Great Dane Husky Mix: Meet the Friendly Outgoing Dog

Great Dane Husky Mix

Have you been looking for an intelligent and energetic canine companion? Do you love the iconic blue eyes of Huskies but would prefer a slightly calmer breed? Are you the kind of person who adores large dogs? If so, you might want to look into getting a Great Dane Husky mix! The Great Dane Husky … Read more

Great Dane Basset Hound Mix: Meet the Friendly Charming Dog

Great Dane Basset Hound Mix

Have you been looking for a hybrid dog that combines two total opposites? Do you love quirky dogs with big paws, soft ears, and hilarious personalities? Are you seeking a loyal and devoted canine companion? If this sounds like your dream pup, you may want to take a look at the Great Dane Basset Hound … Read more

Great Dane Blue Heeler Mix: A Balancing Act

Great Dane Blue Heeler Mix

Although not as unlikely as a Chihuahua Saint Bernard hybrid, a Great Dane Blue Heeler mix probably does not cross your mind often. You might suddenly think, “Why not?” Such a cross, once conjured, seems intriguing and promises to possess several positive qualities. A Great Dane Blue Heeler mix is a large dog that is … Read more

Great Dane Newfoundland Mix: Meet the Patient, Devoted Dog

Great Dane Newfoundland Mix

Do you love extra large dogs? Have you been looking for a cuddly, slobbery, affectionate canine companion? If so, you might want to check out the Great Dane Newfoundland mix. This large and lovable dog fits in wonderfully with families and can be the ideal choice for the right owner! The Great Dane Newfoundland hybrid … Read more