarantees might help provide some extra peace of mind.

One of the best things that dog owners with one of these mixes can do is follow up on regular veterinary visits.

Veterinarians will often catch health issues before they become too serious, which may help prolong the dog’s life.

Bullmastiff Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix Food Requirements

  • Larger dogs consume fewer calories because of a slower metabolism
  • This breed mix will benefit from eating two least two meals daily
  • Amounts of calcium and phosphorus are important for preventing joint issues
  • Joint health protection supplements are of high importance for these dogs
  • Heart health supplements help protect dogs from heart disease

The Bullmastiff Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix has feeding habits unique to the dog’s unique size and athleticism.

Although these dogs require a lot of food, this does not mean that every food is suitable. Some foods are terrible for these dogs.

Feeding instructions on dog food products only tell part of the story about feeding your dog. More is not necessarily better if you feed your dog food that uses inferior ingredients.

Some helpful things to know about feeding large dogs:

Despite eating more food, larger dogs have a lower caloric density. Dogs of this mix have a slower metabolism, resulting in fewer calories being burned as quickly. An exception to this rule is a pregnant or nursing female.

These dogs do best having their food split up into two or more meals daily. Because bloat is a significant concern with dogs this size, feeding multiple meals daily reduces the risk of gas buildup loading to dangerous bloating.

Dogs the size of Bullmastiff Rhodesian Ridgebacks need foods with reasonable amounts of calcium and phosphorus to help support bone and joint health as they age. Although dog foods should have these ingredients, the amounts need to be balanced.

Food for larger dogs often contains chondroitin, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), and glucosamine. As dogs age, they usually lose mobility and flexibility in their joints. These supplements help prevent deterioration and mobility loss.

Another ingredient helpful for dogs as they age is taurine. This nutrient helps promote heart health, preventing dogs from developing heart disease. Taurine is also beneficial in promoting eye health and preventing problems as dogs age.

Bullmastiff Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix Exercise Requirements

  • May have either a Bullmastiff or Risgeback’s activity level or a mix
  • Walks for this dog are essential, regardless
  • Homes with fenced yards work best
  • When left alone, toys providing stimulation are best

The Bullmastiff Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix may have Bullmastiff’s low energy or a Ridgeback’s high energy.

Because mixed or designer breeds get part of their traits from both parents, these dogs might have high energy levels at some times and lower energy levels at others. Daily walks are essential family-bonding activities and exercise for your furry friend.

If you live in a home with a fenced yard where your dog can exercise off-leash, this is the best situation for your pet’s exercise needs. Although visits to a dog park can be a great alternative, these trips need to be daily for maximum effect.

Interactive toys that help mental stimulation keep these dogs from becoming destructive if left alone. When you need to leave your dog unattended, it’s best to avoid having your dog left alone in the yard. Bored dogs are often escaping artists.

Bullmastiff Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix Training

  • Bullmastiff Rhodesian Ridgebacks are determined
  • Training sessions need to be kept short
  • Appropriate boundaries with others need to be respected

Bullmastiffs and Rhodesian Ridgebacks are dogs that are often strong-willed. As a mix of Bullmastiffs, with their guarding background, and Ridgebacks, as hunters, these dogs thrive on stimulation.

Although dogs want to please, you will need to earn your dog’s respect with this mix. Both the breeds that make up this designer dog’s pedigree are self-starters. Positive reinforcement methods, where something’s in it for the dogs, create responsiveness.

Keeping training sessions concise will help you hold your dog’s attention. Any dog will get bored if training is too long or monotonous. If your sessions run about 15 minutes or less, your dog will get more from the experience.

Part of the training and socialization with these dogs needs to include proper boundaries with people outside the household. These dogs are often overprotective of their families, sometimes treating mail carriers and visitors as threats.

Bullmastiff Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix and Families

  • Quite likely to be playful with kids
  • Ready to get involved with everything
  • Very protective of their families

Bullmastiff Rhodesian Ridgeback Mixes are ready to get involved with kids’ play. Although playful, it’s important to watch these dogs around young children because of the risk of knocking kids down.

These dogs are loyal and affectionate with their families. Don’t be surprised if your dog wants to be in the middle of every family activity. You can trust these dogs to enjoy themselves, from hiking trips to family pool parties.

One of the things that owners can rely on in these dogs is their overall protectiveness. Any threat to your home, real or perceived, is something your dog will alert you to right away.

Bullmastiff Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix and Other Pets

  • A possible high prey drive around cats or smaller animals
  • May try to fight with other large dogs
  • Could require some caution around horses and livestock

Bullmastiff Rhodesian Ridgebacks may have a high prey drive with cats or small animals. Although this might take the form of chasing cats in the yard, the dogs might try to harass unfamiliar cats introduced into the household.

Because Rhodesians have sometimes been used for fighting in the past, some mixes are more likely to fight with other dogs. Careful introductions to other dogs that join your household will eliminate much of this.

This dog’s size might make it challenging to have around horses or livestock. To help avoid problems, you will benefit from limiting your dog’s exposure to these animals.

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